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Nitro Lemon Haze Seeds


Nitro Lemon Haze is a turbocharged, Sativa-dominant strain that delivers outstanding citrus flavoured buds. And it has one of the quickest flowering times of any Sativa dominant hybrid along with a powerfully uplifting and creative high.

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  • Hydroponic
  • Novice
  • Regular
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height
  • High THC
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The lineage of Nitro Lemon Haze is unclear and a bit of a mystery, but one of its parents is likely to be a classic Haze. This strain has a high THC concentration that can reach up to 22%. Also, it’s a hybrid plant with a bit more Sativa qualities than Indica.

Strain Effects

The cerebral high from smoking Nitro Lemon Haze comes on fast, bringing an instant wave of euphoria. It’s an ideal wake-and-bake strain because after the initial euphoric buzz, the cerebral rush ebbs into more of a motivating and creative high. The stone is long-lasting and as it fades from uplifting effects, it turns into a deeply relaxing body buzz. So, if you’re looking for a strain to turbocharge your energy and help keep you productive, then Nitro Lemon Haze is for you!

Growing info

Nitro Lemon Haze can be grown indoors or outdoors. And for a Sativa, it’s surprisingly easy to manage indoors because it reaches a moderate height of only 180cm. If beginners are up for a challenge, this could be a good starting strain. For those who are experienced, don't be afraid to use LST and FIMMING methods to keep the size manageable, it copes easily with both. Also, this plant does well in soil or hydro mediums, with soil maximising the distinct citrus lemon flavour. With a quick flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, it’s an ideal variety to grow in countries where frost arrives early in the fall. And growing outdoors can yield more than 650 grams per M2 with enhanced terpene production.

Appearance and Aroma

The aroma of Nitro Lemon Haze smells like sharp citrus flavors mixed with grassy, earthy undertones that comes from the leaves. This makes harvesting and trimming a pungent and delightful experience. As the buds dry and cure, much of the grassy scent disappears leaving a warmer, more herbal undertone to the fierce lemony scent.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Nitro Lemon Haze is an explosive citrus strain with serious power due to its high THC potency. If you want a great tasting Sativa but don't want to wait out the typical 14 to 16 week flowering cycle of most Sativa’s, then this plant is the one for you.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The incredibly delicious smoke is one of the major highlights of this strain. Expect refreshing citrus and sweet undernotes with a skunk base. The more you smoke Nitro Lemon Haze, the stronger those sweet notes become.

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  • "exellent "

    Review by

    delicios tasting bud nice plant great smell

  • "Nice smell"

    Review by

    It has a real sweet smell, not the skunk like I thought it would be. My last grow was some big bud, and it stunk the house out. Lot's of different in the NLH. It smells a lot like OG KUSH

  • "Mmmmm, that smell!"

    Review by

    Love the smell of this stuff, but any sativa automatically gets me as a fan. You'll get a typical happy high, but I did find that I wasn't super energetic, not quite couch locked.

  • "Great couch locker"

    Review by

    Great for pain and a good Netflix and chill strain lol couple bong Rios and your in your way to funkytown!! Great all around

  • "Nice strain"

    Review by

    Great structure to the plant buds nice and frosty and dense and the buzz is a nice creeper buzz starts out heady and leads ya to the couch!

  • "Careful before smoking more"

    Review by

    This has such a heady buzz at first but then settles into a lazier stone. Don't smoke too much just because the cerebral stuff wears off. Who knows how long you'll be out for!

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Nitro Lemon Haze Seeds Video

Check out this video to learn more about Nitro Lemon Haze strain