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Bubblegum seeds

Bubblegum Seeds

“So much fun, life has just begun” sang Sonic Youth on their cult track ‘Bubblegum’ and the words could very easily have been inspired by the famed Bubblegum marijuana strain. Combining the deeply relaxing body stone of an indica and the euphoric, creativity inducing high of a sativa there are good times ahead whenever you choose to spark up some Bubblegum.

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Originating in Indiana during the 1970s, Bubblegum is a true hybrid with a slight indica dominance. Typical THC levels range between 15-18%, with minute amounts of CBD rarely eclipsing 0.1%. The satisfying blend of indica and sativa effects is much sought after and shows just why this strain has consistently placed highly in competitions such as the ‘High Times Cannabis Cup’ and ‘Spannabis Champions Cup.’

Strain Effects

The hybrid nature of Bubblegum is most noticeable in the high that it produces, starting with a pleasant body calming sensation before adding a cerebral energy lift for the mind. Many will find that their creative instincts will take hold, with ideas flowing freely while the body relaxes into a deep state of calm. Feelings of euphoria and complete contentment round out this expertly balanced high.

Growing info

Bubblegum is an excellent option for growers with average yields of 400g/m2, up to 600g/m2 in the right conditions, and a relatively short flowering time of 8-9 weeks. These traits are made all the sweeter by the compact shape and relatively short natural plant height of 120-160cm, which with regular pruning will not take up too much room even in smaller indoor setups.

Appearance and Aroma

Bubblegum buds take after their indica parent strain, with a compact crystal like appearance that is often described as light and airy. Bright orange pistils and icy looking trichromes complete the look of this magnificent variety. As you might expect the aroma is hugely sweet and reminiscent of the original pink bubblegum many will remember from their younger years, balanced by a mild earthiness that counter balances the sweetness perfectly.

MSNL Editors Verdict

There have been many attempts made to craft the perfect hybrid marijuana, one which combines the best of both indica and sativa effects. The emergence of Bubblegum seeds has lead many to believe the wait is over. With the power to soothe the body and inspire the soul, this sweet nostalgia inducing strain will delight any cannabis lover, especially those with a sweet tooth.

  THC CONTENT 15%-18%
  YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

As you may expect Bubblegum marijuana takes after the childhood treat for which it was named, though provides a surprising complexity for those with an experienced palate. The uncannily sweet bubblegum flavour is accented not just by hints of berries and cream, but also a soft herbal bitterness and subtle peppermint undertone. Leaving a sweet fruity aftertaste the taste sensations dealt out by Bubblegum are unparalleled among other cannabis strains.

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Bubblegum seeds
  • "The best home grow around "

    Review by

    The taste and smell is like eating sweet tarts it smells like straight candy. My boys called it the best home grown ever it’s “gas”. I would bring a 2gram joint to work we would each take two-three hits each sharing with 5 co workers and I would be walking away with half a joint for later. This shit gets you stupid funny high. I promise you if you grow this strain you will have an amazing time. It was my first small closet grow and she produced 30 grams at only 20inch tall. <3.

  • "Dr. A. Pan Francis"

    Review by

    One of the Best I Ever Grown in this life-time of mine young @21 years of Age. A++++ Plant Equity Flower Seamstress :) Stone is Amazing! As a Fruity House Flower, the scene of the home or indoor area is bubblegum. My Friends Named me as The Black Willie Wonka :Bubblegum Machine Designer. Thanks to bubblegum engineering cannabis seed refinery group. Excellent Strain!

  • "just like gum!"

    Review by

    Bubblegum has a sweet, flowery and berry flavor, and as it is aptly named, tastes like Bubblegum. This strain produced a fifty/fifty mind/body high, often very euphoric, uplifting and creative, but also relaxed.

  • "Sah-weet!"

    Review by

    This strain is so sweet, both in taste and smell. It's also potent though, so don't go using it as much as you would regular Bubblegum! (Great for baking edibles too, because of the sweet flavor!)

  • "Juicy!"

    Review by

    This stuff makes my mouth water while I'm smoking it tastes so good! Haven't tried growing it just yet, but that's next on my list

  • "Makes me cough!"

    Review by

    Bubblegum does have a really nice taste to it, and a pretty great high, but man does it ever make me cough my butt off. Seriously, have water nearby.

  • "Awesome"

    Review by

    This is a must try it's a beautiful structured plant buds were sweet and juicy. The high was amazing a deff winner in my books

  • "Some sweet bud right here"

    Review by

    I too, didn't believe this strain would taste like bubblegum, but was shocked to find that it does! So sweet, it kind of reminded me of Super Sweet Tooth, but is a little bit bitter at the end. Love it!

  • "marajuanaman"

    Review by

    bubblegum one of my favorites didn't believe it tasted like bubble gum but guys and girls it does awesome high indica strain my friends love it good strain pretty easy to maintain beautiful aroma very good strain.

  • "I love seeds"

    Review by

    Skunks are great. Though they smell. This is just like that!

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