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Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison Seeds


If you are looking for a landrace sativa strain, Durban poison is as close as you can get and it definitely will not disappoint. Having only been inbred once from an original landrace sativa originating from South Africa, this variety is just how marijuana grows naturally and as mother nature intended.

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  • Connosseur
  • Greenhouse
  • High Yield
  • Regular
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height

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A pure sativa plant that has never been hybridised, Durban Poisons THC levels are commonly measured between 17-20%, however some specific examples have been measured producing a THC content up to 26%. CBD content is low, averaging 0.1% in most tests. Characterised by its hardiness and above average yields this is an easy to grow variety that thrives in many different environments as long as it is given ample light.

Strain Effects

If you’ve been looking for a dynamic, energy boosting strain to start your days then the search is over! Durban Poison enjoys huge popularity thanks to the amazing cerebral high it delivers, greatly enhancing focus and creativity and great for socialising. The near absence of CBD means that the mental effects of this strain are uplifting and powerful, but novice users should take caution that overindulging in a short period of time can bring on quite a “racey-spirraling” effect which can become a little overwhelming. In limited amounts or for more advanced users, the natural origins and purity of this strain will leave your body feeling clean and your mind clear, ready to tackle the day ahead.

Growing info

Durban Poison plants are known for their resilience and can deliver solid yields even when grown in poorer conditions, with an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks. The plants can reach extreme heights of well over 3m when grown outdoors, however this strain is still very suitable for indoor growing with basic training techniques during the early stages of growth able to keep your crop under control. The reliable nature of the plants and impressive yields averaging at 500g/m2, above and beyond 600g/m2 if given the proper care attention, make this an exceptional proposition for growers.

Appearance and Aroma

The bright green buds produced by Durban Poison are long and thick, covered in crystal trichomes and vivid orange pistils which deliver a pop of colour. These buds will stick to anything they can get close to thanks to the barely believable amount of resin coating them, giving them a glittering glossy look. Delivering an unmistakable aroma, combining a deep, dank earthy body with pronounced hits of sweet and spicy aniseed, Durban poison is meant to be savoured.

MSNL Editors Verdict

There are many reasons why Durban Poison is one the most sought after and perennially popular strains around the globe. If you desire cannabis that possesses a clean organic feel, is easy to grow, and provides an invigorating high this is it. A genuine bounty of the earth, it is a hard task indeed to find a purer or more enjoyable sativa.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness is the order of the day, with a distinct licorice flavour lightened by hints of smooth vanilla and citrus peel. Smooth and satisfying on both the inhale and exhale, the organic nature of Durban Poison provides you with one the most authentic African sativa experiences available. Your first couple of hits of Durban Poison will be a defining experience and for all but the most worldly cannabis lovers, unlike anything you've tried before.

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Durban Poison Seeds
  • "Seeds cane in quick to canada/ great results so far"

    Review by

    Seeds came in quick, prices where great, they look good in quality, just waiting on the waxing crescent moon to crack them open.... a little update, germinated all 20 seeds in a damp paper towel on top of a heat pad, all 20 germinated between 24 and 48 hrs!!! Put them all in solo cups and into the dome. 3 days later 15 have sprouted so far...will give an update on how these babys grow in the next couple months and another review when it will be time to harvest

  • "Wow"

    Review by

    This was one of those strains that I took a bong hit, decided that it had come out ok....and a half hour later, realized that I was STILL going up...and up...and UP. After an hour, I realized that I was going to have a fun time going to the kitchen for a drink of water. Even my ex had the same experience, and he doesn't fly as easily as I do. Love this strain!

  • "Fantastic Strain & Super Productive!"

    Review by

    I bought 10 of these a little over a year ago. I immediately planted two of them and got one male and one female. I decided to let them do what couples do but in the meantime took a couple of clones I separated from the mother. The male did his thing and the female produced numerous very heavy buds.. Ultimately I got a quart jar full of seeds which have proven fertile and a gallon and a half of seeded out buds. These buds even after having been de-seeded were very strong with an energizing Sativa high. The two female clones I took matured and yielded heavy quantity. As of now I have three gallon jars full of well cured buds from these two clones. As a rule I am very prone to paranoia and anxiety attacks from Sativas but with Durban Poison I don't experience this at all. This strain boosts my mood and helps me stay productive throughout the day without any of the anxiety and paranoia of other Sativa strains. I highly recommend this strain to those who need a mental boost but can't afford to get paranoid in the process!

  • "Super dank"

    Review by

    This plant grew big fat dank colas

  • "Great med for depression "

    Review by

    This is a great strain for depression and anxiety that my wife suffers from. It's like a different person after smoking it happy ready to go.

  • "#1"

    Review by

    Great strain awesome node spacing and an all around great smoke!!

  • "Wow"

    Review by

    Serious ganoobies, you won't be able to stop laughing! When people ask me why I love sat strains so much, I just point to this one.

  • "Awsome sat"

    Review by

    Lovely strain, 7/10 in my opinion. Dense slightly fluffy buds, smooth smoke with a sweet taste on exhale (liquorice mixed with citrus fruit), nice active buzz that has you tryna do 5 things at once. 20 seeds of which all germed with only 7 males, only noticed 1 herm. Got just over a pound from the 12 fem ... verry happy smoker

  • "Another good plant "

    Review by

    A lot came out male. But good plant. I live in the tropics on the equator. No problem with mold on this one unlike some others. The plants that were female did really nice and made it worth it

  • "laughing fit"

    Review by

    me and my mates smoked this when we were in the dam, we were in fits of laughter, defo recommend it if you want to have a good laugh!

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