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Cheese feminized marijuana

The Cheese Feminized Seeds

The Cheese Feminized is the all female variety of the legendary Cheese.
Its genetics were originally only available in clone form in the UK underground scene, the original was known for its massive buds and unique cheese smell.
  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Indica
  • Medium Height
  • Tasty
  • Cheese
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The Cheese Feminized has now been re-engineered by crossing it with an Afghan male. This cross has stabilized the strain and made it more robust, deals well with cold and stress. Uplifting old school smoke with attitude.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Since emerging onto the marijuana scene in the early 90's few strains have offered such a distinctive taste. Closer to parmesan than cheddar, the Cheese flavour is unmistakeable. The skunk genetics mean that the classic Indica body stone is apparent from the first hit. This will create a real couch lock with anything more than a couple of tokes leaving you in a cloud of cheesy smoke.

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Cheese feminized marijuana
  • "Super fast delivery"

    Review by

    Fastest delivery I've personally have experienced.Will update as it grows!!!

  • "Great High, easy grow"

    Review by

    I have grown The Cheese Feminized outside for several years now and It produces a good yield with a great high year after year.
    I try other varieties ever year but The Cheese is always the overall best producer with a great high and the easiest to grow in my area. Thanks! I love your products!

  • "cheese smell, but not stinky"

    Review by

    The cheese smell is very strong with this strain (which is great, btw) but it's not the stinky cheese variety. it just cheese. Other than that, this strain can leave you energetic or tired, depending on how much you smoke, and is a great strain to smoke.

  • "fun grow"

    Review by

    Fun grow.. very easy. first grow was in soil using fox farm. The smoke and the taste really peaked after about 1 month of curing. Only pulled a smidge over 4 ounces from 2 plants. so i tried a hydro grow using advanced nutrients. not as pungent but the yield jumped to a little under 8 ounces from 2 plants using 600w hid on both grows.

  • "Great phenos"

    Review by

    I would've given 5 stars but the strain was not completely uniform. However, that can be a good thing too. If given enough time to veg I believe The Cheese can yield exceptionally well. Tight, dense flowers with good lower growth. The Cheese from MSNL has many varieties some fit for SOG, while others would benefit more from SCROG. The strain does have a nice aroma, smells more like blueberry or grape infused with a limonene scent. They also can handle nutrients exceptionally well. They are fast growers and finished in 58 days at 20% amber. This is perhaps in my top 15.

  • "Everyone loves a bit of cheese"

    Review by

    I first tried this in the Dam with my mates. We had such a great time. The flavour you get when smoking it is so cheesy, it's like eating a bag of wotsits

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