Humboldt Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Named after the famous cannabis region in California, Humboldt is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred by crossing an Afghani landrace with another Indica-dominant hybrid. It offers a combination of earthy and herbal flavors with an energizing and uplifting high. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a potent and easy-to-grow strain.

  • THC Medium - Up to 19%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 500gsm
  • Indica Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • A strong genetic Afghani landrace cross
  • Easy to manage when grown indoors reaching up to 180cm
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THC %16%-19%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvestEnd Of September
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant
HeightMedium: 100cm-180cm
CBD Content1-2%
ClimateTemperate, Warm, Mediterranean
Medical ConditionsDepression, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
GeneticsAfghani Landrace Cross
EffectsArousing, Energising, Uplifting
TasteEarthy, Herbal, Pungent
TerpeneMyrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene


Humboldt strain information

Originally bred in Humboldt County, California, its precise genetics remain a bit of a mystery, but what we do know is that Humboldt is an Afghani landrace crossed with an unknown hybrid. With THC levels hovering around the 19% mark, Humboldt is a great strain for anyone wanting a daytime smoke while not feeling too sedated. With its moderate THC level, the high will leave you feeling relaxed but in a sociable mood.

How do you grow Humboldt cannabis seeds

Humboldt strain comfortably stays under 180cm and finishes in 8-10 weeks which makes it perfect if you are growing indoors. It performs best in warm, Mediterranean-like climates and in the right conditions, you can expect yields of 400-500gr/m².

During the vegetative stage

In the vegetative stage, Humboldt grows fast and tends to look more like an Indica with its fat fan leaves and short bushy foliage. It responds exceptionally well when you LST train it and use a ScrOG net to control its height and structure. Do as much as you can before preflower and try to get your Humboldt plant to grow into a flat canopy-style shape to optimize light absorption. This will pay dividends once the plant begins flowering and has plenty of evenly distributed bud sites. Make sure you ease off with any training as flowering approaches to allow the plant to begin focusing its efforts on producing bud.

During the flowering stage

During the flowering stage, vertical growth will slow down as the plant switches its attention to producing bud. Once you see the first signs of preflowers you will need to shift the nutrients more towards phosphorus and potassium. As its flowers develop its Indica traits will become even more obvious as its buds increase in size and density. At about week 6-7 start monitoring the trichome maturity and time your harvest to when around 50-60% of them are a cloudy/milky color.

Are Humboldt seeds indica or sativa?

Humboldt is a 60% Indica-dominant hybrid cross of Afghani landrace and an unknown hybrid. Its physical appearance and the way that it grows carry more of the Indica characteristics.

Are Humboldt feminized seeds suitable for beginners?

Yes, Humboldt seeds are an excellent choice for beginners. The Indica-dominant traits mean that the plant normally reaches around 150cm which makes it easier to manage indoors. With the strong genetics from the Afghani landrace parent, Humboldt is also a highly resilient strain.

What are the effects of Humboldt weed?

With THC levels up to 19%, Humboldt isn’t the most potent strain, however it has a fast-acting and relaxing high. The Sativa side definitely plays its part and as the high builds you will start to feel energized and sociable, which is great for anyone wanting to lift their mood.

How does Humboldt make you feel?

Smoking Humboldt leaves you feeling relaxed but still mentally alert. It creates a calming effect on the body, while the Sativa side keeps your mind engaged and lifts your mood. It's the perfect Indica for smokers who want to feel relaxed and euphoric without the couch locked effect of the more potent varieties.

Medical uses?

Users have reported Humboldt to help with managing symptoms of stress, depression, muscle spasms, and pain. Its balanced high without making you feel too sedated may also help with symptoms of depression.

How strong is Humboldt weed?

Humboldt isn’t the strongest cannabis strain, however its effects do take hold surprisingly fast which might lead you to think it's more potent than it is. With a THC level ranging between 16-19% and 1% CBD it has a well-rounded high, without being too overwhelming.

Does Humboldt weed make you sleepy?

One of the selling points of Humboldt is that it provides a relaxing and euphoric high but without making you feel too sedated. Thanks to its sativa genetics there is still an element of feeling alert and sociable.

What is Humboldt like to smoke?

Upon the first inhale you will notice how smooth a strain Humboldt is to smoke. Its rich, earthy, herbal flavors make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience. As long as you properly flush and cure your bud you shouldn’t notice any harshness.

What does Humboldt taste and smell like?

Humboldt has a rich and full-bodied flavor with a blend of skunk and loam, with herbal and earthy undertones.

What are the terpenes in Humboldt?

The dominant terpenes in Humboldt are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene. Myrcene which together give the strain its herbal taste and earthy aromas.

MSNL editors verdict

Humboldt is an excellent choice if you're looking for a strain that has a relaxing high with a decent level of potency. It produces good yields of up to 500gr/m² and can be easily grown by a beginner.