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Monthly Archives: November 2018

  • Christmas Marijuana Recipes

    The excitement of Christmas is in the air! As youre wondering how to make this year a bit more festive, you may want to head to the kitchen. Christmas marijuana recipes are the perfect gift for friends and family. And, they can make wrapping all those presents much more fun! Below are some treats, both sweet and savoury, to liven up your holidays this year.   Continue reading

  • Organic Pest Control for Marijuana Growing

    Pesticides have been a problem for consumers for years. Typically, consumers mostly think about the pesticides on the food they consume. But what about those on marijuana?   Continue reading

  • Growing Organic Marijuana: A beginners guide

    Organic marijuana can be very beneficial. Any organic plant can be described as being derived from a living organism. With organic plants, only natural sources should be used for growing mediums and nutrients. These are different from nutrients that are synthetically made in a laboratory. Growing organic marijuana consists of cultivating a garden comprised of an intricate network. Within this network are bugs, bacteria, worms and fungus. All of these help cannabis plants thrive. Continue reading

  • How to avoid fluffy, loose and airy buds

    The perfect bud off a marijuana plant is typically tight and dense. However, it is also possible to end up with fluffy, loose, and airy buds and this could be a problem. Continue reading

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