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Ice marijuana seeds

Ice Seeds

Ice is an outstanding cross of our original Landrace Afghan, the legendary Northern Lights, and Skunk. When you get that many great strains together in one place, magic happens! It’s named Ice for a reason — THC crystals literally devour the buds. So much so, that you can hardly see much green. It was no surprise that this strain was a Cannabis Cup winner in 1998.

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  • Cup Winner
  • Indica
  • Therapeutic
  • Novice
  • Regular
  • High THC
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The carefully calculated cross of Afghan, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk #1, resulted in the Ice strain. It’s a 50:50 Sativa/Indica hybrid, with up to 20% THC. But the average THC levels land somewhere in the 15 to 18% range.

Strain Effects

The effects of smoking Ice are felt as an intense body buzz that comes from the high levels of THC and CBD. But, it won’t make you sleepy unless you smoke a lot at once or are already tired, to begin with. So, if you want to enjoy more of the cerebral qualities, smoke it during the day or only take a few hits to enjoy the euphoric and uplifting effects. But, when it’s time for bed or you need relief, this strain can be an awesome pain reliever, fight against insomnia, relax muscles, and lower anxiety.

Growing info

Ice seeds are excellent for hydroponic growing. But it also grows well in soil. This strain produces a generous amount of buds and the yield can range from 400 to 500 grams per M2. The flowering time on this plant is 9 to 10 weeks and when growing outdoors, the harvest is ready around the beginning to middle of October. Overall, this is a fairly easy strain to grow, so it’s fit for all experience levels.

Appearance and Aroma

The nugs on Ice are covered with massive amounts of white crystals, which might not surprise you in the least. After all the strain is called Ice. While growing, it has a short and stocky appearance. With careful training, the buds can become ultra-dense. And the aroma of these buds is sweet, earthy, and a bit spicy.

MSNL Editors Verdict

With THC crystals that glisten like pure white snow and its high caliber of smoke and stone, the Ice strain earns a spot on our favourites list. Also, it’s not a hard plant to grow and does well both in an indoor grow space and outdoors.

  THC CONTENT 15%-18%
  YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The smoke of Ice is smooth and the taste is sweet and piney. It also has subtle woody and earthy flavours. With each exhale, the smoke leaves a distinct spicy taste thanks to its Afghan lineage.

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Ice marijuana seeds
  • "Icy"

    Review by

    The trychomes of this plant are crazy . Has a Decent taste to

  • "I found the pheno i enjoy"

    Review by

    very tall i started in a k cup outside and shes 7+ ft. I grew it once indoors and came out grate. Wish i could add the pic i took....

  • "Nope"

    Review by

    There's a reason tehse are so cheap. They're just not potent enough.

  • "Boght by accident"

    Review by

    I accidentally bought a bag of this, confusing it with the ice cream strain. I wasn't disappointed though and may just try to search this out next time too.

  • "not creeper, just gradual"

    Review by

    Very gradual medicinal onset. Good for achy muscles-arthritis-headaches-anxiety-pdst-adhd Would highly recommend for average aches and pains headaches and depression. Still has sedative properties but more less of the sleepy feeling.

  • "Pretty indeed"

    Review by

    Such a pretty plant, and yes, the crystals are as outstanding as everyone says. You'll want to keep smoking it, but be content with just looking. It really will knock you out.

  • "Magnificent high"

    Review by

    Everything about this strain is totally earthy - the smell is almost pure skunk, while the taste is deep and woody with maybe just a few musky spices thrown in. Love it. And the high? You know anything that covered in crystal is gonna do the trick.

  • "Nice as ice"

    Review by

    Wow super frosty buds an awesome smoke great taste and she is beautiful during the growing stages awesome!!

  • "Covered in crystals!"

    Review by

    My favorite thing about this strain might be just looking at it - all those crystals! Love the piney flavor and smell, too. Very earthy.

  • "hit the spot"

    Review by

    I emailed customer support at MSNL after ordering this strain. They were super helpful, giving me all my tracking details and stopping the fear that my beans were lost. They arrived after 6 days and i couldn't be more satisfied with this strain and their customer support.

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