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Lemon Skunk Feminized Seeds


Created and in-bred in the Dutch underground scene in the early 90's lemon skunk was refined by carefully back-crossing successive generations that displayed the strongest and tastiest Citrus lemon flavours, lemon Skunk has taken a brace of awards and they are well deserved. The lemony aroma from this marijuana strain when it is in flower is clearly noticeable, but it kicks into overdrive in flowering, making it unsuitable for stealth grows. Lemon Skunk is a hardy and pest resistant strain that also puts on impressive bulk and packs a hefty punch with 18% THC.

  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Tasty
  • High THC
  • Easy

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The plant is ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups but caution is advised as this strain can put on some serious mass, with the buds becoming heavy and dense. Despite staying relatively short for a photoperiod strain, the Lemon Skunk Feminized yield is impressive. Indoors you can expect 500g/m2+, whilst outdoors you're looking at 1-2kg per plant making it an excellent commercial strain. Lemon Skunk feminized is also a hardy strain, dealing well with pests and diseases. The plant is seriously citrusy both in smell and taste. The intense lemon flavors are followed by mild skunky undertones making it an exceptional smoke. The high is a complex one, starting off active and psychedelic, closely followed by a strong couch-lock indica buzz. A great taste we're sure you'll love.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

As you would expect from this cup winner the initial aroma is a very strong lemony hit with a slight chemical undertone. The taste is equally citric but the more classic skunk will come through on the back of your tongue. Definitely a more balanced effect than many skunk hybrids as this will give a pleasant uplifting feeling that is very calming without being particularly energetic. It is not a very strong strain so is a good option for a quick hit if you still have stuff to do.

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  • "Grass effect as described"

    Review by

    Grown 3 reg out of 10pcs. 2F 1M, 1 of the F and rest of the seeds were given away to lil bro, keeping one of the low smell. It kicked like described, calming and relaxing, no headrush. Velcroed on couch i didnt even know why i bought a small grow tent imstead of the bigger one when i started

  • "Top notch grass"

    Review by

    This is one of my favorite strains i was shocked to see crystals all over shade leaves even during veg I absolutely love this strain very strong plant and top notch smoke. Grew with florescent about to try with florescent and hps mh combo.

  • "Seriously lemony"

    Review by

    This has some serious lemon kick, both in taste and in smell. But if you're going to grow, be aware of bud size. They're not kidding when they say that they're huge, plentiful and heavy.

  • "Needs support"

    Review by

    This is a great strain and you'll get a great high from smoking it - but it is more of a body buzz than anything. If you're going to grow, you'll need some support. Buds come off this thing like pollen, and they're pretty heavy so you might need something to hold them up.

  • "Love it"

    Review by

    Love me any skunk strain and this one is super awesome love the lemon smell and wow what a producer super yields of super frosty buds!!!! A must have for anyone!!

  • "Mouth watering"

    Review by

    Lemon skunk is so so good - truly makes my mouth water just by hearing the name. It's citrusy, it's skunky, it's everything you ever wanted in weed.

  • "Got to try it first"

    Review by

    If you aren't a big smoker, or you're just looking for sumthin different from your regular stash, try Lemon Skunk first. It'll get ya ripped, and it's not a harsh smoke at all. I recommend to any toker.

  • "Nuthin better than Skunky Lemon"

    Review by

    Thought I was out of Lemon Skunk, and was sad :( But found a nugget today and was so, so happy. Just a lil is all you need - gonna get baked today!!!!

  • "Beauty grower"

    Review by

    About 50 days into growing and my girls already givin me beauty buds covered in crystals and hairs. Love this strain so much, it's a grower's choice for a reason!

  • "Day Starter"

    Review by

    I always smoke a couple joints of lemon skunk to start my day. Taste skunky? Of course it does! That's one of the best things about this strain - it's true to its name!

  • "Citrus heaven!"

    Review by

    I can't get over the lemon taste and smell of this strain! It's just lemons everywhere! And if you're growing it, it's helpful to know that it doesn't have the pest probs that other strains seem to.

  • "Easy to grow, great high"

    Review by

    I've been growing for a long time and Lemon Skunk is still one of my favorites. Easy to grow with fairly dense buds, great smell, and pretty great high.

  • "Phenomenal Plant "

    Review by

    One of the best/easiest strains that I have ever came in contact with. Very resistant to powder mildew, pest, and any other disease. Works well in both dirt/hydro. With topping and pruning, this plant will produce a very nice yield. Very hard dense buds with a skunky aroma. The Lemon flavor is at the end but plz be prepared to have your room well vented as the last few weeks is very smelly. Happy Growing :)

  • "Great Strain!"

    Review by

    Healthy yield, prefers soil to hydro. Highly aromatic, great trichome development. Easy to grow, hardy. Got some great looking colas; the tips were rock hard! Effects are creative, cerebral, easy on the head; would not necessarily recommend for pain relief or insomnia.

  • "BIG BUDS"

    Review by

    Nice and easy to grow massive crowns too. It has a good smooth citrus flavor got to love the skunk old school, but watch out it can grow quiet big very quick.

  • "Big Yeilder"

    Review by

    Excellent growth with a finish in late September.Amazing taste!

  • "Great Plant"

    Review by

    Produces many nice tops..yielded 8.5 ounces from one plant indoors...

  • "Amazing plant"

    Review by

    This bud has a mixture of sweet and a tint of citrus aroma. This has a unique smell to it. Medium size bud, however, this plant develop very good tops which will give amazing yield. 5 star plant.

  • "Easy to grow.... "

    Review by

    Turns out well with a delightful taste.... easy to grow

  • "reall citrus smell and tast"

    Review by

    beautiful plant.
    I liked everything about this plant.
    worth to try.

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