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Super Silver Haze Seeds

Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds


Super Silver Haze Feminized combines a potent haze variety which has been crossed with a high yielding skunk. The product was a super potent Feminized strain with a very high level of THC 17-21%.
  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Sativa
  • Tall Height
  • High THC
  • White
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Like Regular Super Silver haze Feminized gives a strong, clear cerebral high and is non drowsy. Super Silver Haze's skunk parentage makes the plant easier to handle than typical Haze varieties Though as with all haze's it does require extra attention. It has a hazy taste and up high. This strain could be of interest for medical applications.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

A tall and very frosty plant, the Sativa genetics give the plant its characteristic aromatic incense taste. There is very little in the way of fruit flavours but it is still quite sweet on the taste buds On the exhale this is cut with a slightly more sour after-taste but it is still a pleasing flavour. The high is a very cerebral active buzz. It is an excellent strain for motivation of creative impulses, without any of the "out of control" head rush that can sometimes happen with some Sativa. An all round excellent daytime or social strain.

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Super Silver Haze Seeds
  • "Super silver haze and grand daddy purple "

    Review by

    Just when I thought I got screwed and didn’t get my seeds they showed up the other day. So excited. Right meow I am storing them until I get my grow room situated. Should be ready to go in about 3 weeks to a month. Will leave updates. But definitely a trust worthy seed bank!!!

  • "I hope to improve the website's response information about the seed."

    Review by

    Growing up! Smooth sprouting, now 30 days, from the fan blade seems to be dominated by japonica rice (very large!) I don't know if it will change during the flowering period (I want narrower and longer leaves). Unfortunately, look for MSNL's strain search. Not the result! The website about super lemon diesel and super silver haze, gold (I bought 3 varieties) can not find any information! I will write to them! Because I need to know about the growth of these seeds (the website is not complete or detailed) I hope they can tell me and all the people who buy it; the nutrients or temperature, environment, etc. that each seed needs or likes... I will come again!

  • "Kinda like Diesel"

    Review by

    The sour notes remind me a lot of diesel, but this is def a different strain. Loaded with crystals and you'll feel so uplifted and high that you'll think you can conquer anything. Love this bud!

  • "my favorite strain"

    Review by

    tv.. couch lock... forget about it! great day time smoke.. creativity is what its all about. if your a musician, youve got to try this strain. Easy grow. soil only. Lite on the nutes, i never get over 1100 ppm and they just do there thing. Expect 14 weeks of flowering and believe me it tacks on most of the weight in the last three weeks, so dont harvest to soon. enjoy!!!

  • "amazing delivery!!!!!"

    Review by

    wow it took literally only 1 week to inland empire in california~!!! can't wait to have them germinated...i did received my 10 seeds plus 8 freebies!!!!!amazing site.....i definitely will buy more from this site again and i will post a soon get them ready to be germinated!!!!

  • "A classic"

    Review by

    Great strain. Used this for many years, the cerebral high is great for my anxiety and i don't find it overly lethargic on the stone. Also has a good yield in a SCROG setup.

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