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Lowryder 2 Feminized

Any 2 for 20% off

Lowryder 2 Feminized Seeds


Any 2 for 20% off

Lowryder is well known worldwide as the original variety of autoflowering strain, Lowryder 2 Feminized is the improved version of the original. To create this next generation strain, the breeder crossed Lowryder 1 with Santa Maria for better strength, yield, and flavour profile. Because of the cross, this plant now has an increased resin production, a nice body-buzz, an earthy and spicy flavour, and larger harvests.
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Lowryder 2 is a cross between the original, legendary Lowryder strain and Santa Maria, a hybrid that hails from Brazil. It was created from the well-respected breeder, The Joint Doctor, who’s best known for developing the first-ever commercial auto-flowering strain. The result of this cross created the love-child, Lowryder 2, an Indica-dominant auto-flowering strain that takes the best of what its parents have to offer. It takes on the short, compact growing size of one parent while embodying the uplifting, happy effects and lightening fast flowering time of its other parent.

Strain Effects

Because Lowryder 2 is a classic auto-flowering strain, its ruderalis genetics provide a worthwhile CBD potency. The levels of CBD, a highly-therapeutic cannabinoid, perfectly compliments the THC content of 10 to 14% and helps to sustain its effects. Therefore, you may find yourself smoking this strain with less frequency because the effects can stay with you for hours. Medical users love this plant for its ability to relieve pain and ease joint discomfort. People with ADD and ADHD also find it very useful. Overall, this is a happy, relaxing, and deeply therapeutic strain meant to take slowly if you’re a novice cannabis smoker.

Growing info

Thanks to its genetic history, this strain grows extremely fast. From seed to harvest, it can take as little as 8 to 9 weeks and the flowering time lasts for about 6 of those weeks. Even more, like the OG Lowryder strain, the Lowryer 2 doesn’t need a specific light schedule to flower. It can handle the flowering all on its own, without the assistance of a light cycle. During its growth, the aroma of skunk can get quite strong. If you decide to grow this strain indoors, think about adding some odor-eliminating measures to reduce the smell. When growing outdoors you can get two harvests because of its speed. The first harvest is around the end of June or early July, then the second harvest is early to mid-September. Yields can get pretty high for such a short plant, reaching 300 grams per M2 or 125 to 130 grams per outdoor plant.

Appearance and Aroma

Compared to the Lowryder 1, the upgraded version, known as Lowryder 2 has larger and denser buds, plus the aroma it gives off is much more prominent. The stalks produce wide leaves that are dark green. The buds themselves can become a deep violet color with orange hairs, adorn many white trichomes, and give you sticky fingers with its volume of resin.

As for the aroma, the skunk genes are pretty dominant during its life cycle. There are also musty and earthy aromas that start to show up during the late flowering stages and remain even after harvest. However, if you want to alter this aroma, properly dry and cure your nugs to bring out more natural and spicy aromas that will also impact the tasting notes.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Lowryder 2 is a fantastic strain for beginner growers who want a low maintenance plant and have limited space in which to grow it. It can take as little as 50 days to flower indoors, making this plant one of the fastest non-auto strain varieties to mature. Given the compact structure of the strain and the average heights of 60 to 80 cm (100 cm at the tallest), you have the freedom to grow her in almost any small space. Finally, the yields are great for having a short stature, and the effects are medical-grade worthy.

YIELD 200-300 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Both in the growing, harvest, and drying stages, Lowryder 2 has a pungent and skunky smell. It becomes more prominent right near harvest, but if you cure your buds properly, the aroma will change and thus impact the tasting notes. When smoking this strain, it has a natural, earthy taste and on your exhale, the subtle spiciness and sweet, herbal flavours become more apparent and delicious.

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Lowryder 2 Feminized
  • "Potent Stuff "

    Review by

    I planted two of these, took approx 9 weeks from seed pop to harvest. Dark green leaves, huge buds, nice earthy/spicy smell. Not too strong unless messed with. The smoke is again, a spicy flavor, great head and body high

  • "To be continued "

    Review by

    Currently 8 weeks from pop. LR2 was a freebie. Planted sprout 7 weeks ago. Half full 5 gallon bucket +holes for drainage. Store bought organic soil. 3 Fox farm nutes. Outdoors, Lat 30.9°. Survived a few below 40°F nights, a few rains and high humidity. Right at 2ft tall. Dark green wide leaves. DEEP VIOLET PURPLE buds. Mature hairs turn from white to orange, very sticky, most trichomes already turning white. Low smell unless close or until disturbed. When disturbed light smells of sweet, and funky fruits will briefly pass. When passing by or standing close you get light smells of that "I might have left the clothes in the washing machine too long" mix between watered down fragrant detergent and the mold that might be setting in.

    More follow

  • "Very impressive!"

    Review by

    Loved this strain started 5 seeds they all popped! each was diffrent 3 close to the same, low bulky skunky and very quickly put on the weight. I had no issues with mold even though they were an outside grow. The buds are super dense and the main cola was huge. On the cure It took on a different smell but the taste is amazing, It leaves a lump in your throat that really brings on the cough! The high is very heady but moves to the body and lasts for hours! This strain is no joke, novice users should proceed with caution a little can go a long way. This will be one of my go to’s from now on! Thanks MSNL for the freebies that led me to purchase again and again

  • "Tight buds, great yield"

    Review by

    I got loads of buds off my plants, and they were all super densely packed. The skunk smell is strong, especially after curing, but if odor is an issue while growing you'll want to install some kind of odor control.

  • "Dissapointed"

    Review by

    Of the 15 of 20 seeds i started 5 were male and all others grew to at least 4 feet tall with very loose buds. I dont believe these seeds were low ryder ll. they are sold as a short plant. I find it hard to believe that i got what i ordered. So much for genetics.

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