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Bubblegum Auto Feminized

Bubblegum Auto Feminized Seeds


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Bubblegum Automatic is the autoflowering version of the cult classic and world renowned Bubblegum. Originally developed in North East USA and refined in the Netherlands, Bubblegum was crossed with a superior ruderalis from our own private collection to provide one of the best tasting auto strains available.


An ‘auto-flowering’ seed develops into the flowering state without the need to change light cycles or wait for autumn. Auto-flowering seeds grow to be short in stature, and are usually ready to harvest approximately 8-10 weeks from seed.


Feminized seeds are specifically bred and treated so that they will only grow in to female plants when grown in the correct conditions. Only Female plants will produce flowers or “buds”.


Indica dominant or pure Indica strains tend to be shorter, more compact and hardy. They often have higher levels of CBD and usually grow faster and finish earlier. These plants most often produce a body or "couch-lock" stone.

Short Height

Plants that finish below one meter tall are considered short height


Strong flavour strains have a very distinctive taste outside the ordinary skunky, marijuana flavour when used. These can be citrus, blueberries, bubblegum even chocolate or cheese.


Similar to beginner strains, “Easy to grow” seeds require the minimum of work to ensure that they deliver a good crop of high quality marijuana. Not quite plant and forget but still very simple.

  • Auto flowering
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Short Height
  • Taste
  • Easy
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Our breeders have successfully maintained the incredible sweet Bubblegum tang and aroma whilst retaining its potency. THC levels have been measured at 20+% making it an excellent option for medical users. The short structure, (60-80cm), make Bubblegum Automatic an excellent choice for balconies or where space is an issue. Add to this a finishing time of 60 days from seed and the strains increased hardiness make it a must for any collector

YIELD 200-300 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Bubblegum sweetness is very much present in the is autoflowering version. The plants has a great covering of trichomes meaning it maintains potency and this is easily felt in the resonant body stone and heavy head feeling from the smoke. By adding ruderalis genetics to the mix the plant is shorter faster and more stocky but the flavour is unaffected

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Bubblegum Auto Feminized
  • "Fast shipping!"

    Review by Christopher

    My first experience buying from a online seedbank. Was a little skeptical. I placed my order they shipped less than 24 hours later n I received them today Wednesday. So less than 6 days. (United States) germinating now. I will update results. Awesome job msnl just placed another order!

    (Posted on 04/12/2019)

  • "Can't wait"

    Review by Tom

    Oh boy

    (Posted on 04/12/2019)

  • "Update "Boog""

    Review by Big Cheef

    This definitely was worth the extra week of flower and extra month of curing. The flavor, the aroma, the potency is just amazing. This was my first experience with MSNL and they delivered. Outstanding!!!!

    (Posted on 07/10/2019)

  • "Tasty "

    Review by Adam

    Bubblegum is one of the most satisfying smoke flavors you can grow what a great strain..

    (Posted on 23/08/2019)

  • "Great starter indica "

    Review by Paul

    Nice easy growing autoflower not to tall 3.5 oz from 1 plant under quantum 120w kelp4less grow and bloom.
    Smoke is very tasty smells like diesel and bazooka bubble gum

    (Posted on 24/07/2019)

  • "Easiest girl I’ve ever grown"

    Review by Stpierre

    This girl is forgiving, I recommend this to first time
    Growers. I transplanted in second week of veg which you should not do to auto flowers and she never missed a beat. Awesome company awesome seeds

    (Posted on 22/06/2019)

  • "Awesome!"

    Review by Max

    So easy. Very tasty. Amazing!

    (Posted on 26/05/2019)

  • "AWESOME "

    Review by Paul

    Msnl has awesome service delivery to the state 7 days consistently I have yet to drop these I currently have star dawg growing these will be my next run can't wait great genetics had 1 issue with msnl on some blue dream auto that only 1 popped but you're going to have that. Thank you msnl for the great genetics

    (Posted on 04/04/2019)

  • "So far, so good.(great)"

    Review by BOOG

    I'm at day 44 and she is extremely healthy and strong. I'm taking a different approach with my nutrients this time, ( using only vegetable and fruit-scraps) and she is flat-out LOVING her life! No fancy and overpriced nutrition bought off the web, yet the genetics are so superior, I can't see 'much difference.' She is growing very fast and extremely bushy, even as I've taken a few fan-leaves to help my BESTVA ELITE 600w LED penetrate more. I will post an 'after-review.'

    (Posted on 09/03/2019)

  • "Reputable suorce"

    Review by 420phantom

    I am very pleased to say that this seed bank is trustworthy. I was skeptical at first but after placing my order the seeds were here within days. I'm on my second and third grow and I am very pleased with product...

    I give msnl five stars

    (Posted on 10/11/2017)

  • "Trusted seed bank"

    Review by Chubbz

    4 out of 4 sprouted.

    (Posted on 30/06/2017)

  • "Fast delivery "

    Review by Chubbz

    Shipped on Monday to the states. In mailbox that Saturday. Very pleased. Time to get going

    (Posted on 24/06/2017)

  • "Thank you!"

    Review by Stanley

    Got my seeds today was very worried they wouldn't come do my shipping choices germing them now can't wait to try the product will continue to do more business with you all merry Christmas!

    (Posted on 24/12/2016)

  • "Super fast!"

