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Sour Diesel marijuana

Sour Diesel Seeds

Sour Diesel is one of the most legendary cannabis strains in the world. At 19 to 22% THC, this Sativa dominant strain is fast-acting, yet its high can last up to five hours. Its potent fuel-like smell and earthy and sour taste provide uplifting effects when smoked.

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Originating from the East Coast, this strain shook the cannabis scene during the early 90s. Sour Diesel or Sour D is believed to be a cross of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Although its origin was shrouded in mystery for years, its undeniable appeal has never been debated.

Strain Effects

Sour Diesel is a heavy hitter that starts as a heady cerebral high that transforms into an epic wave of euphoria and creativity. It’s a good morning strain because it can help you focus, become inspired, and feel energized. Medical users say it helps lower stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

Growing info

You can grow this Sativa-dominant strain indoors or outdoors. However, given Sour Diesel’s robust size and lanky height, growing outdoors or in a greenhouse gives it more room to stretch and makes it easier to manage. Plus, an outdoor grow will produce higher yields, of 600 grams per sm or more. Whereas, growing indoors yields 1kg or more per plant. Sour D does require some patience, heavy feeding, and dedication as its flowering time lasts 10 to 11 weeks. It does well in a warm climate with temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, it’s ready for harvest in mid to late October.

Appearance and Aroma

The buds on Sour Diesel are often medium-sized with pale to mid-green colored leaves. Its pistols range from pink to amber to bright orange hues. It’s common for the nugs to be covered in a frosty coat of lustrous trichomes. And the unforgettable and distinctive smell of Sour D is rich in a skunky, diesel, and gasoline type fragrance.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Since the beginning, Sour Diesel earned a loyal following and remains one of the most celebrated strains of all time. Its ability to boost mood and clear the mind, keeps customers coming back for more. We’re happy to provide this invigorating strain to recreational and medical users alike. Start the day off right, with happy and creative energy.

YIELD 500-600g/m2
Tasting Notes

The name Sour Diesel comes from its pungent diesel-like smell, met by sour and citrusy notes. Its terpenes also express peppery and herbal aromas. The strong and undeniable fragrance can easily excite your senses. As you break off some nugs and grind them up, the smell becomes even more powerful. Take a hit from your pipe or bong to experience the sweet, earthy, and lemon zest flavours.

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Sour Diesel marijuana
  • "Disappointed"

    Review by

    I ordered 10 of these seeds. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. was a dud! None of them even cracked open. And it was 100% not user error. I’ve germinated hundreds of seeds in my life. After the 7th one didn’t germinate, I gave the other 3 to my buddy who works in a growing facility and he couldn’t get any of them to germinate either. I even emailed customer support on February 26th and still haven’t heard anything back. I wanted this website to be my main source of seeds but this whole experience was a waste of time and money.

  • "Surprised"

    Review by

    Excellent flavor/buzz, thought they would be more diesel/fuel taste and smell, however, this plant had almost a fruitty flavor smell with a little of that chemdog fuel flavor. This was not a bad thing as flavor is Excellent as well as buzz. Plants may have been exposed to light as buds had many seeds. 1 regular SD seed planted, germinated and came out Female, Fantastic. Hope my next run has same flavor/smell.

  • "nice "

    Review by

    just started these girls have been looking forward to growing this strain for a while cant wait to taste that fuel

  • "Great medicinal"

    Review by

    If you are looking for a strain to help you with Axiety , being anti social , high strung , quick to snap , depressed & unmotivated , always on edge , etc... , than this is the strain you should medicate to

  • "So good! "

    Review by

    So good, right? I mean, who does't love Sour D? So sour to the nose and tasters, so sweet for the cerebral and body!

  • "bad luck I guess"

    Review by

    got one female, 2 herms one male and six non germinate. my female got attack by pests so no keepers from this one at least the freebies worked

  • "Woohoo!!"

    Review by

    I thought I was getting a Sour D and Bubba cross but I was wrong - the stuff I had was pure D I believe. It keeps you up, keeps you goin, and nothing can mimic that smell!

  • "Super Smooth"

    Review by

    Sour D has been one of my favorite strains since I first began smoking. Because of that, it is literally my model for a good sativa, with a quality of high that truly sets the standard. The bud is predominantly light green, with some light brown hairs visible. Its scent reminds me of sappy wood. The smoke was very smooth- I was able to singlehandedly roach the entire joint to nothing without a single cough

  • "Hits ya right in the nose"

    Review by

    Yep, hits ya right in the face as you smoke it with that pungent potent gassy beautiful smell. You can tell it's Sour D wherever you are!

  • "Love the D!"

    Review by

    Hands down 100% must-have better than ever better than any strain right here right now!

  • "New customer "

    Review by

    I order my seeds and receive them in less then 10days. I'm excited to start growing.

  • "Man, love the diesel"

    Review by

    Love the Sour D so much. So gassy smelling, but intoxicating at the same time. There's a definite throat hit, but it's not too harsh.

  • "Delish"

    Review by

    Always a fan of any diesel strain but this is #1 out of them all gets the brain working love it

  • "Creative High"

    Review by

    This is perfect for them creative entrepreneurs.
    After half an hour of trying the strain we were discuss our business ideas. I'm happy to say, Sour Diesel has helped our ideas of opening a shop come to life.
    I will definitely tell people about this strain and this website.
    A nice flavour, not too powerful and really potent.
    Great service. No problems at all.

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