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white widow max marijuana seeds

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White Widow Max Seeds


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It’s never easy to improve on a classic but that is exactly what White Widow Max has done. This masterpiece takes all the best bits of the Cannabis Cup winning White Widow strain while making it easier to grow and increasing the yield massively. Loved globally for its strong highs that mix the best of sativa and indica effects, this is one strain you cannot afford to miss.

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White Widow Max is an indica leaning hybrid, bred from a combination of the infamous White Widow and Big Bud strains. This has not only given Max extra large yields of giant high quality buds but an average THC content of 18-22%. Traces of CBD and CBN are generally below 1%, yet this strain still has the potential for alleviating a range of medical ailments.

Strain Effects

The perfect combination of sativa and indica, White Widow highs begin with a massive rush to the head. The overpowering euphoria and giant energy boost will have you motivated and free from stress in no time. Great for creating and socialising this energetic stage is slowly joined by a body soothing indica stone. This mix of effects will leave you feeling relaxed and content for a long time after the first puff.

Growing info

White Widow Max seeds are a great pick for both indoor and outdoor setups. Easy to grow, the seeds mature into short yet dense plants between 80-120cm tall. The bulked up yields of 500-600g/m2 are ready to pick after a flowering time of only 7-10 weeks. Outdoor plants will be ready to harvest by early to mid autumn.

Appearance and Aroma

White Widow Max plants are quite short and packed with lush green leaves. The oversized pale green buds are surrounded by winding frosty sugar leaves and scorching orange hairs. A heavy layer of icy trichromes gives the resin soaked buds a shimmering look. The plants give off a pungent skunky scent with the buds developing lovely overtones of peppery sandalwood when cured.

MSNL Editors Verdict

White Widow Max has taken the best and made it better. It promises to give you everything the original can offer, just more of it! Amazing flavour and aroma, incredible highs and large easily grown yields make it an easy recommendation for any cannabis lover.

YIELD500-600 g/m2
Tasting Notes

White Widow Max has a well balanced and traditional flavour with a couple of surprises thrown in. An exotic spicy hashiness greets you when inhaling along with a smooth earthy baseline. A mild sweetness shows up when exhaling with small hints of citrus and pepper rounding things out nicely.

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white widow max marijuana seeds
  • "They lived up to their end"

    Review by

    Ordered a 100 pack of these back in 2019, opted for the guaranteed discrete shipping. Of course when I place a big order, it gets nabbed by did the follow up shipment MSNL sent me via the shipping agreement. Would have loved to give these girls a go, but again, MSNL held up their ends of the deal.

  • "SWEET"

    Review by

    Got 5 of these seeds (Reg Photo) free with my order. Planted 2 and both came up and grew quickly. One was female and one was male. Am VERY Satisfied with this result. Only 3 weeks into flower, and they are looking Wonderful. Waiting patiently!!!!!


    Review by


  • "Great"

    Review by

    White widow is my favorite strain to grow because of it's great crystaly buds thank you.

  • "Insane Dankness "

    Review by

    Stickier than sticky the stick insect stuck on a sticky bun. Its to sticky for a normal grinder

  • "Growing Great!"

    Review by

    Ordered 10 of these and also got 5 free Blueberry seeds, received seeds fast and discreetly here in Victoria, Australia. Germinated 2 of each strain and got a male and female of both, put them into flowering 2 weeks ago and they're looking great! Cheers MSNL!

  • "Creeper"

    Review by

    Bold and complex aroma, very earthy with hints of pine and floral scents. Buzz is total creeper but leaves you with a nice and relaxing body stone with a few uplifting cerebral effects. Good for listening to music or chilling out with a movie.

  • "Like Widow on steroids"

    Review by

    Max is right, but more like Widow on steroids. I've grown the original widow and ti was amazing, but nuthing like this. Truly like widow on sterioids, this is some pretty good stuff.

  • "Frosty"

    Review by

    Super white buds makes great bubblehash!!!

  • "Yum"

    Review by

    Love this version of the widow and it's deff maxed out for sure big dense buds that are nice and frosty with resin and the stone well it's a good one for sure love this and will deff keep this around for a rainy day!!

  • "A little bit of everything"

    Review by

    White Widow on steroids! A little bit of giggling, a little bit of reflection, and a little bit of napping. Tons and tons of crystals though. Love this all-in-one strain!

  • "derty"

    Review by

    good plant very nice smoke has a lot of crystals on it i recommend

  • "stoaked"

    Review by

    Got this strain as a freebie a while back & thought would grow it out on arrival, speechless at the amazing growth. Had 3 male / 2 female ratio. Have culled out the males and used one as clone mother while other is currently in flower, great crystal production already and its only day 18 into bud. You guys rock MSNL

  • "Awesome strain"

    Review by

    Why give a strain 3 stars if it is just awesome?

  • "Awesome"

    Review by

    Just awesome.

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