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Gelato strain Cannabis Seeds

Gelato Feminized Seeds

An irresistible flavour bomb with an intense kick, Gelato lays a strong claim to being the cannabis that is all things to all people. A perfectly even blend of indica and sativa genes, this mouth watering concoction promises strong highs, great yields and the most outstanding dessert style flavour imaginable. We’d expect nothing less from a successor to the legendary Girl Scout Cookies.
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  • High Yield
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  • High THC
  • Purple
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Gelato, also known as Larry Bird, is a potent strain of cannabis with high THC levels of 18-25%. Developed in San Francisco, Gelato is a cross between two of the tastiest strains ever made, Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mint cut of Girl Scout Cookies. This has created a true 50/50 hybrid which, while having next to no CBD content, is suitable for medical as well as recreational purposes.

Strain Effects

Intensity is the first word that springs to mind when thinking of a Gelato high, with moderation recommended even for those with a high tolerance. Hitting you almost before the first toke is even done, an electric cerebral rush races through the mind, delivering an energetic buzz which soon transforms into euphoria and then a deep calm. The body will feel the benefits too, as the muscles fall into a state of deep relaxation and the mind is freed from having to dwell on any aches or pains, leaving consumers with a feeling of total weightlessness.

Growing info

Gelato seeds make a great choice for all growers and are suited to both indoor and outdoor applications, though indoor grows are recommended in order to optimise the environmental conditions. The relatively short height of 120-180cm and otherwise compact nature will be welcomed by those short on space, while the high yields of 500-600g/m2 will be ready for harvest after a flowering time of just 8-9 weeks.

Appearance and Aroma

Gelato plants are characterised by their gorgeous emerald green leaves and the plethora of fluffy buds that hide among them. The light green body of the buds is accented by rich purple highlights and glowing orange pistils, with the large amount of trichromes making it look as though the whole plant has been dusted in sugar. Prominent notes of sharp citrus, pepper and forest berries accompany the buds, giving way to an earthier and more floral aroma of lavender when ground ready for smoking.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Gelato hasn’t just followed in the foot steps of its famous parents but has broken whole new ground on its way to becoming an instant classic. Taking the already delicious flavours of Sherbet and GSC to new heights while providing immensely strong highs and a growing proposition that is second to none thanks to its high yields and easy growing character, Gelato is truly phenomenal.

PLANT HEIGHT Tall 120cm-180cm
YIELD 500g - 600g/m2
Tasting Notes

Widely considered one of the most incredible tasting marijuana strains ever created, Gelato lives up to its reputation with a scarcely believable array of flavours that starts with the tang of fresh lemons, before being joined by strong bursts of blueberries and raspberries and finally finished after exhaling by a velvety smooth creaminess that will leave anyone satisfied.

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Gelato strain Cannabis Seeds
  • "Organically and hydroponically grown"

    Review by

    Straightforward pretty easily grown light maintenance just some popping and twisting and light defoliation. Grows well in both hydroponic and organic soil. Organic soil bringing out way more flavors and trichome covered buds, sugar lease and patioles on some fan leafs. Hydroponically grows fast and huge astronomical yield off of four plants with 3weeks of veg, & 9-week flower, taste and looks comparable to an average flowers but cannot rival the organically grown flavors but can yield twice as much hydroponically and faster.
    My only place for shopping for unbelievable genetics MSNL thanks again!

  • "Outdoor grow greenhouse"

    Review by

    Grew in ground in northeast USA covered by greenhouse. From everything I read on strain height was mid range, well the conditions where I live and soil were great for this strain. They grew to over 13 feet tall, even after topping twice, had to raise the greenhouse. Very good yield for only our 2nd outdoor season growing

  • "best"

    Review by

    this is best strain

  • "Found 2 keepers! "

    Review by

    I found two awesome phenotypes one that turns purple the last weeks of flower and another that has a very subtle Lemon Haze type of taste & is a real creeper!! All other seeds grew into very nice plants and very nice smoke but the two I decided to keep are very fine specimens & worthy of reversing!


    Review by

    I've popped 10 seeds from you guys, 5 Gelato and 5 Super Sweet Tooth and am already impressed. 10/10 extremely rapid germination, up out the dirt in 48 flat. Seem like healthy vigorous genetics , can't wait for the coming months. Customer for life!

  • "Sweet like candy"

    Review by

    Grown this strain before from diff seed bank. The smell is what I remember so sweet!! Very short plant though. The purple tint on the leaves are making it look really enjoyable too! Such a strong sweet smelling strain, think of a vanilla cake with icing :p

  • "The swell"

    Review by

    Plants are very strong, excellent bud structure, sweet smelling, will post pic at week six.

  • "Potent and delicious"

    Review by

    Very good strain

  • "Strong seedlings"

    Review by

    These guys have been super strong from tap root to current day 6 of flower. This genetic is super easy to manifold and really takes off. So far 100% success rate with seedlings popping up have 4 left to play with all in all great plant!

  • "Always fast delivery"

    Review by

    Love you guys!!! Can’t wait for the seeds to pop just got today only took 5 days to the u.s... will be back for more

  • "The Envy of all"

    Review by

    So I got this strain because I wanted to be the first to have it in my area. With the parental genetics of this plant I fell it could be a game changer. I got my seeds and so far germinated only 2, and so far so good. I will post later when they mature.

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