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The Cheese Seeds

The Cheese Seeds


A winner of multiple awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup, The Cheese is a genuinely unique and rare breed. Straight from the British underground, this strain has the most unbelievable taste and smell of any marijuana we can think of. It’s potent yet balanced highs are great for any occasion and the ease of growing ensures anyone can enjoy them!

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It is said The Cheese was born from a Skunk #1 phenotype that possessed a uniquely pungent smell. It’s genetics have since been strengthened by crossing the original with a potent Afghani indica strain. Developed in the UK of the late 1980s, Cheese has quite high THC levels of 15-20%. Only the smallest traces of CBD or CBN appear.

Strain Effects

A Cheese high comes on quickly, hitting harder and faster than most indicas. A gentle wave of happiness begins to roll over you soon after lighting. This wave builds into a mellow euphoria while the body begins to relax and go numb. This combination of effects will leave you happy and content and is great for helping cope with a variety of medical issues.

Growing info

Cheese seeds make a great choice for any grower, even those with little experience. The plants are resilient and relatively short at 100-180cm indoors, though can reach over 2m outside. Indoor yields of 300-400g/m2 will be ready after a flowering period of 8-10 weeks. These indoor yields can be boosted to over 500g/m2 with some basic training during growing. Outside you can expect to harvest around 600g per plant, ready by mid autumn.

Appearance and Aroma

Cheese plants are dense and covered with bright emerald green indica style leaves. Heavy coatings of trichromes cover much of the plants giving them a sparkling appearance. The popcorn shaped buds are pale green and yellow before going darker green and brown when cured. They give off the most amazingly pungent aroma of strong cheddar, with a stunning mix of sourness, sweetness and earthiness.

MSNL Editors Verdict

The Cheese is a totally unique strain with an aroma and flavour unlike any other type of marijuana. Its pungent yet pleasant cheesy punch will leave the fussiest of gourmets satisfied and the incredible highs will leave them floored. Plus thanks to its easy growing nature even the greenest of thumbs will soon be able to add a large wedge of Cheese to their stash. There really is no reason for any cheese lover to look any further.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The Cheeses amazing flavour has all the power of its aroma but leans closer to sweet than sour, more like a fine Italian Parmesan than an English cheddar. The inhale has a lovely traditional skunky note to it, mixing with the potent sweet and sour flavours. Exhaling brings out a subtle herbal and peppery quality that takes the taste to a whole new level. This really is a cannabis experience like no other.

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The Cheese Seeds
  • "Not an Exodus Cheese, but amazing anyway!"

    Review by

    Got 2 ladies in week 8 of flower, both are very uniform with the same, massive white pistils covering the buds and some good resin starting to cover the buds. The smell while relatively mild, is not the old skool, skunky, Exodus Cheese we all know. Reminds me more of Swiss Cheese from Nirvana. So looking forward to tasting 'The Cheese'. Final review to follow...

  • "The classic"

    Review by

    This is my favorite of all times and it's a very fun high

  • "Diesel all the way"

    Review by

    Real heavy from the first rip, definitely a fuel smell and a heavy diesel/gas taste in the intake, smooth but expanding. As for the grow, the plant gets super tall and has an immense skunk smell throughout the life of the plant. Not cheesy at all more sour lots of gas, full fat beautiful too buds and the plant puts on several tops. Easy grow, no maintenance needed. Buds really swell in the last week. Couch lock inevitably will onset after a bowl or two, not for the novice smoker. Enjoy!

  • "It doesn't smell or taste like cheese"

    Review by

    Really good but there isn't any hints of cheese, more amnesia smell to me.

  • "So crazy, gave me munchies"

    Review by

    So crazy that you can actually pick up little notes of Parmesan and Cheddar in this. It gave me the munchies, maybe because I kept tasting cheese but wasn't actually eating anything!

  • "You gonna be soaring!"

    Review by

    Love this weed so much. Truly tastes so cheesy, so freakin great.

  • "Glad to see this up-and-comer"

    Review by

    I've known about the cheese for awhile, but it was this obscure weed that you could never get. If you can, it's worth it just for the experience of smoking something that smells like cheese. Glad to see it's starting to become a bit more mainstream.

  • "An acquired taste"

    Review by

    I don't know, I loved the cheesy taste this strain gave off but a couple of my buddies really did not. I guess it's a choice of personal preference, but I would definitely recommend it to any smoker.

  • "Ok"

    Review by

    Good yeild bad taste

  • "Potent knockout cheese"

    Review by

    Excellent strain, stable and good genetics.

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