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old skool Seeds

Old Skool Seeds

This plant brings back some old school classic strains for the nostalgia of simpler times. And it’s a way to introduce new-age cannabis consumers to the type of tree that was so common decades ago. It grows fast and easy for a Sativa strain but still provides solid yields. The aroma and flavours are an enlivening and satisfying combination of pine, citrus, and sweet berry fruits.
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Old Skool seeds pay homage to an early generation of casual, fun, recreational cannabis smokers. A time when the potency was mellow and calm, allowing them to easily smoke a joint or two in one afternoon. The breeders at MSNL created this plant by crossing a tasty Hawaiian Sativa and a selected Colombian Gold. Given these genetics, the Old Skool strain learns towards a Sativa-dominance.

Strain Effects

When smoking Old Skool the effects are happy and cerebral. Many who smoke this strain report feeling elated, euphoric and almost always get a case of the giggles. And this level of laughter can last all throughout the high. Because of its moderate THC levels, the cerebral aspect of the stone is not trippy, but more mild and functional. Medical users suffering from depression and fatigue love the effects of this cannabis strain.

Growing info

Old Skool seeds grow well in an outdoor environment because they have room to stretch and have a built-in resistance to pests and disease. Although some sativa strains can be difficult to cultivate for first-time growers, this strain is fairly easy. So both novice and veteran growers love this feature. At full maturity, the plant can reach heights of 180 to 220 cm and come due for harvest in early to mid-October, finishing a bit faster than other Sativa’s. Given the tall stature and generous bud production, expect to yield anywhere from 400 to 500 grams per M2.

Appearance and Aroma

This plant grows in true Sativa fashion but doesn’t reach monstrous heights as some other Sativa’s do. As the plants move through the life cycle and reach full maturity, its color changes from a mild to darker green. And the buds grow big and frosty.

Old Skool has a delightful aroma that leaves hints of citrus and pine floating in the air. Also, there are sweet berry aromas that give this plant another dimension of heavenly smells

MSNL Editors Verdict

This is one of our most unique strains because it brings in many wonderful elements. Old Skool seeds turn into an easy to grow plant with a mild to moderate potency, so the effects bring out undeniable happiness without the racing thoughts of super potent Sativas. Also, the refreshing citrus and pine aromas and flavors take you back to nature and supply a sweet finish, like icing on the cake.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Because of this strain’s genetics, there are sweet, fruity, and uplifting flavors, just like its uplifting effects. The tasting notes of Old Skool are a combination of pine and fresh citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. With every inhale, you also get to enjoy an underlying sweet taste, that adds to the deliciousness of the strain’s overall flavour profile.

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old skool Seeds
  • "Efficient reliable delivery "

    Review by

    Brilliantly stealthy delivery, and interesting genetics.

  • "3 of 5 were females"

    Review by

    Nice frost buds very satisfied

  • "Easy to grow, good yield"

    Review by

    Plants thrive easily outdoor, the yield was very good. Out of 10+bogof, 3 fem shows promising choice to be motherplant. The high last quite a long time when turn into edibles.

  • "My carmelious and old skool doing good"

    Review by

    They get big quick can't wait till done another month and she will be there looking good I must say for a first timer.

  • "Grows well in Melbourne Australia"

    Review by

    Very easy to grow. Outdoors in a large tub it easily grows into a large and attractive shrub. Good smell, good taste, good high. One of my favourites to grow.

  • "Great classic sativa type buzz"

    Review by

    I grew this and some of the thai stick and both turned out really good. Lots of big buds everywhere! The old skool has an extremely good slightly unusual taste. The buzz is not as strong as the thai but all the sativa lovers that I have shared with like this better than the thai. It grows big and flowers fast for a sativa. While it doesn't taste like the columbian it used to get back in the 70's the buzz it gives is right there. I have some of MSNL green crack growing right now it will be interesting to see how this stacks up.

  • "Uh, nah"

    Review by

    uh, I just don't like that it makes me really sleepy I'm more of a straight sativa you know

  • "Kickin it old skool"

    Review by

    Yep, it's a great toke. Will leave you in fits of giggles only to moments later, be pondering some of life's deepest questions deep inside your own head.

  • "Takes me back"

    Review by

    Takes me back to my high school days so similar to what I grew back then love it!!

  • "Giggle, giggle, giggle"

    Review by

    With most sativas I find the giggles tend to wear off as the high does. Not with this one though. I had the giggles right up to the very last second. Love this bud!

  • "what a classic!!"

    Review by

    what's not to love about Old Skool, gives you that good time feeling all over again!

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Old Skool Seeds Video

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