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NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds

NYC Diesel Feminized (New York City Diesel) is a new strain fast becoming a classic, with its roots in the Big Apple. NYC Diesel is famous for its exotic smell and taste.
  • Feminized
  • High Yield
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height
  • Tasty
  • High THC
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Buds are compact and produce a strong smell of grapefruit that can drown out other smells in a grow room. The plants produce an almost diesel fuel smell, hence the name. NYC Diesel's stone is also legendary, both strong and floaty. Yield, stability and high have been recently improved. This strain is the same as NYC Diesel regular, just feminized. NYC Diesel won 2nd place 2001, 2003, 2004 in the High Times Cannabis Cup - Best Sativa.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

One of the most popular and pungent strains of recent year and for good reason, NYC Diesel really really stinks. The acrid chemical fuel smell can be smelt on anything that comes into contact with leaves or buds during the later stages of flowering. When smoking there is an instant recognition of the sharp diesel taste that makes you pull your lips back up your gums. It can give you instant cotton mouth if you are not ready for it. On the first hit the feeling is a powerful head rush that makes you feel like you have overdone it but it stops short of being unpleasant. It starts very euphoric and energising and is a great weed to share with friends. After prolonged use though the active effects settle into a clear yet heavy head high. Your mind will be active, pondering and contemplating the universe even though your body wont move a muscle.

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  • "amazing strain"

    Review by

    every seed i planted was strong and developed dense potent sticky buds. I was extremely happy with this stain. It was everything i expected and maybe a lil more.. msnl is by far my favorite seed site . They are awesome customer service is great also..


    Review by

    Every last one who tried this strain LOVED it. All legal too. Great for pain, depression, anxiety, everything! I noticed I like the strains that have much more giggly euphoria and head, body and cerebral highs. It didn't seem hard to grow for me at all. I grew them inside under cfls when seedlings then moved them under COBS and LEDs. I moved them outside too early, so they revegged, but I still got a huge yield. Very satisfied with this strain! =)
    Saw the sale, and I couldn't resist!

  • "What Rasta really said"

    Review by

    I have bought around 10 different strains from here and have seeded garden with others seeds. Nothing has beat this strain yet..... Some strains have come close but NYC D is the smoothest smoking weed I have ever smoked. It produces a terpine that coats throat and lungs and numbs. If you cough because of a hit of this you will be shocked at how much smoke you inhaled. What the Rasta really said is this is the smoothest I have ever smoked!!!

  • "nycd variety"

    Review by

    I ordered 5 strains from MSNL... THIS strain however there's something special about it. My nyc diesel's still in veg but this plant is my favorite simply because of how beautiful this plant grows. Yes it's pretty big dispite being planted late it's already 7+ feet tall from where the stock touches the soil and it is very Bushy and Lengthy. I also notice that the color from this plant has a lighter shade of green compared to the rest of my plants it's similar to what i'd imagine a LA confidential being with the lime green. I would definitely recommend growing this for yourself

  • "MY NUMBER 1# Strain!"

    Review by

    My favourite strain I love NYC Diesel, mainly for its strong pungent and fruity/heavy diesel smelling buds with a very strong mind/ full body high very nice taste when smoked. 5/5
    Excellent harvest will always drop this stain into my basket, very worth the price.

  • "The new best in my books"

    Review by

    Used to be an avid Sour D smoker - and I still am - but I have to say, this stuff tops it. It's like having the "best" of something before having a blindfold taken off to show you teh true best!

  • "Great!"

    Review by

    Love Sour D, so it's no surprise that I love this strain too. Superb!

  • "Love it"

    Review by

    Am I the only one that LOVES the smell of gasoline? You get it with this even more than you do with Sour D, which is why I love it so very much!

  • "Everything about it is good"

    Review by

    Great high, very little comedown that you'll recognize (won't get completely burnt) and the high is fantastic - totally energizing, and you can even mix with alcohol and not come crashing down. Very nice!

  • "cup winner for a reason"

    Review by

    this strain won several cups in the 2000s, and its easy to see why - a favorite among many in the coffee shop where I work. Does give some heavy red eye though, so bring your shades along!

  • "Potent smell"

    Review by

    The smell of this strain is so crazy. It gets everywhere, including your hands if you touch the buds even for a second - it will stay for hours. I love it, but it's good to be prepared if you need to keep a low pro.

  • "Take when chillin with some buds!"

    Review by

    I have this weird thing where I zone out after smoking if the tv stays on, but there's no problem with this weed. I can talk and chat, with or without background distractions!

  • "Great for my fibromyalgia"

    Review by

    I have severe fibromyalgia, and this strain totally helps. Tried others, some didn't work at all, and some just left me on the couch all day, although feeling better. This is a strain that gives me everything I want, and nothing I don't.

  • "What's that piss smell?"

    Review by

    Ya, it's a great strain to smoke, but what the hell is that piss smell? A buddy laughed it off, but I don't know, I had to work through it. Maybe putting orange peels in my bag will help.

  • "Very similar to SD"

    Review by

    The smell reminded me so much of Sour Diesel, I had to remind myself it wasn't. Smoked some, ran around getting errands done, smoked more, watched movies for the rest of the day.

  • "Pretty Pungent "

    Review by

    Very smelly and very tasty.

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NYC Diesel Feminized Seeds Video

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