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caramelicious marijuana

Caramelicious Feminized Seeds


Caramelicious is a sweet and tasty strain renowned for its happy and exuberant high. Because the strain has high levels of THC and moderate levels of CBD, its genetic profile makes this bud an ideal contender for medicinal users. And it’s a high yielder, so you’ll be generously rewarded for the time you spend growing it.

  • Feminized
  • Hydroponic
  • Indica
  • Medium Height
  • Novice
  • Tasty
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As a three-way cross of Maple Leaf Indica, Blue Black, and Afghan Kush, Caramelicious produces fat, sticky, resinous buds. It’s an Indica dominant strain and can reach THC levels of 20%. But, on average the strain produces 15 to 18% THC. Even though it’s Indica in its growing characteristics and appearance, the effects are more cerebral.

Strain Effects

The high of Caramelicious is clear-headed and utterly jubilant. You can work on a creative endeavour, have fun at a social outing with friends, or dance around your room while no one’s watching. The euphoria takes you to a happy place, yet as the buzz begins to wind down, there’s enough of a body stone to balance it out from being a purely cerebral experience.

Growing info

Caramelicious is a popular choice with both novice and commercial growers because of its growing ease and crazy high yields. If growing outdoors, this strain has excellent harvests of 450 to 500 grams per plant. And it does well in cold and dry conditions showing its hardy and versatile characteristics. Growing indoors is also possible, in fact, this plant thrives in a controlled indoor environment. It will grow to a short-medium height and gets very bushy producing plentiful amounts of lustrous, heavy buds from every internodal point. Finally, it has big thick stems to hold its dense buds and is a fast grower.

Appearance and Aroma

The initial aroma of Caramelicious is a blend of floral or herb notes, but it still maintains a sweet, seductive aroma. These plants grow beautifully with red and purple trichomes, some even showcase subtle blue and black hues. Plus, the buds are covered in resin and sticky to the touch.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Caramelicoius is one of our favourite strains to grow and smoke. It’s relatively simple to grow, puts out massive yields, and delivers on flavour. With an uplifting and joyful buzz, it’s an absolute must for lovers of hard-hitting sweet-tasting strains.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

As expected, the flavour of Caramelicious is undeniably sweet with caramel and toffee notes. Its delectable taste makes it a crowd-pleaser. After the initial sweet flavour, comes a ripe berry after-taste that creates a very pleasant smoking experience all the way around.

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caramelicious marijuana
  • "Tasty chocolately, caramelly"

    Review by

    Vigorous strain that produces a deep chocolately candy smell during flower and cure. Excellent taste but the flavor is not my cup of tea. Good hybrid like stone, excellent yield, great bud structure. Finished in 60 days of flower for me after the switch. Very forgiving and a great beginner plant. Needs and uses a lot of oxygen in DWC hydroponics.

  • "Excited ..."

    Review by

    Got these as freebies with GG ... yet again 100% germination, and at three weeks they are already bushy little monsters ... will update!

  • "Fav"

    Review by

    Grew a seed 2 seasons ago, Was my best plant that season and some of the best-tasting bud I have had ...just ordered more and looking forward to the end result ....Smik Weed

  • "Delicious "

    Review by

    I got them as freebies with a past order. Definitely ordering these in the future. Great taste, smell, yield and (very importantly for me) size. It’s easy to train if space is a concern.

  • "will grow again"

    Review by

    Chopped them down at 12 weeks. I think I burned them little at end. Not a lot of taste or smell. Good in your head high. End up with 26 oz's. Over 6 oz off the big girl. Easy to clean. They didn't eat much, then really slowed down at end. But they kept packing on the bud, all red hairs at the end. I had to back the light down to 50%. I'll grow this again, easy grow. Ended up at 39" tall finishes fast. I've got 10 Cindy 99 going now.

  • "Delicious "

    Review by

    Beautiful plants! Red, purple, blue, black and pink. Massive yielders! Sweet smelling, almost sickly sweet. My favorite smelled exactly like grape snowcone syrup! A smooth candy like taste and a strong body buzz. These was freebies, will absolutely order more.

  • "Great Start"

    Review by

    I started 10 (rapid rooters) all germinated, and rooted in 5 days. Moved to buckets (RDWC) and 9 found the water in a week, one (runt) took 2 weeks. Topped them all, then at 4 weeks turn back light. Big heavy stems and fast grower. Not as bushy as master kush.
    Be back in about 70 days with the good news. 4 stars for now.

  • "Marijuana Engineer"

    Review by

    Growing this right now! Pls check out my grows. I am growing 3 of these, absolute beasts!

  • "Real nice for hash"

    Review by

    It's dripping with resin, which makes it a perfect match for making hash. Makes beautiful beautiful stuff.

  • "Gets rid of my anxiety and insomnia"

    Review by

    I suspect that caramelicious has a high cbd content, because it works really well for my insomnia & anxiety. it really calms me down. not to mention that that is truly a delicious taste!

  • "Smells and tastes amazing"

    Review by

    Large yeild, large tops/ colas. Grew strong with tons of nutes, very resin and sappy. Oozed when trimmed has a amazing smell, the taste goes hand and hand. Makes my mouth water. It's defiantly worth buying.

  • "Really Good Bud"

    Review by

    Very Sweet Smoke and Very good High, one of my favorite strains. If you have never tried this strain, you are doing yourself an injustice. It is really good and I get a lot of comlements on it. Jimmy

  • "super tasty"

    Review by


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