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OG Kush regular seeds

OG Kush Seeds


OG Kush is heralded around the world as one of the most revolutionary and dankest strains in living memory. Though its history is shrouded in myth and speculation there is no doubting the desirability and popularity of OG Kush, prized for its regularly high THC levels, long lasting euphoric high and supreme natural aroma and flavour.

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  • Indica
  • Therapeutic
  • Regular
  • High THC
  • Kush

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High THC levels, frequently measured between 19-22%, and a powerful mood enhancing high are the hallmarks of OG Kush. Larger than normal yields and naturally authentic cannabis aromas and flavours are the icing on the cake. It is easy to see why OG Kush is one of the most referenced and respected strains available today.

Strain Effects

Heavy, powerful and uplifting are the best ways to describe the high that OG Kush provides. The high THC and low CBD lead to a more cerebral than physical high, starting with heightened awareness and an increasingly uplifting sensation. These initial sensations lead on to feelings of euphoria and even a trance like state of mind which can last for hours. OG Kush is an experience that is recommended to ease into for the less experienced smokers out there.

Growing info

OG Kush is a great option for all growers, with flowering times of 8-10 weeks and higher than normal yields compared with other strains, easily eclipsing 500g/m2 when given the proper care and attention. This strain is moderate in height, with a wider more shrub like shape, making it very suitable for indoor setups. Outdoor growers will need to ensure they live in a hot tropical or sub tropical climate, mimicking the coasts of California where this strain is first said to have made its name.

Appearance and Aroma

With yellow green leaves, bright orange pistils and large dense buds, OG Kush possesses a very traditional indica appearance. The nugget like buds are sticky to the touch and covered in glass like silver trichromes, alluding to the high THC levels and potency that OG Kush is famed for.The aroma is dominated by a deep, dank earthiness with hits of citrus punching through. Breaking the bud will deliver a noticeable shot of pine needles and more of the citrus and spice tones. Invoking the scent of the woods after a rain storm, this strain delivers a pure organic smell that can be appreciated by all.

MSNL Editors Verdict

A true hybrid, with the familiar dense indica appearance and invigorating sativa high, OG Kush is a classic in all respects. Though its origins may be disputed there is no debating the unparalleled effects and satisfaction that OG Kush gives both smokers and growers alike. Little wonder then why so many other popular and respected strains can trace their lineage back to this, the OG Kush

  THC CONTENT 19%-22%
  YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

OG Kush provides one the most pure and organic sensations available, with heavy earthen tones and a lingering dankness. The inhale delivers a deep earthen flavour with pops of lemon and orange, with heavy spice flavours taking over on the exhale providing a dry finish.

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OG Kush regular seeds
  • "All female but 1"

    Review by

    Wow..I planted the 5 free seeds and they were all female but 1.All the girls are growing well,2 of them had given me trouble but are starting to take to their own now.About 2 foot tall now at week 8 of veg.

  • "Growing well"

    Review by

    Got the 5 free seeds and 5 germed.About a month old now and are stinky.Never grew photoperiods before so i figured I'd start with a strain that some say is hard to grow,plus their free!Have only grown autos up to this point but always research,research!so that on top of some tips from some oldschoolers im sure they'll be fine.Wish me luck.Will post update...

  • "Going well"

    Review by

    these 5 I got going were extra from the order placed. They are going very well.

  • "Stinky phenotypes "

    Review by

    Got 5 reg for free, 100% germination and very wide leaf stinky plants. I can't remember the last time something so little had such a strong smell. 3 out of 5 have a puke smell when you rub the stems, & only about a month old (in veg)... MSNL always impresses with awesome genetics!

  • "Reliable crop"

    Review by

    Great yield, nearly all plants uniform in size and yield, phenomenal nuggs

  • "A welcome surprise"

    Review by

    I always wanted to grow legit ogk bubba kush master kush or platinum bubba. Only 1 of 8 survived due to ph issues after that and what i tested yesterday.

    I cant believe its really og kush the look smell taste and stone are all what i remembered and its guaranteed 100% organic
    Will definitely order again to preserve these holy genes and others that have been left back with yesteryear

  • "Let's see"

    Review by

    Mine has the Bruce banner look with little smell but the buzz is restarted.

