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chemdog feminized marijuana

Chemdog Feminized Seeds

A strain of urban legend taken direct from California, Chemdog (also known as Chemdawg) is one of the leading connoisseur strains offering huge yields, insanely high THC levels and exceptional medicinal qualities.
  • Connosseur
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Therapeutic
  • Medium Height
  • High THC
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The genetic parent of strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Chemdog offers the highest pedigree in marijuana lineage. Prized by many as their go to strain when they want something strong and tasty, it excels on both points.

Strain Effects

The high comes on strong yet is not over powering. The sativa dominance gives the classic head buzz with the indica genes balancing it with a calming body stone. An all round legendary strain with excellent strength, yield and medicinal properties.

The smoke is quite uplifting without being trippy. A resonant body buzz comes on quite soon after the initial head hit meaning that you can feel quite fuzzy, yet still with enough clarity to be able to get some things done if you need to.

Growing info

A flowering time of 8-10 weeks and massive yield of around 500g/m2 + makes this strain an excellent choice for cash croppers. The stretchy shape and multiple dense bud sites also mean it thrives in a SCROG setup, helping maximise yields. THC levels are seriously high, 21%+. Later in the flowering process buds can be seen glistening with THC crystals, making Chemdog excellent for hash or oil production.

MSNL Editors Verdict

As far as sativas go this is one of our favourites. Its fast enough that it can be grown outdoors in most temperate and warm climates and the uplifting high it gives is a real booster. The flavour is delicious and the yields are massive. The one slight drawback is that it does not do well in wet or humid conditions so if moisture is a problem in your grow area, be aware.

  THC CONTENT 19%-22%
  YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

When you open a jar of Chemdog it will stink up the whole place very quickly. The characteristic astringent fuel smell that this strain has become famous for is instantly recognisable There is also a definite undertone of a more earthy kush flavour that goes very well with the chemical notes to even out the taste, meaning that that it has a more unique flavour than NYC Diesel.

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chemdog feminized marijuana
  • "Hi"

    Review by

    Wish I knew if this is Chem 91, Chem #4 ??? Not the same smell/taste as previously grown Chemdog but still very good. Plants hermied due to lights possibly but pretty good flavor/smell even with LOTS of seeds. Buzz is excellent, next run will be real test if I can keep light out. These are keepers but want to try other Chemdog strains. Would buy again!

  • "Great product"

    Review by

    Grew in soil let em sit in veg for about 4 months just flippped em into flower the buds are bright purple!

  • "Great "

    Review by

    Seeds that I didn’t mess up all germinated quickly. loving the growth so far, doesn’t look like I have a million different phenotypes like with some seed companies! All similar growth patterns which I truly appreciate! Sucks when you get a bag of 10 seeds and have 4 or more different phenotypes at the end of harvest. 2nd order and they have all made it to Cali!! Love this fucking company! Just wish they get more exotic strains!

  • "Top Shelf"

    Review by

    Grew this along with Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies, both fine strains but Chemdog smoked em both. You'll know you got a keeper when it reeks as a seedling. A decent yielder with a strong all around buzz but it's the smell and taste that sometimes makes me wonder why I bother growing anything else. Funky Savoury Chemical Stank! Open a jar and gas the place up! One of the greatest strains of all time.

  • "first 5 popped"

    Review by

    got 10 chems with 10 regulars and 6 fem blueberry widows for 56. you cannot get better than that. first 5 have popped so 100% so far there. cant wait love chemdogs 1st time growing it though

  • "just ok "

    Review by

    5 of 10 poped

  • "AMAZING!!"

    Review by

    One the best strains by MSNL, can't believe it's so cheap! The indica phenotype is better of the two that came through. I recommend 9 weeks flower in soil for maximum flavour. Super strong diesel smell and taste with a hint of lemony skunk and earthy spice undertones. Definitely a keeper!

  • "Chemdog is world-famous, for good reason"

    Review by

    Chemdog is such a classic and iconic strain, and it's good to be able to find it on its own and not cross-strained with anything, like it usually is. Just pure Dog,with pure skunky smell.

  • "Wow"

    Review by

    All I have to say is wow is a keeper for sure chemdog is awesome!!

  • "YESSSSSS!!!!"

    Review by

    I absolutely love ChemDog! Heavy with crystals, and the smell is very stinky. I like to know I'm smoking during a sesh and this def does that. ChemDog is still #1 for a reason!


    Review by

    Quick hitter. 2 tokes, and you'll know it's with you! Very easy to grow, and responds well to pruning. Decent THC presence. Grows about 4' under 400w. Good SOG candidate. Very good yield, especially when topped a couple times. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it an overall 8.5.

  • "Would recommend "

    Review by

    Real pleased with this variety...stinky and sticky..great yield..


    Review by

    I grew 2 of these Chemdog seeds outdoors this summer. I harvested on Sept 30th and got 3.3 lbs of killer smoke from these 2 plants. My friends all want to smoke my smoke.

  • "love the stinky aroma and taste"

    Review by

    GREAT STINKY SMOKE!!! this is one of my favourite strains and will definitely be ordering more from MSNL

  • "Surprisingling Good"

    Review by

    Tried this a couple of months back and I was blown away by the high I got from it.
    Smells great, looks great, makes you feel great

  • "Definitely one for the SCROGger!"

    Review by

    I took the recommendation of the folks at MS-NL, and set this up as a single plant SCROG, and I'm glad I did. This thing grew like a beast, and would certainly overgrow a 4x4 grow tent if not properly trained. I let it flower for a full ten weeks, and was definitely worth the wait. This Chemdog is a huge yielder! The only thing I've grown in the last year that comes close to this is Blue Dream (also available at MS-NL). I believe the Chemdog is much stronger, however. Since the buds are so huge, it makes trimming easier, but be prepared to clean your trimmers every 5 minutes, because the trichome production in this strain is most impressive. The high is the real "highlight", though. There's a reason this strain is so steeped in cannabis lore. It is a mad heavy hitter, and while not as crushing as some heavy indicas, it just keeps soaring. I don't recommend this strain for daytime medicating, simply because it's too strong. Unless you plan on watching TV all day, in which case it's perfect. Strains I like for the daytime include Blue Dream, and Chocolope, both of which are available feminized on this website. As for the Chemdog, two big gorilla thumbs up!

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