White Lightning Seeds

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  • THC High - Up to 24%
  • Massive Yield - Over 600gsm
  • Indica Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • Powerful, fast-acting, hybrid cross between two cup-winning classics: White Widow and Northern Lights
  • An easy-to-grow, fast-finishing and bushy plant that produces reliable yields in abundance
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THC %20%-24%
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvestEarly October
YieldOver 600gr/m²
Indica/SativaIndica Dominant
HeightTall: 180cm-220cm
CBD Content<1%
Medical ConditionsInsomnia, Stress
Seed TypeRegular
GeneticsWhite Widow x Northern Lights
TasteWoody , Spicy , Earthy
TerpeneMyrcene , Caryophyllene , Pinene



Originally developed by our breeders in the late 90’s the goal was to bring the high THC content and resulting strength of White Widow together with the reliability and calming stone of Northern Lights. The result was a fast growing bushy strain with THC levels between 19-22%, that is very easy to grow.


As an indica dominant hybrid, there is more of a stone present in this strain, but the white widow uplifting high will penetrate this giving a true energizing body buzz. A great daytime smoke in smaller doses, it eases away minor aches and pains whilst still allowing you to maintain a clear head and get things done.


White Lightning starts off fast and doesn’t slow down throughout the vegetation period. This is particularly the case when grown in hydroponic setups where it is given plenty of light, often putting on an inch or more per day. Because the genetic lines are so well tried and tested you can be safe giving this strain a heavy feed in both veg and flower cycles without her missing a beat. Finishing in 8-10 weeks, if you can give it a longer veg period of 6 weeks plus, you will be very handsomely rewarded when it comes to yield. In a good Hydro setup or a deep 8 gallon pot under good LED’s pulling 600gsm is easily achievable.

Appearance & Aroma

It looks like a perfect hybrid of Indica and Sativa, with broad yet pale green shade leaves and medium distancing between branches. Bud structure is big and spread well across multiple main colas making it a great plant if you want to SCROG or fancy trying your hand at mainlining. The distinctive citrus spice scent that is common to many White Widow crosses is abundant from later stages of veg, whereas the more earthy aroma that characterises the northern lights really begins to develop in the flowering stage.

MSNL Editors Verdict

With genetics like these, it is impossible not to love White Lightning. A really pleasing and well balanced smoke that both energises and relaxes means that whatever your reason for enjoying this strain it will put a smile on your face.

Tasting Notes

Sweet Citrus mixed with spice and sandlewood are evident when you break open a bud, not overpowering but still strong. When smoked the more skunky undertones come through giving a rich well balanced flavour.