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Great White Shark Feminized

Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

Great White Shark is a true heavyweight indica strain. The winner of multiple cannabis cups and also known as Peacemaker, it’s a potent cross of Super Skunk and White Widow. Hard Hitting with an outstanding taste, it delivers a strong but manageable body stone . Compact and easy to grow it’s a true classic for any grow room.
  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Medium Height
  • High THC
  • White

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Great White Shark is a true heavyweight indica strain. The winner of multiple cannabis cups and also known as Peacemaker, it’s a potent cross of Super Skunk and White Widow. Hard Hitting with an outstanding taste, it delivers a strong but manageable body stone . Compact and easy to grow it’s a true classic for any grow room.

Strain Effects

Great White Sharks effects come on very fast with a strong but balanced indica body stone that is long lasting and deeply felt. THC levels are manageable between 15-18%, perfect for a relaxing day with some socializing or if you still have work that needs doing. It has excellent medical properties and is particularly useful for appetite stimulation and pain suppression.Its calming effect can also be of real benefit to those experiencing stress or anxiety .

Growing info

GWS is ideal indoors staying relatively short and bushy. It is well suited to SOG or SCROG applications as it responds very well to training. Although it can be ready earlier, 9 weeks is recommended to develop its THC levels and turpenes properties to their fullest. By growing it to the full 9 weeks, you will also maximise the yield to 400g/m2+. Growing outdoors, harvest time is recommended as late September to early October and this rewards with a mighty 1kg per plant.

Appearance and Aroma

The buds are dense and super resinous emiting a scent that starts off strong and earthy, developing to a sweet fruity finish. Flowers are fairly compact and when allowed to finish to their full potential, there will be an absolute abundance of red hairs, covering the resinous crystalline buds. Due to its high leaf-to-bud ratio, during later stages of flowering some leaves may need trimming to allow for better access when harvesting and curing.

MSNL Editors Verdict

One of our favourite classic indica crosses, we love GWS. Its wide medical uses mixed with excellent grow properties, staying short, great yields and its strong but not overpowering stone make it a great all-rounder deserving of its ‘Peacemaker’ nickname.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Delivering a smooth smoke and taste starting with its pleasant earth flavour and mixing with a nice fruity punch that’s not over-powering. When well cured the addition of sweet spicy flavours come to the front of the mouth and linger pleasantly as you relax with the effects.

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Great White Shark Feminized
  • "Excellent"

    Review by

    These were freebies that germinated quickly and stayed healthy thru entire run. May have had some light leakage as buds were full of seeds. Had never tasted GWS but I am now a big fan. Excellent flavor, smell and buzz, I will definetly be growing this to keep around always. No couch lock or wanting to eat the paint off the walls. I could get some work done or sit around and enjoy myself either way. Very nice!!

  • "still in progress - beginner friendly"

    Review by

    Our little seedling still has long to go, however I thought I'd mention this.

    We have done absolutely everything wrong due to lack of knowledge, lack of equipment, lack of... everything. We germinated about a month too early (at minimal), its gone through cold temperatures, dropped down to about 5⁰c at times, the lighting schedule was all over the place, we overwatered and then underwatered, even germinated wrong.

    This lil sprout is still going strong even though it took 2 and a half weeks to sprout, and is only now on a decent watering and lighting schedule (now about a month and a half old) and only just sprouted its nodes for its second set of leaves.

    Im interested to see how this will go, as I am interested to see what the ones we germinate in 2 weeks for the "real" season will turn in to. Will try to keep updated.

  • "Frosty chunks !"

    Review by

    I tried this strain from free seed, and was impressed at the end result. Calm buzz and short frosty plants, I would recommend.

  • "Super strong"

    Review by

    Can see where this strain gets its name. It will get you in the grips of its jaws and wont' let go for some time. Five stars for a reaosn.

  • "So much more than I expected"

    Review by

    I have to admit, I tried this at a dispensary once because it had such a cool name. Now I'm always looking for it, and may even try my hand at growing my own. Man, it's dank!!!

  • "Major munchies"

    Review by

    Not a bad strain, but it gave me wicked munchies. And pretty heavy couch lock too. When smoking GWS, be prepared to have a stocked fridge and a comfy couch nearby.

  • "Great pain strain "

    Review by

    Love this strain for the pain relief! Got severe arthritis in my back couple puffs of this and the pain melts away also helps me sleep as well nice getting to lay down with no pain!!!

  • "Smells like a campfire!"

    Review by

    Love how much this smells like a campfire! Obviously an indica strain, but doesn't really keep you down if you're careful with how much you smoke. Find it especially smooth out of a bong.

  • "Pretty good"

    Review by

    Very nice strain, stays fairly short grows to about 4ft tops indoor but has get nice dense buds that smell amazing from the start of flowering I would say that it is a little harder to maintain but very well worth it in the end.

  • "Good for Migraines"

    Review by

    I constantly have migraines during the day, but after trying GWS. It helps me calm down and relax. A puff now and again keeps me level and stress free. It's not like I smoke it all day. Only when I feel a migraine coming on.

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