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Super Skunk Marijuana seeds

Super Skunk Seeds

Super Skunk is the super-charged version of Skunk #1. It’s captivated the hearts of cannabis lovers around the world for its pungent aroma, its pleasantly sweet taste, and its distinctive high. Plus, it’s an easy strain to grow and produces high yields. There’s a whole lot to smile about with this strain.
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This beloved strain, Super Skunk, entered popular cannabis culture when its breeder crossed Skunk #1 and Afghani. It was developed to be better than its original, and many believe that it’s better by a long shot. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain has 65% Indica and 35% Sativa

Strain Effects

Super Skunk produces a nice all-over body relaxation. At the same time a wave of happiness and euphoria sweep over you. Your senses become enhanced, so when you start to feel the munchies, your snacks will taste a lot more flavorful. Also, your mood boosts, you become chill and feel your stress levels drop off. Medical users also like this strain because it helps reduce and eliminate pain, headaches, and cramps.

Growing info

This is the perfect indoor and outdoor strain. Since Super Skunk is predominantly an Indica strain, it grows to medium height and is bushy and compact. Due to the way it grows, the branches are heavy and the stems are thick to support the large dense buds. When grown outdoors this plant can yield up to 600 grams per M2. And it can survive harsher outdoor environments, particularly when exposed to pests and disease. Lastly, this stain has a short flowing time of 8 to 10 weeks, so it has an early harvest of late September or early October.

Appearance and Aroma

Take a big inhale of a Super Skunk nug and observe how sparks of aroma get sent through your nose hairs. The skunk smell is pungent and not easily missed. It’s light green in appearance with reddish-brown hairs. The buds are thick and dense. When you break it apart, the aroma of skunk, along with earthy and spicy notes shine through.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Super Skunk is an excellent strain all the way around. It’s an easy plant to grow making it appealing to novice growers and even those with veteran skills. And its THC levels are in the medium range which is also appealing to different types of smokers. Overall, we’re serious fans of Super Skunk. We love how it’s Indica strength leaves your body thoroughly relaxed while its Sativa effects balance it out by providing clear-headedness. 

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Although the smell is skunky, the tasting notes are surprisingly different. In your first bong rip or hit from the joint, you’ll taste sweet flavours. Then as you continue to smoke, you will get hints of spicy notes, like pepper. Depending on how you grow Super Skunk, it could even taste fruity and earthy.

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Super Skunk Marijuana seeds
  • "One of my favorites"

    Review by

    I got these seeds from a friend who got it from MSNL, all I can say this is probably some of the easiest and best strain i have tried in a long while. My first order from here is the super skunk and i cant wait for them to get here.

  • "A free bonus, legendary stuff !"

    Review by

    Always dependable fast delivery. Fresh seed, these were a free gift that were extras, cheers, they germinated in days, bushy, smelly and that legendary Skunk smell and taste. Love it.

  • "this time is the good one !"

    Review by

    had this in the pass as free seeds , were doing great outside near a river bed 10 feet above water level ......then 3 days of very heavy rain came , the river came out of it s bed and the plant were 3 day s under water ......they survived , but tasted like **** and lost it s potency , felt nothing and sand was infiltrated in every little places availlable in the plant....^^ found 3 left over of that plant 4 months ago , 2 of them turned to be feminized and are actualy drying in a closet , cant wait to finaly taste this for real !

  • "Great service!"

    Review by

    Wow I am surprised at how quickly I received my order, took about a week to the west coast of the states. So glad I chose the stealth shipping option. The stealth took me a few minutes to figure out even. On to the girls. My first girl is in seedling phase and growing great. She has 2 sets of leaves, and is super healthy in my OF/perlite mix. I am awaiting a few more beans to sprout. So excited to see these girls grow as this is my first purchase from MSNL. Will update as she grows. Great service, and Dave at support has been awesome with any questions I had. Thanks MSNL!

  • "Superfast Delivery"

    Review by

    These guys said 12-25 days and i received these and my free amnezia haze in 10 in the states. Will update when theyre finished.

  • "Connect with everything"

    Review by

    Remember lying on the grass feeling the warmth of the sun course through my entire body. Any form of stress I may have had seemed to vanish almost completely and then when we went for a swim, I felt truly connected with the water.

  • "Too strong"

    Review by

    To be honest, I generally find skunk strains to be very strong and keep me couch locked, so I went into this knowing that. Just as I predicted, the "super" skunk variety knocked me out ten fold. For real, I slept for ten hours. Need something a bit lighter for me.

  • "Great smoke"

    Review by

    Skunk is one of my favorites, and Skunk #1 was always one of my faves. But to be honest, this is better - I'm reformed and I'll be the first to admit it!

  • "Very skunky"

    Review by

    Love all the skunk strains they all kick your butt and she's got a beautiful structure and great smoke as well a winner all around

  • "Super Skunk"

    Review by

    This is one of my favourite strains, super skunk was love at first smoke, i have just recently ordered some Super Skunk seeds to have my own. 10/10 high! It's sweet and spicy and kicks a massive punch of a stone, makes me very couch bound and hazed.

  • "Taste is a lot nicer than the original"

    Review by

    I always found skunk strains to be kind of bitter, but I really like this one. Kind of sweet with peppery notes that hit the back of the throat at the end. And it doesn't take long before I'm zoned out on the couch.

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Super Skunk Seeds Video

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