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Mango Seeds


As the name suggests, the Mango strain takes your senses to a tropical paradise. It has a well-balanced sweetness, with hints of berry and citrus, making it a divine treat. Not only are the flavours wonderful, but the body buzz is as relaxing and chill as it gets. It’s a long-lasting stone that eases muscles and puts the body in zen mode.

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The Mango strain has a history that traces back to the 1960s. But its genetics were updated decades later by crossing Afghani with KC33. With THC levels ranging from 15 to 18% the stone on this strain is very nice with its dominant Indica effects.

Strain Effects

Mango produces a heavy full-body stone that takes you into a state of deep relaxation. So, it’s a wonderful strain to have after a long, tiring, or a stressful day at work because it calms the nerves and locks you on the couch. Try eating an actual mango before you smoke this strain. Since they both have high levels of the terpene, Myrcene the effects will be more potent and deeply sedative.

Growing info

Whether you want to grow the Mango strain indoors or out, it will fare well either way. It’s a sturdy and versatile plant with a short flowing cycle of 8 to 10 weeks. When growing outdoors anticipate an early harvest that comes around late September. This is a great yielding strain that can pump out a minimum of 400 grams per M2 but may reach up to 500 grams per M2 when grown outside. Because of the dominant Indica traits, the plant will reach medium heights, ranging from 100 to 180 cm tall.

Appearance and Aroma

Don’t be too shocked when you see large, softball-sized buds once this Mango strain reaches full maturity. It’s completely normal and to be expected. In fact, they have a similar appearance to Big Bud. Also, they’re colourful and coated in resin, yet somehow the aroma isn’t overpowering during the flowering cycle. Yet, when the buds are cut down and cured, watch out. The delicious tropical aromas will fill a room.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Mango is a highly admired strain for its tropical, fruity taste, its moderate levels of THC that are suitable for all types of smokers, and its quick flowering time. Those who grow it are blown away by it’s long, heavy buds and its subtle growing odour, making it easy to remain discreet.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The tasting notes match the name of this strain to a tee. When you smoke Mango the taste of berries and tropical fruits is prominent. The mango flavour is sweet, but not overly so. It’s more like an unripened mango that still has its defined mango taste, yet it also has slightly bitter and citrusy undertones.

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    Review by

    Quick delivery, quality seeds.

  • "Happy gardener"

    Review by

    Just received very excited to grow this strain,smoked it years ago in Amsterdam and still remember the distinct mango flavor and lovely mellow stoned effect.
    Happy days ahead will update after harvest.

  • "Postage guarantee"

    Review by

    The 100% postage is amazingly great.
    I was like "WTF is this?" Then realised.

  • "Just like the islands, mon!"

    Review by

    The taste of this is so tropical, so sweet, a mix of berries and tropical fruits like mango and papaya. Love it, and you will too, mon!

  • "Sweet!"

    Review by

    Tastes so sweet, but more fruity than bubblegum. The smell is intoxicating and while light at first, the stone gets pretty heavy.

  • "So tropical"

    Review by

    Deff lives up to its name very good strain I am one who loves mango so had to try her out and I wasn't disappointed at all!!

  • "Now just need some actual mango"

    Review by

    I don't know if the taste of this is actually like mango, but it's definitely tropical. Anyone else ever hear that eating actual mango while toking increases the high? Going to need to try that one out, maybe with some of this strain!

  • "So far so goo. Just placed first order with MSNL. Not happy with service level of current supplier, and have wanted to try these guys for a while. The website is nice looking, easy to use, very easy checkout compared to say Herbies. This mange is one of s"

    Review by

    Just ordered yesterday. Everything is great so far. Very professional staff. Will update as we progress. Thank you.
    Grow and Brew

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Mango Seeds Video

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