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grandaddy purple feminized marijuana

Grandaddy Purps Feminized Seeds

The creation of famed grower Ken Estes and his team in San Francisco, Granddaddy Purple was the result of blending the famous Purple Urkle and Big Bud cannabis strains. The intention was to create the finest indica hybrid possible, one that was equally well suited to medical and recreational use. With its huge THC rich purple buds and phenomenal effects there is no doubt that this experiment was successful, with Granddaddy Purps quickly becoming and remaining one of the most popular marijuana varieties worldwide.
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Taking the most coveted characteristics from its parent strains, Granddaddy Purps (GDP) is blessed with the giant, dense buds of Big Bud along with Purple Urkles vibrant shades of purple. It also maintains the mouth watering sweet taste and smell. A strong indica style high can be expected thanks primarily to the high level of THC, averaging 21% with some examples measuring above 27%. CBD levels are virtually non existent, well below 1%.

Strain Effects

Pure indica heaven is what you can expect from a Granddaddy Purps stone; with a strong initial head buzz quickly spreading all over the body. The hazy yet pleasant experience can often lead to tiredness and couch lock with an accompanying uplift in mood and state of peacefulness. The comprehensive relaxation given by GDP makes it a fantastic choice for night time use as well as for anyone looking to relieve symptoms such as pain and sleeplessness.

Growing info

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows, GDP plants possess typical indica style traits including moderate height. A hardy nature makes Granddaddy Purp seeds a good option even for novice and experienced growers alike. Most plants will max out at or below 180cm in height and deliver plentiful yields of 450-500g/m2 in a flowering period of 10-12 weeks. The immense size and weight of the buds often causes the plants to bend during the later stages of flowering meaning some support may be needed for larger examples.

Appearance and Aroma

A feast for the eyes, Granddaddy Purps plants are typical indica in their appearance, dense and bushy with bright green leaves. The true beauty stems from the large colourful buds, with their deep inky purple shades contrasted by an abundance of glass like trichromes and vivid orange hairs. The distinctly sweet aroma of grapes and berries fills the surrounding air, punctuated by strong herbal, pepper and pine smells provided by the plants terpenes.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Granddaddy Purps is a shining example of a 21st century marijuana hybrid, created with the finest ingredients and utmost care. Promising incredibly powerful highs from its large yields of big beautiful buds its obvious why GDP is a staple among cannabis enthusiasts, not just in its native California, but worldwide.

  THC CONTENT 19%-22%
  YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Sweet candy like pops of juicy grapes and berries are the hallmark flavours of Granddaddy Purple, present in abundance from the get-go. Adding to this are strong herbal notes and shots of pine which combine to enhance the initial sweetness and create a distinct and lingering flavour combination.

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grandaddy purple feminized marijuana
  • "Awsome"

    Review by

    Not only are the seeds amazing but the management at this company always come thru and think about thier customers. I will always be a loyal buyer here at msnl and cannot be happier.

  • "50%"

    Review by

    I was disappointed that only 5 of the 10 feminizes seeds germinated. I plan on trying a few other strains but it wondering if other growers bought feminized seeds and only half of the seeds germinated?

  • "Perfect Indica"

    Review by

    The plant is perfect! Growing hydro. I have lollipoped it and pruned it several times and it becomes a dense solid hedge in two weeks. Almost 3 weeks in flowering and it’s stacking on flowers. Very healthy not a single yellowed leaf.

  • "easily grown no special needs. would re-up!!!"

    Review by

    Easily grown, no special needs. Would re-up!!!!

  • "Beautiful "

    Review by

    The color and tricomes these buds give out are very beautiful GDP is my favorite strain ever

  • "Favorite strain"

    Review by

    Having grow many varieties from this site over the year GDP has become my all time favorite

  • "GDP"

    Review by

    The original Grand Daddy Purple strain is a personal favorite of mine and will always be my go-to choice to end the day,
    I can always recognise the GDPurple strain from the distinct berry marshmallow scent. Very nice couch locking numbing high, very amazing lookng purple infused buds. 10/10

  • "All 10 seeds germinated "

    Review by

    All 10 seeds germinated and arrived on time great quality and service will definitely put my trust and money into this company in the future.

  • "All hermies"

    Review by

    Every gdp seed Ive popped ended up herming in early flower.

  • "Sexy buds right there"

    Review by

    Not only do the buds look good, they help me with my stress, insomnia, and pain. Perfect.

  • "Just awesome"

    Review by

    GDP is a great strain. I mean, it's not known by stoners around the world for no reason. The indica in it is just so heavy, and combined with that high THC content? Be prepared for some serious couch lock.

  • "Wow"

    Review by

    Loved the auto version but this one is way nicer buds are so pretty and smell amazing great Stine as well deff gonna get more of these!!

  • "Who doesn't love GDP?"

    Review by

    Such an iconic strain and for so many very good reasons. Not only is the high intense, but look at it! I could stare at those buds all day, and the skunky smell will drive you crazy.

  • "Love this purp girly"

    Review by

    I'm stickler for a purple girl, GDP is one of finest marijuana seeds

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