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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Why do you get the munchies from some strains?

    Everybody knows the marijuana munchies. In fact, medical marijuana is used to treat lack of appetite and even more serious disorders. As is so often the case in life, science has an explanation for what people have known for years – marijuana can make you feel hungry. Continue reading

  • Lighting for your Indoor Grow

    In an ideal world, all marijuana plants would grow outside, bathed in glorious sunlight. In the real world, there are numerous reasons for growing marijuana indoors, particularly for people who live in cooler climates. That being so, the aim of any lighting system is essentially to mimic the action of sunlight. Continue reading

  • Low Stress Training (LST), What is it?

    Low stress training is essentially a gentle way of training plants into a specific shape. The technique has two aims. Firstly, to encourage the formation of buds, hence increasing yield. Secondly it aims to keep plants in the optimum shape for their growing area. For example, those working in smaller spaces may use low stress training to be able to fit in the maximum number of plants. There are no real drawbacks to LST other than that it takes a bit of practice. It can be used with pretty much any strain and is the only method suitable for managing the growth of autoflowering strains as they go through their lifecycle too quickly for conventional topping to work. Continue reading

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