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Mazar Seeds


In 1999, Mazar placed second in the High Times Cannabis Cup. And a few years later, in 2002 it placed in the High Life Cup. It received these awards for its potency and medicinal value. Although it has a strong potency, you won’t feel totally stuck to the couch, helping you to still function when smoking it.

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The Mazar strain came into existence by crossing Afghani with Skunk #1. This is the most recent lineage of Mazar which took place in 1997. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with 80% Indica genetics and 20% Sativa. The THC levels are high on this one, reaching up to 22% in some cases.

Strain Effects

Mazar’s effects are hard-hitting, leaving a long and steady buzz because of its high potency. You may feel utterly relaxed, but without getting couch-locked. This is a strain to smoke when you want to lower stress levels, if you’re battling insomnia, or want to reduce your aches and pains. Even with its Indica dominance, there’s still a nice little cerebral high that kicks in for a bit before the deep mellow feelings settle in.

Growing info

Since it’s fairly easy to grow Mazar, it’s a good choice for brand new or less experienced growers. If you plan to grow it outdoors, it does thrive in a warmer climate, but given the early harvest in late September, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. This plant can reach medium heights, so be sure to account for this if growing indoors. No matter where you grow it, the harvest can end up in the 400 to 500 grams per M2 range.

Appearance and Aroma

Mazar has a mild aroma when growing, but towards the end of the flowering cycle, the smells take flight. It produces earthy, hashy, and spicy aromas with a bit of sweetness. The shape of the buds can be described as little Christmas trees. And they're thick with a heavy amount of resin, leaving them sticky to the touch.

MSNL Editors Verdict

The heavy relaxing stone takes the edge off of stressful days or situations to allow your body to reset and restore. And the Mazar strain potency can provide these effects for hours on end. As a simple to grow plant that leads to large yields, it makes a great addition to any grow space.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The tasting notes of Mazar are very similar to the aromas and smell it gives off. The primary flavour is earthy but it also has undertones of herbal spices and incense, almost like the taste of a cigar. After several hits of this strain, you may notice subtle hints of piney and citrusy flavours.

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  • "Anyone can feel it"

    Review by

    Ive got a crazy high tolerance (years of smoking too much weed) so it's hard to find a strain that can even begin to touch those intolerance levels. this 1 def does.

  • "Nice pain med"

    Review by

    Great pain med has the flavor of great cigar draws real mild with a nice piney background. It is a hard hitter relaxes you without turning into a couch potato

  • "Wow, not what I was expecting"

    Review by

    Maybe because the descrption mentions White Widow, I was expecting something that would give you total couch lock after just a few hits. Not at all! While the potency is there, you can still get up and get about.

  • "Great!"

    Review by

    I don't actually like skunk strains that much, so I was hesitant to try this. I was pleased to find it's not really that skunky at all, def none of that skunky smell that I could notice. Nice!

  • "Superskunk"

    Review by

    the seeds are great strongsprouting plants

  • "One of my favorites too"

    Review by

    Smoke is so smooth, I don't even need to vape, which I usually prefer. Such nice weed though, and it's got a great taste and the smell is super potent.

  • "Great Seed Bank"

    Review by

    Great strain to use at night for severe chronic pain. Customer service at MSNL is superb! Will buy from them again.

  • "Good strain"

    Review by

    Like this strain good for sleepless nights and I like it for my back pain helps me alot takes all the sharp pain away and keeps my mind moving

  • "Wow wee "

    Review by

    A great strain to lay you out for awhile great smell while flowering and after its dried a must for anyone who loves a kick you in the a$$ Stone!!

  • "What a great smell!"

    Review by

    Would smoke this just for the hashy smell alone, and it even kind of tastes like hash. And I agree with Denise, it's a great smoke just before bed.

  • "Sat back and relax"

    Review by

    I always have a quick smoke of mazar before I go to bed. it helps me relax after a stressful day at work and I always have some funky dreams while on it.

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