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Crystal Marijuana

Crystal Seeds


Crystal has two of the best parents in the world — White Widow and Northern Lights. And it maintains the best characteristics of both these beautiful ladies. Very strong and glittering with THC, this is an excellent medical strain that is very popular as a sedative and painkiller.

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  • Indoor
  • Cup Winner
  • Indica
  • Novice
  • High THC
  • White

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The cross of Northern Lights and White Widow created the magical strain called Crystal. These two parents won more cups and prizes than any other strain. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with high THC levels and lots of gorgeous crystals, as to be expected given its name.

Strain Effects

With a high THC content, this strain has a powerful stone and is better suited for experienced cannabis smokers. Crystal is a strain people reach for to melt away stress, anxiety, and depression. It calms the nerves and over time the buzz has euphoric and mood-enhancing effects. Also, it has the ability to increase appetite and make your couch or bed very comfortable.

Growing info

Crystal flourishes indoors or out and is a perfect strain for beginner growers. In fact, it’s easier to grow than White Widow. Its ideal outdoor climate is sunny and warm. And when growing indoors, this strain does well in soil or in a hydroponic setup. It can reach medium heights that range from 100 to 180 cm, which is something to consider if you have limited indoor space. Also, the aroma is pungent, especially during the flowering stage. So, make sure to have the proper odor eliminating equipment to avoid any issues with neighbors. Finally, Crystal is a high yielder that can achieve up to 500 grams per M2.

Appearance and Aroma

The aroma of Crystal can be described as a heavy skunk mixed with a diesel-like tang. Also, the citrus scent from its White Widow lineage comes through when you smell the leaves and buds in the later stages of flowering. And the buds are dense and fat and of course, they’re covered in beautiful white shining crystals.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Overall, Crystal is an exceptional strain that produces high yields, is easy to grow, has strong medicinal effects, and a stunning outer appearance. And how could we expect anything less from a strain that was given birth by two of the greatest strains of all time — Northern Lights and White Widow.

YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

Crystal is a smooth strain to smoke and on a deep inhale the classic spicy-citrus taste of White Widow comes through along with a sharpness of skunk. The tasting notes also have an earthy and slightly citrus flavour to them.

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Crystal Marijuana
  • "Fast growth "

    Review by

    Receive these free. 100% germination rate and highly vigorous plant, in Organics.
    Wouldn't expect anything less from MSNL, only place for beans!

  • "Knocks you out"

    Review by

    Two strong indicas, crossed, makes for one strain that will totally knock you out. Good for sleeping, not good for daytime use.

  • "False advertising"

    Review by

    Teaches me that if there's advertising right there in the name, not to trust it. Again, just not potent enough for me.

  • "Giving up on this one for now"

    Review by

    Yep it's got lots of crystals but I'm not sure what they do. I'm letting this one go for now. Too many other great strains out there.

  • "not potent enough"

    Review by

    not really potent enough for me, but the crystals sure are nice to look at

  • "Name fooled me"

    Review by

    After trying strains like THC bomb and ice, I expected other buds covered in crystals to be just as good. I'll go back to those, this one didn't impress me much.

  • "Super heavy buds"

    Review by

    Buds are so dense, they do take some time to dry out but they're so worth it. Crystal is the only word you'll be able to think of.

  • "Some of the best weed ever"

    Review by

    If you like Northern Lights or White Widow, you'll love Crystal. It brings out the best of the two. Sharp, almost gassy smell, but then settles into a beautiful skunk. Will relax you but might not throw you into the couch.

  • "Awesome"

    Review by

    I love this strain had to get again will deff keep this one around awhile. THC content is awesome!

  • "Can think crystal clear!"

    Review by

    Love the THC content of this strain - keeps my mind sharp and my head clear but still helps immensely with my back pain.

  • "Shit"

    Review by


  • "Abe"

    Review by never bought it

  • "Huge!!!!!"

    Review by

    Got this one in flowering now. I have topped, and super cropped this under t5 and it is now bidding under a 1000watt in a 5 gallon bucket and this plant is over six feet tall with a lot of bud sites and main arms. Highly resistenet to heat, over/under watering, and take very well to all nutes. Thanks guys, all around perfect. Expecting hp or better off this.

  • "Still one of my fav's"

    Review by

    I've tried heaps of different varieties but still find myself coming back to Crystal!

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