    Review by Scott Greene

    Order a 5 pack to the Oceania area, came within the fortnight and had 1 germed and in the ground two days later! Currently running an LED setup and she's loving it, going to space out my plants so I can have this beauty all year round :)


    (Posted on 20/12/2016)

  • "Silent but Deadly"

    Review by Stephen

    I was amazed at the service, prompt delivery Stealth. Exteme Gratitude & Thanks.

    (Posted on 10/12/2016)

  • "awesome fast"

    Review by Eric

    bought a 5 pack and got them in 14 days to the usa. all 5 germinated but the free seeds i got did not germinate at all. really dont care. would have been nice for at least one to germ but im happy with what i paid for. will def buy from here again.

    (Posted on 17/11/2016)

  • "Impressed for sure "

    Review by Hayden

    Bought five back in May, I've harvested 3 of 5 so far and I couldn't ask for better. I grew with cfls and got an awesome product. They did finish in right around 65 days, loaded w thc and an awesome bubblegum aroma and taste. Awesome terps. Still got two more, and just ordered some white lsd auto. So can't wait for those next! Truly impressed with msnl. I will be a return customer indeed.

    (Posted on 15/10/2016)

  • "Love em"

    Review by Travis

    Got em going right now beautiful plant nice and bushy and the flowers are staring to get frosty at 3 weeks into its flower couple weeks to go and I will be cutting these girls down so far so good

    (Posted on 05/09/2016)

  • "My first Grow 4 plants of 5 seeds. Very nice smoke"

    Review by Snake

    This bubblegum strain made it a breeze for my first grow. 4 of 5 germination. Seems to be the average.
    FROM SEED TO HARVEST - 65 days flat
    Only using 1 Gal dirt bags because of space, yes 1 gallon pots. I got 3 very sticky and very frosty plants at 22" at the tallest. The 4th plant was a runt of sorts probably my fault for sure, still got nice bud off her.

    I would love to do another run on these after i tare through Msnl's Auto menu ;) . Currently doing
    Caramelious, Sour diesel and Lemon Haze. All things looking up.
    Great company !! I Havent had an issue yet but if i do, sure they will still be there to help.
    I could (will) go on about quality of the smoke. Fantasticly sweet taste, goes with a calming and locking buzz that melts your problems. I share with friends and they agree.
    We absolutly destroyed the 2 ounces i pulled off.
    Thanks MSNL, see ya round

    (Posted on 30/07/2016)

  • "Pretty good shipping"

    Review by Toby

    They took 16 days to get to the US. 4 out of 5 looks good, one was small and cracked dont expect it to germ. I cant wait till i get these planted! Will review again after harvest.

    (Posted on 26/03/2016)

  • "On day 90 still not harvested "

    Review by Jack

    I'm on day 90 still waiting for my nugs to get bigger and to harvest. the plant is great during veg grows great amazing plant when I got my seeds 2 of them where broken I will be taking my business else where

    (Posted on 22/02/2016)

  • "Very steady and good plant"

    Review by Jacob

    This was my first grow with autos and worked out great only thing one seed was broken. Out of 4 3 grew and grew fast worked well with LST. Great plants thanks for the free blueberry seeds that grow great also just really tall lol

    (Posted on 23/01/2016)

  • "Grows beautiful, super hardy too"

    Review by erik

    Used these for my first ever grow and was EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Smelled good, smokes even better. My light fell on my bubblegum auto during week 7 or 8 and thought it was gone, WRONG! my light fell, took like a foot off the main stalk, acted like it got topped and kept growing! Don't sell yourself short on autos, this plant sold me on autos. 1 plant, 500w equiv CFL's, 1.25 oz off 2/3s of a plant. Thanks again msnl!

    (Posted on 16/11/2015)

  • "Great results outdoors during very poor summer"

    Review by Scott

    Grew 20 of these girls totally out of doors in clearing in woods using dug in 8 inch pots filled with Pro-Mix. Super, super super results. Thick and sturdy stalks, about 2 - 3 feet tall. Heavy bud production with lots of sugar. Could not believe autos could be so productive. I did fertilize heavily but they sucked it all up. Weather was very poor with very wet and cool veg period and warmed up for buds which were ready to harvest when summer was not even over. Wow, wow, wow. Good Gear. Thank you MSNL.

    (Posted on 08/11/2015)

  • "U guys are amazing love u guys"

    Review by Kush Master

    I honestly got to say I had the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. Thanks to u guys y'all killed it with the seeds I had never in a million yrs would of know how easy it is to make some beautiful plants and without msnl I dnt think it could of gone better

    (Posted on 17/10/2015)

  • "never got my order and it a month"

    Review by Jacob

    It would hav been nice if I got my order but never got it and shippin sucks

    (Posted on 19/05/2015)

  • "never got my order and it a month"

    Review by Jacob

    It would hav been nice if I got my order but never got it and shippin sucks

    (Posted on 19/05/2015)

  • "bubblegum lovers dream"

    Review by Anthony

    I really was impressed with this strain. The smell of sweeeeet bubblegum aroma once it starts flower is to die for. The smoke i got from it was so smooth and earthy. Im sured it helped that it was an all organic grow. Tricome production was amazing with my buds become really sticky and looked like it had snow dropped on it. I could go on forever...
    But overall my yield was okay. I was a tad bit disappointed, but i fell like i could have used side lights to my plants. But great job on the strain!!
    Love u guys

    (Posted on 18/04/2015)

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