  • "Truth in Advertising "

    Review by

    I've grown both the auto and photoperiod OG Kush from MSNL. Both are very good. The growth, scents, flavor and effects are pretty much as described, which is no less than what I've come to expect from this seed bank. (Except a few instances where I can only conclude they are being modest.) Medicinally this strain is very effective for mild to moderate pain, great for mood elevation, and is a better treatment for anxiety than any pharmaceutical. Recreationally this strain is just plain fun! I don't really experience much in the way of couch lock, but this could be because I tend to stick to lower doses for both medicating and recreational use. I found the auto flowering version to be a little more moderated in its cerebral effects and a bit more effective for physical relaxation than its photoperiod counterpart. This may be attributable to the entourage effect from a slightly higher CBD content imparted by the addition of Ruderalis genetics. Photo or auto, you won't be disappointed with the genetics of MSNL's OG. You won't find better OG Kush at the price anywhere.

  • "Delivery was fast, packed perfectly brillant ^_^"

    Review by

    can not wait to see whats gonna happen with these beans, love the grow a bit more than the effects sometimes, get a happy sadness at harvest. anywho, thank you guys and hope to do bussiness in the future.

  • "verygood"

    Review by

    it grows very strongly and robustly.

  • "Gangsta!"

    Review by

    I know it stands for ocean grown, but i still call it original gangsta because it is truly gangsta!

  • "clone trooper!!!!"

    Review by

    this strain is a breeze to clone it roots fast and makes fat buds! good keeper if you want to do perpetual growing

  • "Bad seeds"

    Review by

    Bought 10 none sprouted

  • "I miss it"

    Review by

    I haven't had some good OG in awhile, I actually quite miss it

  • "OG Kush?"

    Review by

    I've grown this strain from clone for a few years and smoked it for more. So, I wanted to get fresh seeds to start fresh. Not impressed at all. Doesn't taste or have the effect of others grown the same way. Loose, fluffy buds and blah flavor. Dont think these were even close to past og strains Ive grown. Thank god for the free blueberries that came with order, they are great!

  • "Got seeds!"

    Review by

    I just ordered my seeds and I'm counting down the minutes until they arrive. I love OG and have grown with clones before but I'm so excited to bring my ladies up from the time they were little seedlings!

  • "Too much for me"

    Review by

    I think it might be a bit too much for me. I didn't even smoke that much and I was left on the couch for hours. It says it's got sativa but damned if I could find it.

  • "Sedated-like"

    Review by

    Toke on a lil OG Kush and you'll soon feel sedated. Serious Indica, great for playing video games or listenin to something chill.

  • "OG KUSH 5/5"

    Review by

    This plant for starters is one of my top 3 strains which is a must for any first timer.
    Its resin produce, tight dense nugs, smoke, addictive taste and high, stunning look, decent yield are are all topped of with a brilliant lemony/fuely kushy flavour that are all unforgetable perks when you purchase this strain you will not regret. Wonderfuel and tasty kush to make brownies ect..
    9.75/10 :)

  • "Such a pretty girl"

    Review by

    This is by far the best kush to smoke, but growing it is really fun too. It's such a pretty plant with leaves that can turn a purplish color under the right conditions. And hairs are everywhere!

  • "Crazy THC Content"

    Review by

    OG Kush will blow you away with its THC content - I've heard it's somewhere around 23, 24 percent - and that's some crazy stuff that will do crazy things to your mind.

  • "Good by any name"

    Review by

    I don't care if you call it OG for "Ocean Grown", "Original Gangsta" or "Original" - it's all the same great smoke and all the same to me. OG's biggest fan right here.

  • "Great for writing lyrics"

    Review by

    This stuff gets right into your head, letting me think of lyrics that I just never can otherwise. So I can zone out, and then wake up in the morning all ambitous, making sense of my chicken scratch from the night before.

  • "Some serious couch lock"

    Review by

    It doesn't take much with this girl, so go slow. Couch lock comes on pretty serious with this, I like to put on a good trilogy when smokin this.

  • "#1"

    Review by

    Best looking plant ever great smell,taste,and it was a nice producer. Will deff keep this around for awhile

  • "I like Kush"

    Review by

    Ummm just got up off the floor ,,was looking at a nice bud that I broke off the OG Kush a few days ago,,I had laid it out to dry in the room. My old lady and I smoked it in the grow room , Wow , a great smoke, laid us both out "floor locked" for an hour.. must be time to flush the Lady

  • "My favorite strain!"

    Review by

    OG Kush is my go-to. One joint keeps me going for hours, and the high makes me so happy and relaxed - so I can either chill or get stuff done.

  • "Favoruite Kush"

    Review by

    Hands down my favourite. Good flavour and just the stone i need.

  • "Theses seeds"

    Review by

    The seeds are so awesome doing well. Did well in germination. I really like the strain..

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