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THC Bomb feminized Seeds

THC Bomb Feminized Seeds

Get award winning THC Bomb with its explosive genetics in an outstanding all female version. If you’re looking for a strain that has great power and potency but is easy to grow, then we recommend this strain!
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THC Bomb may just be your next favourite strain! With great potency, flavor and effects, this strain delivers on every level.

The THC Bomb strain is a very stable variety and it isn’t named THC bomb for nothing. This strain develops serious amounts of THC, with over 22% THC content, making it the perfect strain for cannabis concentrates.

This variety yields a generous 500-600 g/m2 indoors at optimum levels. Expect over 600g/m2 if you’re growing outside in a suitable, warm climate. The best part about this type of marijuana is its extremely easy to grow due to its strong and robust indica genetics. Beginners can yield a good amount off this strain even on their first time grow!

THC bomb is an ideal plant for commercial growers. Like Big Bud the harvest will be rewarding, but with flavor that’s even more delicious. The taste is of classic skunk and earthy notes with sour and fruity undertones, creating a truly spectacular smoke.

The plant remains very short but is extremely strong and vigorous. Some defoliation later in the flowering period would be ideal, to allow light to penetrate deeper into the plant and enhance bud growth.

This variety also finishes very fast with higher levels of THC, making it a top contender with the old school and legendary strains, such as Big Bud and Pure Power Plant. Flowering time is typically between 8-10 weeks, but if you want the most out of this plant leave it the full 10 weeks. This strain is a real winner and can help ease any chronic ailments and conditions.

The effects of THC bomb start fast and hard hitting, with instant uplifting and cerebral effects. The stone will slowly start to kick in, filling your entire body with a calming and soothing buzz. It’s a great indica hybrid because you can manage the indica effects. If you want a stronger stone just keep on smoking! THC Bomb can pull you into a couch lock when used repeatedly. Therefore, it can be used for day or night use, it all just depends on your needs.

YIELD 500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

We’d say this is one of our best producing strains that consistently delivers. The smell from the plant is very pungent, because of its skunk base. A real mix of skunk, earth and fruity sour notes can be experienced in both the scent and taste. The flavor is delicious with berry undertones felt more on the exhale. After a good cure, any remaining grassy smells have been replaced with a strong fruity, berry aroma. Starting with a real face flushing head rush it is quite cerebral. This rapidly changes into a warm buzz. If Smoked too much, then a much heavier body stone with some couch lock tendencies can be experienced. This strengthens if you keep smoking this strain to the point where you’re glued to the couch.

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THC Bomb feminized Seeds
  • "Easy grow"

    Review by

    I did a hydroponic inside grow with four plants about an ounce and 1.3 out of three plants and 4 ounces out of the other. The 4 ounce plant was not topped. Outdoor grow grew to 9 feet with a 16 ounces of bud. Taste and smell just OK but gives a great buzz. It is perfect for making hash both wet and dry.

  • "Name does not lie"

    Review by

    Aloha, Been growing this for a while now. I have not been disappointed.Night time herb.

  • "POP"

    Review by

    I received my THC Bomb Fem 10 seeds a couple days ago. Took a couple weeks. Germinated 2 of the seeds between wet paper towels sandwiched between to plates. Don't squish them, flip one of the plates over and set on it looks like a UFO. Keep in a dark warm area spray once in a while with water. They both popped in 2 days. Arrived safely to the desert southwest with a free wrist band.. I will planting them outside in about 5 weeks and pollinating them with Lost Coast OG from Humboldt Seeds. Thank You MSNL!!

  • "The favorite"

    Review by

    This plant does very well in Indoor Cultivation. A true warrior dwarf that provides generous harvests. For novice growers like me, it is an ideal plant, does not need much care, good light and good fertilizer will make you have crops to be proud of. Genetics of this plant is very good and all branches will be full of flowers, so I recommend the Top Cropping technique to enhance the harvest.

  • "100% germination"

    Review by

    I bought 10 seeds of THC BOMB, glued 5 to germinate and all worked. Excellent delivery service, arrived safely here, somewhere in South America.

