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Magnum Automatic Marijuana seeds

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Magnum Automatic Feminized Seeds *PROMO*


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Magnum automatic is a quality autoflowering strain offering high yields, delicious taste and a classic, sativa dominated high. With a cerebral rush this strain will give you an intense spiraling high that can be truly euphoric. Auto Magnum is potent with medium THC levels and although genetics are undisclosed, it continues to grow in popularity with its generous yields of up to 500gm.
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Put simply when our breeders created Magnum Automatic they wanted to make the strongest auto they could. Something that would live up to Dirty Harry’s legendary weapon the 44 Magnum and all its stopping power. With Magnum Automatic they really cracked it.

Getting the best balance of strength yield and flavour is often a tricky task, this outstanding strain does exactly that. The flavour is sweet and spicy with a pleasing fruity quality that doesn’t get to acidic or harsh. The yield when grown outdoor under the full Mediterranean sun can be truly vast, especially for an auto. This slightly sativa dominant cross finishes in a marginally longer than average 75-80 days, but the additional week or so pays off very handsomely with a very high THC level (18-20%) and an outstanding yield of 450-550gsm.

Magnum Automatic naturally branches thickly and evenly allowing for excellent light penetration which in-tern contributes to a bumper crop.

Even though it is quite and even three-way split of Sativa / Indica /Ruderalis, the shape tends to be a little more Indica whereas the high and its effects are definitely uplifting and exceedingly giggly like a Sativa. The initial headrush levels out without becoming too racy meaning that all in all this is a highly enjoyable cerebral buzz from start to finish.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes Reviews
  • "Great job with this strain!!"

    Review by

    Excellent strain! Amazing cerebral and body buzz! Definitely euphoric! Great for pain relief. It is a strain that I can drift off in euphoria if you let it, or get up and get stuff done if you need to. Can be extremely clear-headed with a great body buzz. Easy to grow and potent! All around amazing strain! Thank you

  • "Msnl is the best for discreet quality seeds!"

    Review by

    Msnl has discreet shipping, quality strains, accepts credit cards, ships anywhere in the U.S! Has the best customer service ever! It's perfect I've ordered from here 3 times now! My last order was lost in transit due to the Corona crisis... msnl sent replacement seeds for free with no hassle! I absolutely recommend this seed bank to anyone!

  • "Very Strong."

    Review by

    Received some freebies and tried 2 outdoors to see how they would go in a cooler climate region. We had a lousy summer this year and quite wet during the last few weeks which really affected the final yield but both plants did finish. One ended up a very deep purple with nice buds the other totally different in colour and shape but both a great smoke and really strong. Tempted to give this one another go has lots of potential.

  • "Its my fault"

    Review by

    Had ph issues i wasnt aware of until i got a meter so everything yellowed n fell off from the bottom up managed to save the main cola only got about 10 gram harvest but it was a freebie not alot of smell of taste to it best i can describe it as is smooth. Maybe ill try again with it and see if i can get better expressions out of its terp profile and revise this

  • "Study up on autoflowers."

    Review by

    Okay i used the auto strains to get back in the game.
    Magnum is a great strain with huge potential over other strains.
    It put on more bud sights than any other auto i grew.
    I did however screw up badly by not studying what the plants needed.
    This ALL AUTO's not just Magnum read up if you want better higher quality yields.
    Luckily i used the autos to make my mistakes so the lessons could be used on higher quality photo period straims.
    So due your homework or suffer the pains os bad yields.
    If it were not for great genetics MSNL provides it all would have been worthless on my entire crop.
    But it still smokes great.

  • "Great Company, Great Genetics!"

    Review by

    Just got these seeds in today was super surprised on how well they ship their product! Can't wait to try them out. Decided to go with MSNL for my first grow last season, and was so impressed with them I had to come back..! Shipping only took 8 days to get to the US. Once again a happy customer, and a customer for life! Thanks MSNL!!!

  • "Huge plants"

    Review by

    I wish we could put pictures on here. This plant is a heavy producer it got almost 5 ft tall. Big huge colas I believe we harvested 7 1/2 ounces off of this one. It was a few grows ago. the genetics at this company are insane and I will never buy from someone else

  • "Great plant"

    Review by

    Recieved as freebies was impressed enough im not skeptical of autos anymore even though i asked the staff for a couchlock indica and told them it would b pointless to send sativa as i wouldnt use them but i gave it a shot

  • "Best"

    Review by

    This auto is the best growing strain I have ever found great size buds and wonderful smoke

  • "Perfect"

    Review by

    Receive two free Magnum autoflowering seeds for recent purchase. Germinated within 24 hours then planted. They have sprouted and are growing strong! Thanks MSNL

  • "Fantastic"

    Review by

    This one I will absolutely be ordering again! Grew hydroponically with LED. Very easy to grow but sensitive to pH fluctuations, so I would recommend keeping a close eye on that regardless of grow medium. Harvested just under 4 oz. off one plant. The onset is very quick, giving a sense of well being and slaps that silly grin you can't supress right on your face. After 15 - 20 minutes an absolutely delightful body buzz creeps over you from head to toe. It doesn't particularly couch lock you, you can do anything you want. However, you won't *want* to do anything but kick back and enjoy! Unfortunately I become very sedated about 20 minutes after the body effects kick into full gear. BUT let me assure you I am convinced that is 100% user error. I harvested 7 - 10 days later than I should have. I will absolutely grow this one again. In fact, if the next run turns out as I anticipate, Magnum may go into my regular rotation. Regardless of your experience level or whether you prefer Sativas or Indicas, you want this plant!

  • "Really a heavy hitter "

    Review by

    They arent lying when they said it lives up to the magnum 44. This plant got massive. 297 grams of thc oozzzing buds in just 85ish days for my phenos. Plus you can never go wrong with MSNL. Over all great autp flower to have

  • "Magnum Automatic Fem."

    Review by

    As I write this I am testing a small bud, not yet cured but dried in a temerate dark room. The first taste was from a bong, it smoked very smoothly as for the taste, my meds erase my taste sensors. The smell was mild an pleasant but curing should really make this a great smoke.
    The buzz came on very quickly with a really nice slow body high too. My second taste was in a small pipe, again, very smokeable.
    I started with seed in a wet paper towel inside a plastic baggie sitting on the kitchen window sill. Once the seedling grew and "pop"s the shell I transplanted to a a small seed pot in the window. Once the seed grew to about 4 - 5 inch I moved it outside into a greenhouse. No lights other that the sun, water from our spring well and grew it with basil. Very little supliments we added but what I used was all organic.
    Started seeds last week of May and harvested second week of July.
    The harvest was not as great as I had hoped but I'm not disappointed either, as this was my first ever attempt to grow pot. My plant was much smaller than is typical for this verity. My plant was 16 to 18 inch high but it branched out amazing well with buds on each branch.
    Overall, I have had a good experience, in fact I have another seed busting open right now. With the short grow time I hope to a few more going before summer ends.

  • "Fantastic Day Smoke"

    Review by

    Really solid strain this one. Easy to grow, great resistance to heat and humidity. Grew one plant in coco under 600W HPS, 11L fabric pot. Yielded 3.5oz of really dense nugs, nicely frosted. Quite a sticky bitch, but super quick trim. Great daytime smoke, uplifting and energetic. Strong and tasty, kinda spicy and fruity, but even after only two weeks curing it's really smooth. Great work guys!

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