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cannatonic feminized seeds

Cannatonic feminized Seeds


Cannatonic is our first specific high CBD medical strain. It is the result of an extensive breeding program designed to create an effective collection of medical marijuana strains that have an equal or greater level of CBD than of THC. If you need medicine that will leave you easily able to function, this is the strain for you.

High CBD

Seeds that will develop into plants that produce in excess of 4% CBD are classed as high in CBD


These seeds grow well in any medium but do particularly well in hydroponic systems. They can require a little extra attention but will reward you with higher yields of stronger weed.


Indica dominant or pure Indica strains tend to be shorter, more compact and hardy. They often have higher levels of CBD and usually grow faster and finish earlier. These plants most often produce a body or "couch-lock" stone.


Therapeutic seeds are specifically identified as having additional or increased benefits when grown as a well-being focused plant. They can be strains that are particularly high in CBD or THC, or alternatively are known to produce higher amounts of resin for use in oils and canna products.

Medium Height

These are plants that will grow to between 100cm-180cm indoors under lights. They are suitable for most set-ups where space is limited but not too the extent where a short or dwarf plant would be required


Strains that are fresh and tasty! Brand new additions to our catalogue.

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With the Cannatonic strain it is all about the effects. The low levels of THC and very high levels of CBD mean that this strain will not get you “high” in the traditional sense. This means it’s excellent for use as medication without having to combat the more psychoactive effects that most marijuana has. Used widely as a pain killer, it is reported to be particularly useful for muscle and joint pains. It has grown very popular as a method to treat certain stress or anxiety related disorders, PTSD and nerve conditions.

A hybrid blend of Indica and Sativa it grows like a normal Indica dominant hybrid with a medium height stature and wider closely packed leaves. Reaching around 5’-6’ ft indoor it is easily manageable in all grow environments. It will respond well in SOG and SCROG setups and if space is limited it can be manipulated using LST (low stress training) easily.

Cannatonic is particularly good when it is made in to waxes or mixed with cannabutter, it is the perfect strain to use for making rick simpson oil.

This multi cup winning strain has proven a revelation in cannabis medicine and is a genuine help to many people worldwide. If you are in need of a High CBD strain then cannatonic is here!

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A good drying and curing process, will create a smooth and balanced flavour and avoid any potential harshness, especially if taken in a bong or pipe. The taste is earthy with a mix of pine and some slightly skunky undertones. The main reason this has risen to become such a popular strain is the effects. Excellent to relax with and relieve aches and pains, it does not get you high or stone unless eaten in larger quantities. It can have some sleep inducing effects but these are easily manageable and it does not make you feel especially drowsy, just like you have unwound after a long day.

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cannatonic feminized seeds
  • "best medicine ever"

    Review by david

    40 yr smoker saying "this is the best medicine every!" i have Parkinson, degenerative disc disease, O arthritis and several movement disorders. this is my go medicine. just ordered 20 more seeds so i can spread the " love " at harvest next fall. thanks Msnl for the great product and service. this yr will make the 4th yr. for Catatonic for me.

    (Posted on 19/01/2019)

  • "Great high CBD content"

    Review by Michelle

    I'm always looking for strains with higher CBD contents, and this is one of the best by far!

    (Posted on 05/02/2017)

  • "Great for PTSD"

    Review by Smokeytad

    I suffer from PTSD and this high CBD strain is great for taking the horrible feelings and pains away associated with PTSD! If you suffer from depression or PTSD I high recommend this strain it's great for relief!!!

    (Posted on 31/08/2016)

  • "Best for depression"

    Review by Travis

    Love this strain works great for my depression takes all the pain and feelings away associated with depression!! Great strain with high CBD awesome!

    (Posted on 28/08/2016)

  • "Calms me right down"

    Review by Ashely

    I had been dealing with anti-depressants for years and while cannabis had been recommended, I didn't really want to get high. Finally, after barely fighting off a bad panic attack, tried Cannatonic and realized I've been high all these years! So much more effective than taking pills, and I was super calm but not spacey or giggly. I love this strain. I only wish I had tried it sooner.

    (Posted on 21/07/2016)

  • "Great Strain"

    Review by canna

    This is a great strain. Great for SOG in my opinion, which I wish I had known. To my surprise, they all finished within 56 days (some were done by day 50). The odor is similar to a kush variety and it puts out really dense flowers. The only issue that I was concerned with was that they couldn't handle nutrients too well, so you should tread carefully with your feeding regimen. Overall, an excellent strain that's definitely in my top 8 list. MSNL rarely disappoints and I was more than happy with this strain. Will definitely get again and keep now.

    (Posted on 14/12/2015)

  • "Awesome strain"

    Review by ben

    This is a great strain, purchased it last year and I'm back for more, very high levels of cbd which for my medical needs is perfect. The plants are easy to care for and service is great from msnl. Great stealth guys

    (Posted on 05/11/2015)

  • "Excellent medicinal strain"

    Review by CBDdude

    High class medicinal strain. Really helped with my anxiety and pain problems. Comes recommended

    (Posted on 22/07/2015)

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