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Buddha marijuana

Buddha Seeds

The Buddha plant is a strain you grow when you’re looking to have some laughs, go out and socialise, and have an overall happy-go-luckyexperience. Its frosty nugs give the plant a beautiful appearance but also contribute to its high THC levels. It takes an experienced grower to handle these seeds, but the plant will reward you with generous yields and a blissful buzz.
  • Therapeutic
  • Outdoor
  • Regular
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height
  • High THC

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Our Buddha seeds are a classic cross of Thai genetics, making this a pure 100% Sativa strain. It has that “get-up-and-go” type of buzz, where smiling simply becomes your true nature. Buddha is a perfect candidate for those wanting to cross-breed to create their own strains. You start off with an awesome Sativa lineage and decide what to introduce in. However, novice and intermediate growers may find these seeds difficult to grow with, so they’re best suited for expert growers.

Strain Effects

Buddha has high levels of THC that land around 15 to 18% but when grown in the right conditions, it can reach 20%. It also has notable levels of the cannabinoid CBN, which means a clear-headed, energetic high and no sedation. The high is spectacular, a real uplifting and euphoric event. A great strain for socialising. If you take several hits or smoke a few times in a short period it won't be long before you dissolve into fits of giggles and laughter.

Growing info

Growing Buddha seeds to their full potential require some experience and knowledge of cannabis cultivation. And given the robust size and heights of this strain, an outdoor space is going to yield the greatest output. When growing outdoors the height of this plant can extend up to 180 to 220 cm tall, which shows off its pure Sativa genetics. Its flowering cycle of 12 to 14 weeks is a bit longer than other strains, so patience is a requirement here. The yield is pretty exceptional with a range of 400 to 500 grams per plant. And the harvest occurs around mid-October.

Appearance and Aroma

When the Buddha seeds reach the late stages of their flowering cycle, the buds have the classic “herb” look. And as they reach full maturity they take on the appearance of an oval and Christmas shaped tree. Also, the buds have lots of orange hairs that spiral and weave in and out along with gorgeous frosty crystals. Their color is bright and vibrant, like a large forest of trees.

The aroma of this strain is as uplifting and satisfying as its high. It’s divinely sweet and candy-like with hints of sour and citrus smells. Also, the frosty and sticky buds help intensify the deliciously sweet aroma.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Those who love Sativa stains consistently rate this as one of their favorite plants to smoke because it gives them long-lasting energy and an upbeat attitude about life. That’s what keeps them coming back for more of these awesome Buddha seeds. Yet, to cultivate this plant with great success it takes an outdoor environment.

  THC CONTENT 15%-18%
  PLANT HEIGHT TALL 180cm-220cm
  YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Given the far east lineage of the Buddha strain, it has a sweet exotic taste. It’s very reminiscent of the tropical environment in which the plant originated. Besides its magnificent sweet flavours, the strain has sour and citrus undertones that serve as the perfect complement to the delectable nature of its yummy smoke.

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Buddha marijuana
  • ""A pleasant surprise""

    Review by

    I received some of these as freebies with an order, and gave them to a friend who grew them outdoors with great success. We were surprised at the size of the plants and the yield produced, definite Sativa all the way. Good genetics makes all the difference, thanks Msnl, keep the suprises coming !

  • "Bow down"

    Review by

    This stuff is so good, you might want to bow down to your bag.

  • "Gimme gimme gimme"

    Review by

    Love this strain, can't give it enough stars. All sativa, all the time, and that's all I'm interested in.

  • "Love the strain, love the price even more"

    Review by

    Where I'm located it's hard to find sativas at a good price, even in seed form. This one feeds my sativa cravings, without breaking the bank. Plus their beauts!

  • "Giggle much "

    Review by

    An awesome strain all around good to share with friends for an all night laugh fest nice smell and love the bud structure good and frosty too

  • "Love the Buddha!"

    Review by

    I'm all about the sativa, and I'm all about the Buddha. Keeps me toking all day long but it still lets me zip around as much as I need.

  • "Top strain A+"

    Review by

    Love this strain, i'm a sativa lover and you cant get a better strain IMHO.

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Buddha Seeds Video

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