  • "Knocked on the head"

    Review by

    Good strain, minor variations in phenotype, stable, easy to grow. Definitely want the longer finishing pheno (11 weeks). Super potent and extreme frosting, moderate to heavy yield. Nice fresh flavour. Felt like i had been kicked in the head. Very alert but easily distracted, lasted for ages. Will definitely buy again!

  • "nice buzz"

    Review by

    just finished curing on two bombs, 111 and 87 gm. The smaller was a noticeable runt just days after germination. the runt flowered for 9 wks and the other took 11 wks to finish. both veg'd for 53 days in a custom potting mix, hand watered in 7gal. grow bags. fed mainly fish poop from my aquarium, some boom boost. each scrogged a under chinese 600w led. the vape is strong and smooth. the buzz is a nice hybrid type buzz, strong and lasting.

  • "Massive munchies"

    Review by

    Really super potent bud. Gave me major munchies.

  • "Nice"

    Review by


  • "UhOh! Couchlock!"

    Review by

    I already ordered 10 seeds of THC Bomb, but I have no idea HOW I missed the comments of couchlock. Although no one really complained of this couchlock. Is it a pleasant type of couchlock? I've never had a PLEASANT couchlock experience. I do have severe pain and seizures though, so that's why I grabbed THCBomb so quickly.

  • "Super potent, heightens everything"

    Review by

    The name says it all - you know this is gonna be a strong high. It is, but so are the side effects. I found that it gave me super cotton mouth and my eye drops always had to be at the ready.

  • "Most pop legal weed"

    Review by

    Blue Dream is in abundance where I'm from, prolly cuz it's the most popular legal weed around. Tastes sweety-licious and will def have you coming back for more.

  • "Get some good tunes"

    Review by

    This bud makes me wanna lay back and just listen to some great records - the northern hues, kidd reef, and cashmatics are all great choices when u know ur gonna be on the couch all day in that thc bomb haze.

  • "Massive yields!"

    Review by

    I've been growing for awhile but I've never seen nothing like what THC Bomb gives you. They just keep coming! For anyone who likes to grow in bulk, why would you choose any other strain?

  • "Amazing grower"

    Review by

    This strain is an amazing grower and will do well for anyone that tries - it even grows in the space I use, which isnt near a water well and so, prolly doesn't get the love it deserves. Still does great though.

  • "stank and dank, just great"

    Review by

    this stuff is DANK! just what I'm goin for whenever I want some good bud. smoke a little for a nice head high, smoke much more and yer butt's gonna be lazin around for awhile.

  • "Just got a quarter!"

    Review by

    One of the best quarters I've ever had actually. Potent smoke hits you right away, as will the couch lock - almost immediately. Great for zoning out and puttin on your fave movie.

  • "THC Bomb is Da Bomb!"

    Review by

    I love THC Bomb! It's super potent and so easy to grow, although you will get a bit of couch-lock from it. I've grown both indoors and out and suggest out, purely for the huge yield I got from mine.

  • "as the name say's "

    Review by

    this one will become a regular visitor in my grow room. yield was out standing,10 plants of the thc bomb produced 2 lb's dry product very smooth smoke well above 20% .easy to grow beautiful flowers

  • "Best strain I've ever ordered"

    Review by

    Thc bomb is literally the the best train I've ever bought super high levels of thc as the other review stated well over 20%, never tested it but tried 0% strains before and this is stronger than the likes of white widow. It's also easier to handle in a grow room. Yield was also excellent especially for such a high thc strain. MSNL also has the best delivery around, tried several other seed shops in the past and none compare their stealth is fantastic. Like the new loyalty points scheme too, just wish you could have backdated my points from my orders years ago.

  • "Great strain Total Cannabinoids 23.4%"

    Review by

    I grew 4 of these in a ebb & flow, screen of green, in 4x8 mylar tent system. Yield was over 500 grams dried and cured per plant 2600 total yield. Lab testing showed THC 21.9% CBG 1.1% Total Cannabinoids 23.4%.

  • "Delivered "

    Review by

    THC BOMB was my first grow. Small 15L pot and 600w HPS minor training and some defoliation yielded 2.8 oz dry. Big yield for a small grow.

  • "Amazing genetics"

    Review by

    I ordered this strain last year. Going to order some feminized seeds this year

  • "This is da BOMB"

    Review by

    Insane strain, blows my mind. Hardy and big yielding, highly recommended.

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