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Neville's Haze Seeds

Neville's Haze Seeds

Neville's Haze has fluffy buds, a very long flowering period and delivers an intense rushing high. Neville's Haze marijuana has a complex aroma that almost smells unlike cannabis.

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  • Connosseur
  • Cup Winner
  • High Yield
  • Regular
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height
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Neville's Haze is a strain that could have many medical applications. Early flowering plant, can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Mostly Sativa. Good harvests can be expected. Neville's Haze combines the original Haze - an almost psychedelic tropical Sativa - with one quarter Northern Lights - a powerful, heavy-hitting Indica. The result is a tall, thick-budding plant with a truly out-of-this-world high. This is not one for the casual smoker! Neville's Haze gains height like its Sativa parent, meaning that rooted clones and new seedlings can be put in a 12 hour flowering almost cycle immediately.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A very powerful cerebral buzz comes on immediately and builds steadily the more you ingest. Clear and euphoric it is a very active and energetic strain to enjoy any time of day. Flavours of Pepper and cinnamon abound with a very feint undertone of chemicals or fuel.

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Neville's Haze Seeds
  • "Long lasting"

    Review by

    Really long lasting, and a good haze is always super sweet

  • "Lifts you up"

    Review by

    Nice strain for depression and stress. Mood/mind altering for sure. Will give you even more patients to deal with stressors.

  • "No one will know"

    Review by

    This smells like no other weed I've ever smoked, which makes it great when you need to be discreet. Just be sure to keep the giggles down, or you'll give yourself away

  • "Oh Nelly!"

    Review by

    Calling all sativa lovers, this one is for you! One of the best highs I've ever had - super bouncy, energetic and up up up!

  • "Curious "

    Review by

    Hi, I'm new to this stuff I decided to start growing a couple days ago when my guy tried charging me $60 for a 5bdollar bag going ten over what we normally agree on. I just have questions about curing and basic management of this plant and in general other marijuana plants as well so I would appreciate the help you can DM me on instagram @22lr_ or text me 17084001846

  • "Omg"

    Review by

    I was super excited when I did this awesome yielder and awesome buzz love this strain gonna Cline her for awhile it's so worth it!!

  • "One of my favorite sativas"

    Review by

    I'm crazy for just about any sativa, but I have a particular soft spot for Neville's Haze. It makes me super giggly and everything is just awesome. My one and only smoke.

  • "Big yeilder and low odour"

    Review by

    This strain is perfect if you want to grow a large crop thats low odour which also makes it great for concealing. Its an easy smoke with clean taste and a nice clear head high still allowing you to function while still feeling that nice high (unless you leave it for 18 weeks- one smoke you will doze off). I recommend growing in coco due to its long flowering period you will find it easier to manage then in water as the roots on mine tended to go a little brown at the end of 14-17 weeks. I tipped mine and i had some massive colons covered in red hairs. Well worth the wait for the long flowering period.

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