Over recent years many growers have worked hard to create strains which deliver medium to high doses of THC, while staying at a size which is compact enough to be practical for home growers.  Given that the pain-relieving and mood-lifting properties of THC are excellent for dealing with many of today’s widespread conditions (such as stress and headaches), that’s completely understandable.  Sometimes, however, you want less of a THC high and more of that mellow, CBD relaxation, which eases and soothes away pain and stress and induces sleep.  If that’s you, you’re going to love CBD Queen.

Flavour and aroma

With Northern Lights#5, Haze and Juanita La Lagrimosa in CBD Queen’s heritage, you’d expect a skunk baseline and you’d be right.  This aroma begins to make itself felt right at the start of the vegetative period and as the plant develops, so does its scent, while your nostrils might appreciate its rich complexity, your neighbours might feel differently so odour control will probably be a consideration for most growers.  The smell really begins to develop during the curing process at which point the citrus fruitiness becomes clearly apparent.  Depending your your seeds, you may find other notes in there too, from metal to ammonia.  In terms of taste, the predominant flavours are skunk spiciness (some people detect cinnamon in particular) and citrus, almost a Thai sweet and sour effect.  The smoke is gentle on the throat and is unlikely to trigger coughing.  If you want the benefits without the taste, then CBD Queen is a great strain to use in cooking or in cannabis topicals.

CBD Queen plant

CBD Queen has the perfect medical CBD:THC ration of 2:1, with about 10% CBD and 5% THC.  This means that its initial effect is less of a high and more the sort of feeling you get when someone who cares about you gives you a big hug to pick you up when you’re feeling down.  There’s also enough quick-acting pain relief to deal with minor aches and pains and to blunt the edge on more serious ones.  After the initial lift, the user is gently lowered down into the comforting swaddle of the CBD, which politely persuades pain to leave while calming your emotional state and restoring frazzled nerves.  Interestingly, for all its CBD, there’s a relatively low level of couch lock, which means that CBD Queen could potentially be used in the daytime, albeit with care and sufficient recovery time, although it’s probably best kept for the evening and, of course, is one of the best strains out there when it comes to treating insomnia.

Growing CBD Queen

While CBD Queen isn't the highest CBD seeds we stock, its perfect for anyone that still wants some of the psychoactive effects of THC while gaining the therapeutic benefits of CBD. A quirk of CBD Queen is that even though the name suggests strong Indica dominance, there is actually a fairly high level of Sativa DNA, from the Haze parentage.  This means that this strain grows a bit taller than you might expect from the name and can feasibly reach 1.8M although plant training can keep it down to 1M.  Low stress training (LST) is particularly good for this purpose, as long as the light can get right in to the plant’s branch structure.  If you have sited the plants in such a way as to permit good air flow, then this should be straightforward.  Flowering time is an average 8 to 10 weeks, with the outdoor harvest being around early October. CBD Queen will grow happily outside, it’s basically just a question of whether you think you have a good chance of being able to harvest before the autumn frosts arrive.  Indoors, this strain can be expected to produce in the region of 400 – 500g/m2.