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G13 Haze Feminized

G13 Haze Feminized Seeds

G13 Haze is a legendary strain subject to much rumor and speculation. It has been proclaimed as the strongest strain ever created and some say it was genetically engineered by the US government in a secret CIA lab.
  • Connosseur
  • Feminized
  • High Yield
  • Sativa
  • High THC
  • Yield
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Whether or not these rumors are true, there is no doubt that this is one of the strongest strains available today with very high levels of THC and buds glistening with resin. This hybrid of G13 has been crossed with an original haze to give it a more uplifting high while still retaining the heavy hitting Indica undertones. Bred for maximum potency and renowned for its medical use it's not for the faint hearted!

YIELD >600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The legend says that this strain was cooked up in a government lab, well if that was the case they have some great chefs working there! A beautiful mixture of sweet candies and citrus flavours, similar to tropical fruit drinks, mean that this strain is a real mouthwatering from the very fist pull. G13 is very strong, mentally stimulating to the point of being almost psychedelic. Prolonged use will give a spiraling feeling that can lead to paranoia if overused.

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G13 Haze Feminized
  • "Wonderful and I believe it WAS produced by the CIA!"

    Review by

    This is one of the strongest strains I've had the pleasure to enjoy. The buds leave little piles of THC in the pan after chopping or grinding them. I am puzzled by the excessive leaf burn though, I mean they turn brown and look like was baked in the oven. This was even after cutting fertilizer in half, but the buds were rock solid and abundant!

  • "Smelling great!! "

    Review by

    I planted 4 and all germinated. They’re now at 5 weeks flower and are WHITE with trichomes are already turning amber. Not sure why it’s maturing so fast being just 5 weeks flower. Nonetheless, at this rate, I might be cutting these ladies down soon.

  • "super strong"

    Review by

    super strong strain be carefull needs abit of patience to grow

  • "G13 is in another universe "

    Review by

    MSNL gene spliced some wicked magic in their G13 ... but,, it takes a minute .. 11 weeks in coco with the last plants ... But let me tell anyone willing to listen ... This is special.. im 52 yrs old ,, and NOTHING in my experience has ever touched ,, the taste ,, smell and knock my block off buzzer this rained all over me !!! My slight disappointment was in the advertising.. my last purchase of these fem'd beans was during a bogo sale ... which as an unexpected gift ... but i was NOT sent the additional seeds ... oh well

  • "Very Heavy High"

    Review by

    This is an amazing strain and blew my socks off first time smoking. They came as free seeds and was impressed by the cosmetic appeal. Down in Aus we don't know what we smoking most of the time so many thanks to MSNL and they're free promotions. About to order more Auto's.....

  • "Best Strain!"

    Review by

    My favourite strain! It is mostly Sativa making this a potent killer! Best strain ever. The Yield is amazing as well. Well worth the money (Hopefully u bought it when it was like 40% off)

  • "Amazing yields"

    Review by

    What an amazing strain. I grew 2 plants in in a 3x3 tent under a #sunplix 315w ceramic metal halide fixture and a 300w full spectrum LED and got 22ozs of super solid buds. Only reason it didn't get 5 stars was because of the long flowering cycle of 12 to 14 weeks. So if that flowering time isn't an issue for you then this is the 1 for you. Highly highly recommend

  • "G13 HAZE is not for the faint hearted!"

    Review by

    G13 is very strong and long lasting.
    Nice rushing high coming down to a mellow couch locked feeling, smooth taste/ fruity/spicy smell. I could smoke it for months and still thoroughly enjoy it, altogether out of many of my purchases this strain is extraordinary and very, very recommendable.
    High THC and Very High Yeilds is absolutely a dream for me, very worth the price, very worth your time!

  • "Get em now while you can!"

    Review by

    Not often that you find feminized seeds that are cheaper than regular ones. These ones are now, so you better get em while you can!

  • "What's the deal?"

    Review by

    I need to know what the deal is with this one! Was it really grown by the CIA originally?!?!? Oh yeah, it's great by the way - truly

  • "G13"

    Review by

    G13 will not let you down. It produces large yields. It extremely potent. Not as flavorful as other strains, but the buzz is excellent.

  • "G13 is a knockout"

    Review by

    This is some serious stuff, not for the beginner toker. The smell is complex, a little bit of sweetness mixed with a little bit of citrus notes. It hits pretty fast too, so make sure you're where you wanna be for awhile after smoking it. Still I don't believe the government story though, why would they bother?

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