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THC Bomb strain marijuana seeds

THC Bomb Seeds


THC Bomb is creating some rave reviews from cannabis growers in the know. As the name suggests, it produces big plants with huge buds absolutely covered in THC. It’s an explosive strain for resin production and recommended highly for cannabis connoisseurs.

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  • Indica
  • Novice
  • Regular
  • High THC
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Explosive power is what THC bomb is all about! With THC Content over 22%, this strain provides serious power for any aliments and conditions. It’s a beautifully balanced indica, hybrid strain, which means it won’t totally blow your socks off. Instead, expect to feel a calming buzz sweep your entire body, as all your pains and worries melt away.

The genetics of THC Bomb strain remain largely a mystery as its breeders keep this a sweet and solid secret. It’s no wonder though as this strain really is a winner!

The more you smoke, the more stoned you get with this strain. The high is hard hitting with cerebral effects and a warm buzz. But after a few more tokes you’ll find yourself melting into your seat. Soothing is the perfect way to explain this strain as you ebb deeper into a body stone and ready for that netflix and chill session.

The taste of this variety gives us more of a clue into its genetics. The plant has a solid skunk base, which becomes known during its flowering period. Once harvested, dried and cured, the citrus and fruity terpenes become more prominent. Resulting in a delicious, classic skunk smoke with sour and fruity undertones.

The THC Bomb strain is the ideal commercial growers plant. Like Big Bud the harvest will be massive, with yields between 500g-600g/m2 indoors. You’ll get much more of this gorgeous marijuana strain at harvest time if you grow it outdoors. This strain will not grow any more than 140cm in height indoors. It remains short but is extremely strong and vigorous, making this the perfect plant for small spaces.

It also finishes very fast with higher levels of THC than Big Bud or Pure Power Plant. Flowering time is typically between 8-10 weeks, however leaving it for the full 10 weeks will maximise the THC content to its fullest. Beginners are in luck as THC Bomb is very robust, giving everyone the chance to grow an outstanding and potent plant as their first time grow.

These THC Bomb Regular marijuana seeds produce male and female plants, giving growers a great strain for breeding or quality seeds on a budget.

YIELD 500g-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

One of the best producing strains that consistently delivers an outstanding smoke. The smell from the plant is very pungent, a real mix of skunk and a more sour and earthy scent. After a good cure, any remaining grassy smells have been replaced with a fruity, berry aroma. The stone is exquisite! Starting with a real face flushing head rush it is quite cerebral. This rapidly changes into a much heavier body stone with some couch lock tendencies.

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THC Bomb strain marijuana seeds
  • "Perfect"

    Review by

    Has a very Potent effect

  • "Super fast shipping"

    Review by

    Shipping only took a little over a week, seeds are super healthy and the one i planted last year grew amazing

  • "Great seeds"

    Review by

    Got these a few weeks ago, took a week for shipping and all the seeds were top quality

  • "Good throat hit"

    Review by

    Some nice mixes of a pungent earthy, fruity taste with a kick to the throat. In a good way. This stuff tastes like some really good kushy weed. A much heavier smoke. Definitely nice in a joint. The fruity earthy spicy tastes come to the forefront of the smoke when blazed this way.

  • "You can't get more potent"

    Review by

    If you're looking for potency in your pot, this is the stuff to go with. So crystaly, so pretty, and so so strong!

  • "The one for pain"

    Review by

    Anyway this strain is the best pain killer hands down. I have tried 80+ strains and this is the best. No side effects just straight medication.

  • "Don't know how other strains last"

    Review by

    Honestly, I truly don't know how other strains last. When there's one that offers the most THC one strain can offer, I just dont get it.

  • "Huge massive colas"

    Review by

    Used low stress training with my indoor girls and they reciprocated in kind. Several colas on each plant, each yielding more and more buds than the next. Such a great smoke too, would recommend to any indoor grower.

  • "Only weed for me"

    Review by

    There's so much THC with this strain, I don't smoke much else anymore. You can actually see it right on the buds, and there's tons of it! Super stoney!!

  • "2 hits and out"

    Review by

    Awesome strain live the yields and it's super stoney and covered with frost!

  • "Quick-hitting high"

    Review by

    The high comes on so fast and so strong with THC Bomb, and it's a great one, too! More relaxing, but still keeps you fully aware. Great for stress and insomnia.

  • "Robust Plants"

    Review by

    Strong and vibrant plants. fast growing and beautiful leaves.

  • "awesome yielder"

    Review by

    I had 2 topped plants they were about 1.7m tall got around 300 grams really satisfied.

  • "t.h.c heaven"

    Review by

    nice easy big plant i got over 2 pound off it, smooth smoke awesome stone too.

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