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sour diesel auto marijuana

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Sour Diesel Auto Feminized Seeds *PROMO*


Buy 2 Get 3rd Free

Sour Diesel Automatic is the sativa dominant auto flowering version of our legendary strain Sour Diesel. It is one of our fastest finishing auto flowering strains thanks to the ruderalis genetics with the plant reaching completion in as little as 60 days from seed.
  • Autoflowering
  • Feminized
  • Sativa
  • Short Height
  • Tasty
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Despite the fast finishing time the plant maintains the soaring strength and yield Sour Diesel is known for. Indoors the plants stay nice and short (between 50-70cm) and growers can expect to yield up to 300g/m2. Outdoors is possible thanks to the plants mould and fungus resistance. THC levels are high around 16% with the buds becoming extremely resinous and giving off the classic diesel fuel aroma during flowering. The smoke is outstanding offering a sour lemon and slightly herbal taste. The stone that follows is typically sativa style strong heady cerebral hit. A definite must try for the diesel lovers out there.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A very easy to recognise chemical smell is very apparent from the outset when you sample this strain. The diesel is mixed very well with the sour candies that make it such a tasty treat. The additional earthy skunk flavours from the ruderalis, although subtle are still definitely there and add nicely to the mix. The soaring tripping high is still the main feeling although it is a little more balance in this autoflowering version.-

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sour diesel auto marijuana
  • "A fantastic free surprise."

    Review by

    Bonus seed from Msnl, free autoflowering is the best. First time growing Sour Diesel, I had only ever heard the name. Very pungent in a good way, fresh and fast to germinate, big buds gassy and fun. Cheers and what a great surprise.

  • "Took a beating, and them some!"

    Review by

    Got this as a freebie with my order. New to DWC and doing all organic lead to many mistakes. This girl took a beating from pH drift and yellowing tips, and she nearly died in veg after an ozone device was left running and wiped all but 2 seedlings in the tent. After nursing her back to health and using LST soft rubber ties to make a SCROG, this beauty was SO leafy dense, light could not get through the canopy. Even took clones off her that, true to the Auto story, went straight into flower even under 18 hrs photo period. Clone in DWC came out a little under half the size of the mother. Worth taking clones to increase your yield, just don't expect a full size daughter. Need to really pump up the clones with DWC to get any decent size, soil clones just became buds on a little stick! Very sweet, and fuelly aroma. Would grow this again!

  • "Great Yield!"

    Review by

    Two indoors under one light yielded 545g at 70 days, beautiful creeper bringing on a euphoric stone. Acquired taste however.

  • "Sour Diesel Auto"

    Review by

    Thank you MSNL for this free gift strain, one of the best tasting and sweet aroma strain, it's very easy to grow and harvest 95 days from seed, works well indoors in 3 gal pots, ideal for beginners and seasoned growers, MSNL seeds are of high quality that you can trust"

  • "1st time grower"

    Review by

    Pleasantly surprised with the quality of this bud considering the problems I had in my indoor grow room as a newbie (heat, humidity, exhaust, light inconsistencies). Still produced quality smoke. A little stunted considering all the issues. Can't wait to see what happens once I get some skills. Would definitely order this strain (sent free with my order). Thanks MSNL for turning me on to autos! Great user friendly website!

  • "Fast and potent Diesel"

    Review by

    First off, let me say that I have tried a lot of diesel strains in the last 20+ years, and I am not a diesel fan at all. But, I got 10 of these seeds on a super great deal, because of the price only. So, after planting 10 seeds, 63 days latter, I harvested 9 monsters that grew super quick and easy, quite big, and very potent(even without being cured was suppose to just be a sample. But, it taste so good and strong now, that I'm not sure if it will make it past a light cure.).... WOW.... I am now a Sour Diesel Auto, fan of MSNL.

  • "Healthy seeds"

    Review by

    Took 7 business days for shipping to Aus, super fast, well hidden, and the seeds are super high quality

  • "Fast Delivery"

    Review by

    Placed the order for 5 Sour Diesel Auto Fem seeds which were on BOGOF offer on 27th January, 2018. Received my order in 10 days a super stealthy way on 7th February, 2018. Got 10 seeds of SDAF and also 5 regular seeds of Pure Power Plant as freebies. Super Happy! Unfortunately I can't grow them till March/April as I have to shift to a new house. Will update asap.

  • "So fast"

    Review by

    Wow, I didn't know if I was going to be impresed with fems or not. But flowering in just two months? That's insane!

  • "Gross taste"

    Review by

    The high of Sour D is always awesome, but can't get past the taste. It's so gassy! It's really smooth on the throat though, which is nice and might make up for the pungent taste.

  • "Great grow!"

    Review by

    Bought 5 of the AFSD and have only germ'ed one....she is currently in her 24th day from seed and IS short, but BUUUUUUSHY!!!!! Im excited to see the yields....AND it was a CFL grow....but she ate/is eating it up!

  • "Great for tasty treats"

    Review by

    Sour D is always a great smoke, but it's great for turning into concentrates or edibles too. Lemony dishes work well with the already citrus taste, makes for a great lemon cake in the AM.

  • "Makes my mouth water"

    Review by

    Huge crystals, tons of hairs, and big lush buds that you wouldn't necessarily expect from a sativa. Sour D is a top choice for many, and one never has to wonder why.

  • "A classic sativa strain"

    Review by

    A love all sativa plants, but this one is by far my fave. Keeps you up, energized, and always ready to smoke some more - which is always a great quality in any bag.

  • "Wake n bake strain"

    Review by

    This is a great strain for wake n bakes. It doesn't give you serious couch lock, along with a good cup of coffee, you'll still be able to start your day and get stuff done.

  • "a knockout as always"

    Review by

    I am totally down with the D, great taste, possibly an even better smell, and a favorite among any smoker I know. If you can get your hands on some good D, take the opportunity!

  • "Nice balanced high, pungent smell"

    Review by

    Sour Diesel is the right name for this weed - the lemony/gassy smells hit me in the face as soon as I lit my bowl. It gives a nice balanced high, making me happy and relaxed, but still had energy to get stuff done.

  • "love the diesel"

    Review by

    so glad to see an auto version of sour diesel as I'm a big diesel fan! this didn't disappoint.

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