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Lowryder 2 Feminized

Lowryder 2 Feminized Seeds


Lowryder 2 Feminized is the long-awaited successor to the Joint Doctor's flagship strain. Lowryder #2 Feminized is the newest product of the breeder's quest to improve the strength, yield and flavour of his original variety while maintaining the unusual characteristics that made it so popular.


An ‘auto-flowering’ seed develops into the flowering state without the need to change light cycles or wait for autumn. Auto-flowering seeds grow to be short in stature, and are usually ready to harvest approximately 8-10 weeks from seed.

Cup Winner

Strains that have won one or more awards at major cannabis events, these include the Cannabis Cup, High Times Cup, Hempfest Cup, Spannabis Cup and others.


Feminized seeds are specifically bred and treated so that they will only grow in to female plants when grown in the correct conditions. Only Female plants will produce flowers or “buds”.


Beginner seeds are ideal for people just starting out at growing your own marijuana. They are strains that have been chosen because they are hardy, require little experience and the minimum of support to get a very satisfying crop.

Short Height

Plants that finish below one meter tall are considered short height


Similar to beginner strains, “Easy to grow” seeds require the minimum of work to ensure that they deliver a good crop of high quality marijuana. Not quite plant and forget but still very simple.

  • Auto flowering
  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Novice
  • Short Height
  • Easy
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Lowryder #2 has been infused with superior Santa Maria genetics, a variety known for copious resin production, exotic taste and soaring highs, it is an indica / sativa hybrid originally from Brazil. The cross was subsequently selectively inbred for three generations. The result is an auto-flowering dwarf that yields a wonderfully strong, head-turning smoke with intoxicating taste. The strength and flavor is backed by copious resin production and much-improved yield and stability. Buds are larger, tighter and more aromatic than the original Lowryder.

YIELD 200-300 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The skunk genes in this ruderalis hybrid come through straight away when you smell this plant. The musty, earthy aromas are not particularly pleasant in the late stages of flowering and immediately after harvest. However if this plant is dried and cure correctly these mellow into a more natural and slightly spicy blend that actually tastes quite nice. As with most autoflowering plants, the ruderalis genes increase the levels of CBD slightly meaning that the body stone is deep and long lasting. an excellent painkiller for joint disorders

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Lowryder 2 Feminized
  • "To be continued "

    Review by Messenger

    Currently 8 weeks from pop. LR2 was a freebie. Planted sprout 7 weeks ago. Half full 5 gallon bucket +holes for drainage. Store bought organic soil. 3 Fox farm nutes. Outdoors, Lat 30.9°. Survived a few below 40°F nights, a few rains and high humidity. Right at 2ft tall. Dark green wide leaves. DEEP VIOLET PURPLE buds. Mature hairs turn from white to orange, very sticky, most trichomes already turning white. Low smell unless close or until disturbed. When disturbed light smells of sweet, and funky fruits will briefly pass. When passing by or standing close you get light smells of that "I might have left the clothes in the washing machine too long" mix between watered down fragrant detergent and the mold that might be setting in.

    More follow

    (Posted on 28/11/2019)

  • "Very impressive!"

    Review by Courtknee

    Loved this strain started 5 seeds they all popped! each was diffrent 3 close to the same, low bulky skunky and very quickly put on the weight. I had no issues with mold even though they were an outside grow. The buds are super dense and the main cola was huge. On the cure It took on a different smell but the taste is amazing, It leaves a lump in your throat that really brings on the cough! The high is very heady but moves to the body and lasts for hours! This strain is no joke, novice users should proceed with caution a little can go a long way. This will be one of my go to’s from now on! Thanks MSNL for the freebies that led me to purchase again and again

    (Posted on 08/08/2019)

  • "Tight buds, great yield"

    Review by Funky Skunk

    I got loads of buds off my plants, and they were all super densely packed. The skunk smell is strong, especially after curing, but if odor is an issue while growing you'll want to install some kind of odor control.

    (Posted on 11/08/2016)

  • "Dissapointed"

    Review by Tom

    Of the 15 of 20 seeds i started 5 were male and all others grew to at least 4 feet tall with very loose buds. I dont believe these seeds were low ryder ll. they are sold as a short plant. I find it hard to believe that i got what i ordered. So much for genetics.

    (Posted on 10/05/2015)

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