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Early Misty Seeds


Early Misty is like White Widow but with early flowering properties. The plant is excellent for northern conditions or short days, can stand low temperatures and is pest resistant.


These seeds grow well in any medium but do particularly well in hydroponic systems. They can require a little extra attention but will reward you with higher yields of stronger weed.


Indica dominant or pure Indica strains tend to be shorter, more compact and hardy. They often have higher levels of CBD and usually grow faster and finish earlier. These plants most often produce a body or "couch-lock" stone.

Medium Height

These are plants that will grow to between 100cm-180cm indoors under lights. They are suitable for most set-ups where space is limited but not too the extent where a short or dwarf plant would be required


Beginner seeds are ideal for people just starting out at growing your own marijuana. They are strains that have been chosen because they are hardy, require little experience and the minimum of support to get a very satisfying crop.


Regular seeds are untreated in any way so they will have equal potential to grow into Male plants or Female plants.


Similar to beginner strains, “Easy to grow” seeds require the minimum of work to ensure that they deliver a good crop of high quality marijuana. Not quite plant and forget but still very simple.

  • Hydroponic
  • Indica
  • Medium Height
  • Novice
  • Regular
  • Easy
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Like White Widow, Early Misty is high in THC. The plant produces an abundance of white crystals and its smoke is smooth and sweet. Early Misty is one of the strongest outdoor varieties.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Heavily indica dominant, the skunky aroma and taste of Early Misty are classic of its lineage. If it is dried and cured correctly more complex flavours will emerge and in some conditions the plant will develop coffee or even vanilla scents. The stone has a deep long lasting body effect which can be quite intense without having that narcotic couch lock feeling.

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  • "Review on mountain mist"

    Review by Bill

    Yes I did it review a little while ago it was the wrong black my mountain mist Veil I got 3 out of 10 but they were good they replaced it with something else that was even better it was called white cheese now that's fast and amazing I can't believe how quick it was somebody you have to try it it's amazing y'all have a good night. ZZ

    (Posted on 19/09/2017)

  • "Plant is amazing"

    Review by Bill

    This plant is amazing it did it grew so fast you couldn't even tell I mean it was like on and off and it's the head and the body height where excellent are excellent and if you tried it you need to. 14047

    (Posted on 19/09/2017)

  • "Crazy how fast she grows"

    Review by Felix

    These plants are ready so fast, it's almost hard to believe. And super easy too, doesn't require a lot of fuss.

    (Posted on 20/02/2017)

  • "Yep, like White Widow"

    Review by Tami

    The high is a lot like White Widow, just like it says. But it's not as strong, which is kind of a downer. Even kind of smells like her too though.

    (Posted on 19/09/2016)

  • "Super early"

    Review by Smokeytad

    Nice outdoor strain great for sleep issues for me and super frosty like we all love em great smoke!!!

    (Posted on 08/09/2016)

  • "Chills me right out"

    Review by Riley

    I like strains that are a nice mix between a heady high and a body buzz, and this one delivers on both. You can fall asleep to a movie, or go for a few drinks with friends. With Early Misty, the choice of high is your own!

    (Posted on 25/07/2016)

  • "thumbs up"

    Review by skunky simon

    skunky smell is awesome and the stone is even better!

    (Posted on 10/08/2015)

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