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Monthly Archives: March 2019

  • What is a Landrace Strain?

    At their most basic, landrace cannabis strains are those that are indigenous to a specific region. Over time, they have adapted to certain climates. When they are grown in those climates, these plants are extremely consistent. These strains are not hybrids, but typically pure indica or sativa strains. Continue reading

  • What to do With Sugar Leaves

    A marijuana plant has many parts. Of these, people are often most familiar with the buds and the large fan leaves that are the trademark of a cannabis plant. Once a plant has grown though and is ready to be dried, growers will notice much smaller leaves emerging from the buds. These are sugar leaves. They get their name from the many trichomes found all over them.

    So, what are these leaves? Should you trim them? Can you smoke them? Read on to find out! Continue reading

  • The Best Things to Do While Stoned

    Being stoned is really fun all in itself. However, that doesn’t mean smokers don’t sometimes find themselves in a rut. If you’ve binge-watched way too many series recently, it might be time to get up off the couch. While lazy days are fun, doing other activities while high can enhance the entire experience. Listed below are several different ways to pass the time when high, and enjoy that high even more. Continue reading

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