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Holland's Hope Seeds


Hollands Hope was designed in the early 1980s to survive the tough outdoor summer season in Holland. Therefore, it adapted to wet and moist conditions along with other unpredictable elements. As a result, it’s a hardy plant that generates high yields and produces a strong, but happy body stone.

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The lineage of Hollands Hope can be traced back to Afghan and Skunk genetics. Her name came to be because she had the ability to flourish in an outdoor environment where many cannabis plants couldn’t survive. This brought hope and happiness to Holland's outdoor growers.

Strain Effects

This Indica-dominant strain has a moderate THC strength, with levels landing around 15 to 18%. At first, the effects of smoking Hollands Hope are cerebral. It’s quite intense and sets in fast, but then quickly morphs into a deep body buzz that really lasts. It’s deeply relaxing, removes all forms of stress from your mind and body, leading to a state of euphoria. This is a great strain to smoke when you’re ready to wind down and press play on a funny movie.

Growing info

Hollands Hope was engineered to survive cool outdoor climates, so it’s solely a seasonal outdoor stain. Since it was bred as an outdoor plant, the aroma and characteristics of this strain reflect all things outdoors. This plant grows to medium heights reaching upwards of 180cm tall. It’s ready for harvest in late September or early October and has a high resistance to mold and fungus. It can withstand and endure these harsh factors because it had to adapt to wet and moist conditions early on in its life.

Appearance and Aroma

The dense buds on Hollands Hope are gigantic and they have a medium greenish-yellow color. This plant smells sweet and fruity, but also has hints of citrusy lemon that cut down on the sweet aroma just a bit.

MSNL Editors Verdict

The Hollands Hope strain has been around for decades and has some of the strongest genetics of any outdoor cannabis strains we know. It’s able to thrive in some harsh conditions which makes it the ideal strain even if you live somewhere with cool and wet winters. Also, the nugs on this plant are huge and smell great, just like the fresh outdoors.

YIELD 400-500g/m2
Tasting Notes

Holland's Hope has a very tasty blend of fruity sweet flavours mixed with a more earthy woody scent, making it a perfect strain to enjoy out in your yard, before a casual hike, or on a camping trip. These lovely tasting notes roll through your mouth on both the inhale and exhale. Plus, it has a super smooth smoke.

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  • "Awesome big buds"

    Review by

    Buds grow big and packs on quick .Nice aroma plenty of frost , my fav so far !!


    Review by

    nice aroma .

  • "I concur"

    Review by

    I agree with the other users. This is some prety strong weed, even if you don't feel it at first. Go slow, and be happy.

  • "so hopeful right now"

    Review by

    Super dense nugs, medium green/yellow in color. Smells like deep lemon-fruity dankness, super sweet. Tastes just as good as it smells, super smooth smoke too.

  • "Really potent"

    Review by

    This stuff is strong, so watch it as you go. Smoke too much and you won't be getting up too soon.

  • "Loved this"

    Review by

    Great strain nice structure and node space great buzz.

  • "An outdoor strain perfect for smoking outdoors"

    Review by

    The earthy taste and aroma makes this my favorite strain to take camping. Plus the mixed high makes for some great high-energy hiking during the day, but helps me sleep when I'm on that hard ground at night!

  • "Cold hardy"

    Review by

    One Hollands Hope was male so I set it outdoors to segregate it. This plant lasted 10 weeks longer than other strains. It survived 3 consecutive nights of 18°F weather - the top and sides of the soil (left it in the pot) was frozen hard. I poured 2 gallons of very warm water over the soil at midnight each night. The soil surface was still frozen in the morning. The plant didn't mind. It thrived outside 8 more weeks, surviving a second 2 day freeze as well.

  • "Superb"

    Review by

    Fat fat fat sexy colas very well worth the buy kudos to the team!!!

  • "Great in the wet"

    Review by

    I am in a damp climate and have always had issues with mould, Hollands hop dealt with it, no problems. Great strain

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Holland's Hope Seeds Video

Check out this video to learn more about Holland's Hope strain