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Cotton Candy Kush Seeds


Our breeders have done it again! We've produced a heavy hitting, super sweet, kush strain that will knock your socks off. Cotton Candy Kush is a cross between the original Cotton Candy and a hand selected landrace kush.
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Cotton Candy Kush brings together two of the most important traits in cannabis strains today, flavor and potency.

The THC production in this strain is moderately high at 15-18% with buds coated, almost dripping in resin. The high is strong and has a very long-lasting buzz, typical of an indica dominant kush and excellent for medicinal users.

A few tokes and the initial cerebral buzz will kick in, bringing uplifting and slightly euphoric effects. This slowly ebbs into warm and comfortable full body buzz that will stay with you for hours. With this strain, the more you smoke, the stronger those kush genetics push through, as this sweet lady can produce quite a powerful headstone when smoked heavily.

Strength is not all there is to love about this strain though, this potent indica dominant kush also delivers a mouthwatering sweet taste and aroma. The smoke is the real highlight of this variety. As the name would suggest, it's deliciously sweet like candy, with a classic kush base and subtle spice and sour undertones.

But wait there’s more! Not only is it strong and tasty, it’s also easy to grow! The Cotton Candy Kush strain is incredibly robust due to its strong indica genetics, giving it good resistance to multiple climates and outdoor pests. We’d highly recommend this strain to newbie growers who are looking for an easy but high quality kush strain.

This variety also has a short flowering time of around 8 weeks and will provide you with a delicious, bountiful of buds before the frost hits. You can leave your plants for another week or two if you really want to maximize potency. Either way you’ll be very happy when it’s harvest time, with massive yields between 550-650g/m2 at optimum levels.

Outdoor growers can expect big beautiful trees full of sparkling, candy buds and yields well over 600g/m2. If you do decide to grow outdoors and take advantage of the enhanced yields, remember that this strain can give off a strong odor during flowering, so a greenhouse may be better suited for some locations.

Cotton Candy Kush delivers on every level and we’d say it’s truly one of the best kush strains available.

YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

A perfect blend of kush, spice and sweet candy flavors come together in one of the most unique kush strains on the market today. Offering phenomenal flavor, the high is just as goof. The effects start initially with a cerebral buzz that then spreads from your brain down to your toes, and if you keep on going it soon turns a bit heavier.

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  • "CCK seedlings"

    Review by

    Bought a pk of 10. First bean I picked it germinated in 48 hrs with a tail of 1" long or longer. Planted it in organic super soil and within a week it sprouted and showed it's first set of leaves. So far so good. From the reviews and description this should be a great indica strain to grow. These guys rock! Fast shipping and very discrete. Can't wait till flowering. Will update soon. Thnx MSNL

  • "Very nice"

    Review by

    Cotton candy kush is the best kush strain I have ever found definitely worth trying . GREAT JOB

  • "So far so good"

    Review by

    Still in veg but have been in flower to drum out the males, of my 6 strains this one started to stink in the first week of flower. I'll give a full review in January.

  • "Highly Recommend Indica Type Strain"

    Review by

    As stated in its description, CCK is simple to cultivate and also has a short Flowering period of at or around 8 Weeks.
    A vast majority of smokers (including myself) enjoy the flavorful and full- bodied smoke while benefiting from the heavy Indica influenced potency of CCK.
    The specimen rarely grows beyond medium height and colas are dense, large, and heavy when cultivated and assimilated properly.
    Female to male ratio of a x10 quantity were recorded at a 7/3 gender split ratio producing only three males.
    Thank You marijuanaseedsnl :)

  • "Fruity sweet"

    Review by

    This is a knockout punch kind of strain, but it tastes so good that doesn't seem to matter much while you're smoking it!

  • "Kinda dark buds"

    Review by

    A contrasting type of pot, as it sounds like it's going to be light and fluffy, but the buds are so dark! Still super sweet as you toke away though, a nice strain.

  • "Wowsers"

    Review by

    The name says it all and so does the smoke!!

  • "Helps me sleep"

    Review by

    I find this strain takes away my pain, and that might be what's helping me sleep, or it could just be that this is an indica-dominant strain. Whatever it is, I'm not turning back any time soon.

  • "Good "

    Review by

    Shiiper is quick! Ill be back to let u knw after It finished!!!

  • "......"

    Review by

    Thank you not bad batch of seeds got 10 out of the 5 sprouted others did not!

  • "Sweat as anything"

    Review by

    Great tasting strain, highly recommended.

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Cotton Candy Kush Seeds Video

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