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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • Cannabis-Infused Beefskunk and Vegetable Soup

    A tasty and filling soup with an extra little kick, this BeefSkunk Soup won’t leave you disappointed. It’s a straight forward marijuana recipe that will leave you nicely relaxed. There’s no need for any cannabis butter here, simply get your grinder out and you’re ready to go! Continue reading

  • How to Consume Weed without Smoking

    It used to be that if you wanted to consume marijuana, you had to smoke it, either in a joint or in a bowl. But times are definitely changing, and weed is becoming legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes all over the world. Continue reading

  • Creative High – things to do while you’re high


    There are lots of great things you can do while you’re high other than vegging out on the couch for a Netflix session. If you’re looking for ways to become more active while you’re high, or just make the experience that much more enjoyable, below is a list of things that can get you brainstorming. Once you start doing more while you’re high, you’ll soon find there’s a lot more you want to try! Continue reading

  • Working in the Weed Business


    Cannabis is becoming legal, both medicinally and recreationally, in many areas of the world, with more considering making the change every day.And while this is good news for those that want to freely use their medication or just enjoy a smoke, it’s also good news for businesses, jobs, and the local economies marijuana is making its way to.

    Continue reading

  • Benefits of Bitcoin

    Here at MSNL, we’re always looking for ways to improve the service we offer to our customers. We’re happy to be able to tell you that we’ve just made it even easier for you to pay for your seeds by adding support for Bitcoin to our site. Continue reading

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