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gorilla glue weed feminized seeds

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Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds


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Make way for the new king of the jungle! Gorilla Glue sets the standard for high THC marijuana, with giant yields and highs that pack more punch than Kong himself. The winner of multiple High Time’s Cannabis Cups, Gorilla Glue has quickly become one of the most popular and highly recommended strains of all time.
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Gorilla Glue (GG), also known as Original Glue and GG4, is a near perfect 50/50 hybrid. GG was created by crossing the sativa heavy Chem’s Sister with the indica style Sour Dubble and Chocolate Diesel strains. These genetics help GG develop gigantic THC levels of 25-30%! CBD and CBN levels typically measure below 1% though the strength of the THC and terpenes still make this suitable for pain relief.

Strain Effects

Gorilla Glue delivers one of the strongest and most intense highs of any cannabis. One toke is all it takes to bring on a powerful rush of energy. This feeling is quickly joined by a sense of euphoria that will stop stress and depression in their tracks. It wont take long for the indica style effects to take hold either. The strength of GG numbs the body and soothes the muscles, leaving you in a deep state of relaxation.

Growing info

Gorilla Glue is a relatively easy growing strain, suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. Large in almost every way, GG plants will typically reach heights of 180-220cm and deliver huge yields of 600+g/m2. The only part of GG that isn't on the big side is its flowering time, which considering the high yield is wonderfully short at just 7-9 weeks on average.

Appearance and Aroma

Gorilla Glue plants are nothing short of amazing. The thick covering of fluffy forest green leaves does its best to hide the huge amount of densely packed buds. The buds come in a range of vibrant greens, often with splashes of deep purple. Breaking open one of these chunky buds brings forth a sensational scent. The tongue tingling pungency of super sour citrus and skunk are brilliantly underlined by a dank earthy smell that transports you to the mountain jungles of the great apes themselves.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Gorilla Glues massive reputation gives it a lot to live up to. Thankfully its fame is well deserved and this is one strain that will not let you down. It delivers one of the most powerful hits anyone could ask for and has a magnificent flavour and aroma that smooths out any harshness. Growers will be doubly satisfied with enormous yields that wont ask you to wait long before harvesting.

PLANT HEIGHT TALL 180cm - 220cm
YIELD 600+ g/m2
Tasting Notes

Unlike some hybrids, Gorilla Glue has a very pure and organic flavour. The first inhale brings deep earthy bass notes and a smooth coffee style bitterness. Continue smoking to enjoy the pops of tangy citrus, pepper and pine which give GG a flavour that lingers on the tongue yet never overstays its welcome.

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gorilla glue weed feminized seeds

    Review by

    Hey i am a noob and this was my 1st photo! I loved everything about growing this plant. They are so vigorous and the end yield is so unexpectedly good! Not too much maintenance too. They do grow to be big so i would like to try a scrog on next time. Killer smoke and crystal covered!

  • "Wonderful Grow!!!"

    Review by

    Loved how this strain grew! Buds are very much covering the plant, and the production was larger than I expected!
    The Smell is fantastic and has a sweet aroma!

  • "Strong as a gorilla"

    Review by

    Easy to grow. Organic/veganic the only way.Great for pain.

  • "Zzzzzz"

    Review by

    Easy to grow. Seems to be many different phenos. Earthy, musty smells were typical of mine. Good for a nap if you over do it. Not a good choice if you got shit to do!

  • "Purple hues!?!"

    Review by

    Taller growing plants, frosty af, weren’t the thickest buds early on but was partly due to a mis-feed. nonetheless, great looking girls and back on track. Did I mention week5 they turned purple?? smells like a wet rainforest, earthy. I love it. Great genetics.

  • "Fabulous"

    Review by

    No dramas with ordering or stealth shipping to Australia, lots of bonus seeds too (thanks guys!). Initially germinated three seeds - 100% germination - however pulled one plant at week 6 as showing signs of genetic distress. Remaining 2 plants harvested and dried, ~310g dry yield, one square meter grow space, two plants. Very happy and should see us through until next crop!

  • "Great breeder"

    Review by

    Thank God for receiving the seeds during the new crown virus epidemic. They traveled for 20 days! Absolutely invisible packaging does a great job! Coming soon to germinate, I will continue to report. Thanks again, great breeder!

  • "Tremendous harvest"

    Review by

    Monster harvest. Gorilla glue, but it could be called godzilla glue, I've never seen anything like this. Excellent genetics, surprised me a lot. One thing, however, is that this plant need an extra attention because it grows over 1,8 meter and their flowers will be so big and heavy that something will be necessary to help tô stand the plant, whether with sticks parallel to the plant or ties. Also greater care not to overdo it because it tends to hermaphrodite. In addition, if you have not tried this variety I am sure you will be surprised just like me.

  • "disappointing "

    Review by

    Out of my ten seeds only 1 germinated,,,, Out of the free seeds, only 1 germinated''''

  • "Just amazing!!"

    Review by

    This strain is just incredibly amazing!! Can definitely tell she'll be a knock out once it's all said and done. Most definitely not a disappointment. Just so much frost all over that's it's almost white! And if you're looking for high yielding, she's where it's at! Getting so thick that some parts can barely support the weight!! Excited to give it a try in the near future!

  • "Gorilla Glue"

    Review by

    Can’t complain about service.
    Stealth to Australia within a couple of Days.
    Sat in customs longer than delivery took.

    1st time for this strain. 100%all germinated.
    If all goes well should be a bumper as I usually do.
    My belief from seed the 1st cut of clone 2nd generations will always yield stronger. My smoke I love is the wipe out smoke that leaves me in the fetal position on the floor.

    I went this strain after I got my lips around this when I visited the USA last year. Loved the taste and look.

    Keep it simple

  • "Indoor / outdoor"

    Review by

    if u grow both indoors & out this is the beast for u, GG is a hardy producer from the cooler outdoor climates of the N.USA to the higher temps of a indoor grow, in sun & soil, Hydro or Coco / under HPS or LED, GG is a good Greenhorn strain because she deals well with mistakes & will still provide a good enough harvest to keep you mind into it & ready to try again, once u figure out how GG wants to feed / per each environment the rewards of big sticky THC filled buds really begin (Gorilla's like there Bananas (K) which keeps them big & strong so they break under the weight of the huge bud & massive Terp production)

  • "great"

    Review by

    10 of 10 poped

  • "Spring Time"

    Review by

    Strong Pakalolo. It smells and tastes like spring time.

  • "Perfect"

    Review by

    One of the greatest strains of all times! Cant say nothing bad about this super sticky terp bomb of awesomeness!! I recommend this strain to be in everyone's arsenal. Nice plant beautiful flowerz.Lives up to its name!!!

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