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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • PH and TDS what are they and why are they important

    In very simple terms pH is a measure of acidity. A pH of 7 is considered to be neutral, lower values are acidic and higher ones alkaline. Some plants will grow in pretty much any soil, but many, including marijuana, can only tolerate pH values within a certain level. For hydrophonics you're looking for 5.5. to 6.5 and for soil 6 to 7. Continue reading

  • Common mistakes made by new growers and how to avoid them

    You don't need to be an expert gardener to grow marijuana, but you do have to recognized that marijuana takes a lot more attention, dedication and equipment than the mustard and cress seeds children love to grow. With that in mind, here is a run-down of some key mistakes often made by novice growers – and how to avoid them. Continue reading

  • Re Vegging Your Marijuana Plant

    Re vegging means putting a plant back into its vegetative state after taking a harvest from it. The advantage over starting from fresh seed is that you know what you're getting both in terms of sex (i.e. you know the plant is female) and in terms of product. Revegging can be used to create a mother plant from a plant which has given you particularly good results, or just to get another harvest (or even multiple harvests) from one plant. Continue reading

  • Forcing Outdoor Plants to Flower

    Light control is a fact of life for indoor growers, however it can be helpful for outdoor growers too. Those in climates where summers are relatively short, may find it useful to induce early flowering to ensure that there is enough daylight for the flowering cycle to complete before winter really sets in. Growers in gentler climates may find force-flowering provides them with a means to benefit from two harvests rather than just one. Covering plants may also help city-based growers who have to contend with light pollution. Continue reading

  • Organic Teas and Composts

    There are two main drivers for the increased interest in growing marijuana organically. One is concern for the environment and over the long-term impact of synthetic chemicals. The other is the fact that we are what we eat (or smoke) and that ultimately any chemicals used on marijuana plants will quite possibly find their way into our bodies. This is a particular issue for medical marijuana users. Some proponents of organic growing argue that organic growing offers better results in terms of yield and/or taste but there is still a lack of hard evidence to support these claims. Continue reading

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