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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Odour control when growing marijuana

    When you’re growing marijuana indoors, no matter the strain, you’re going to have an odour problem on your hands. In short, cannabis stinks and when your beautiful plants are flowering, you’ll be able to smell them easily inside, and perhaps even outside of your home. This odour can become a very big problem if you have neighbours close by, or have guests over that you don’t want to expose to the smell. There are measures you can take to neutralize or get rid of the smell altogether, but there are also products that shouldn’t be used. Continue reading

  • Using fans and ventilation for your grow

    Very small set-ups can work without the use of fans, although they will still require some sort of ventilation, but if you are using anything more than 1 CFL lamp, you will also need to look at air circulation, which generally means a combination of fans (to draw in and circulate air), filters (to remove the smell) and ducts (to remove stale air). Continue reading

  • How to Avoid Over-Stretching and Over-Heating

    Generally speaking, growers want their marijuana plants to grow big and beautiful, and provide the biggest yield possible. However, sometimes plants can become too high, quickly cramping out a grower’s space and possibly even causing harm to the plants. This is known as over-stretching, and while over-heating is one cause, it’s not the only one. It’s important that growers are aware of the problem so they can be on the lookout for it, try to prevent it, and know how to fix it if over-stretching does occur. Continue reading

  • What is Marijuana Wax?

    Cannabis extracts are becoming more and more popular, with terms like dabs, shatter, and wax becoming more and more common among smokers and growers. But what is cannabis extract and how is it made? And what’s the difference between shatter, wax, and oil? Continue reading

  • Most Common Marijuana Myths

    We’ve all heard them. The myths that have been circulating since the beginning of time that will tell you that marijuana is a gateway drug, that it will kill your brain cells, and most laughably, that it will give you man boobs or turn you gay. And while many of us shrug off these claims for exactly what they are – myths brought on by anti-marijuana groups and propaganda - is there any hard evidence for or against them? We investigated further to find out. Continue reading

  • How to Turn Weed Purple

    Tell any smoker that you have purple weed and you’re likely to get them very excited. Purple marijuana has become extremely popular, and instantly conjures up images of one of the most potent smokes one could have. Not to mention that the aesthetics of purple weed alone are pretty impressive. But, why does marijuana turn purple in the first place? And how can you turn green marijuana purple? Continue reading

  • How to make cannabis eliquid

    The traditional way of using cannabis is to inhale the smoke from a joint. While there's a lot to be said for this method, in particular the fact that it's relatively cheap and simple, traditional isn't always best. Continue reading

  • Cannabis Watering Safely: Underwatering and Overwatering plants

    All plants need water and learning how to water your weed effectively is a key part of being a grower.

    Understanding watering

    Plants draw water from their roots and give out water vapour into the atmosphere through their leaves. If plants get too little water, they're unable to utilise all the nutrients they need and if they are over watered they basically drown through being unable to absorb the oxygen they need through their root system.

    Continue reading

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