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White Widow Skunk Feminized

White Widow Skunk Feminized Seeds

White Widow has been crossed with Northern Lights and Skunk and a very stable sativa. White Widow gives a heavy indica effect mixed with a social high. This strains provides a nice mix of indica and sativa properties.
  • Cup Winner
  • Feminized
  • Medium Height
  • High THC
  • White
  • Easy

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This strain is a high yielder. The strain has a nice taste and grows well in wet / humid areas. A great new additive to our feminized list. The unique cross of White Widow, Northern Lights and Skunk gives a special taste with a great social high. It also represents excellent value for a feminized marijuana strain.

YIELD 300-400 g/m2
Tasting Notes

The cross between White Widow and an old skunk strain has led to a stronger more earthy scent that still maintains many of the finer more subtle citrus spice notes from the widow mother. The taste is still more of incense that of lemons with a stronger skunky flavour which compliments it nicely.

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White Widow Skunk Feminized
  • "First grow - plant not doing as well as other strains"

    Review by

    First, MSNL customer service is top notch. My shipment vanished in Chicago and they sent new seeds - no problem.
    I started the WWS with 2 other strains and all are on week 3. Of the 3 plants the WWS is the smallest and seems to be more sensitive to the lights being too close. Looking forward to finishing up and sharing with others.
    Overall a great experience.

  • "White widow skunk"

    Review by

    I’m growing 2 of them know! They are both different Phenos, but are aggressive and stacking beautifully!

  • "what a deal!"

    Review by

    A beautiful plant, very easy to grow, handles pruning well. i monster crop then lollipop right up the stagger leaves after the stretch, got 12 silver beautiful colas. enjoying my 1st bud right now. decarb. in the toaster oven, 45 minutes @ 225f after hanging for 10 days. this 40 yr smoker turned vaper has a nice buzz. also these folks at MSNL are great. bought 10 seeds and not one popped. figured the customs zipped them. i contacted customer service and they sent me 10 at no charge. all 10 are jared up for the cure

  • "grows tall not very mold resistant great taste"

    Review by

    Grew to about 1.8mts, if topped then to about 1.1mts
    due to a tech problem the humidity went up for a few weeks in my grow room, this caused a nasty mold to grow and spoiling lots of buds, I don't think this is very mold resistant, should not be a problem in a very controlled environment,
    once dry it does not stink as much as other skunks, nice head high, good for kief production, thanks MSNL ! (great service, just bought some more)

  • "Hardy strain, incredible structure "

    Review by

    I love this strain it’s amazing incredible structure
    Very sensitive to ph fluctuations and salt build up with bottled nutrients I’m doing an all organic dry fert for the next run minimum of 2x2 area for each plant they get bushy another thing I noticed if you top only once you get better yield with this strain it will grow massive colas with colas coming off of colas this one likes to be left alone if you top just once that’s the trick with this strain I promise !

  • "have grown this variety on several occasions "

    Review by

    has never failed exceptional germination . large yields , powerful high
    fairly easy to grow, forgiven. good for beginners

  • "She is a good in indoors and a fast growing"

    Review by

    Love this never grown some so fast at growing can't wait to do a tasting review just hit flowering stage keep up the good work msnl

  • "Super Potent"

    Review by

    Very high THC and like other reviewers said, tric's so loaded with tric's
    A nice trippy effect on just a little, and with more you may suddenly realize three hours later that you have been daydreaming and there's drool down the front of your shirt

  • "Impressed"

    Review by

    This has to be the easiest and most rewarding strain I've ever grown....Actually this was my first grow. Every seed I started sprouted and made it to harvest. This strain is very forgiving and looks beautiful in the flowering stage. I highly recommend this is for beginners and professionals... Keep up the good work MSNL!!

  • "White Widow Skunk"

    Review by

    There not kidding when they said, "Anyone who grows this, would recommend it!" This is one of the Most Perfect strains I've Ever come Across, it has ALL the characteristics of its Parents. The Pheno I've popped is a Frosty, Red Haired, Giant Calyx Pods that are just covered with several Layers of Trichomes.... I mean the Trichomes seem to have Trichomes on there Trichomes. When I said Red Haired I meant so Red it's like a Dream, and the Smell is so Famtastic! It's like Fruit Loops, with Lemon Skunk Candy, with such an Earthy Cannabis Smell that follows. All in all I give this plant 5 stars. She has a good stretch in the first 4 week of flower, she tops well, and can be super cropped easily, can take clones of her clones.... She roots in 5 daysNO JOKE. She should be vegged big, can do great in DWC, builds rock hard colas, but should be lollipopped.

  • "White Widow Skunk is Epic!"

    Review by

    She is very PH tolerant, does extremely well in DWC setup, very huge Colas, and giant crystal covered calix pods. This lady is a Keeper in any garden. She has very similar growth to all of it's parentage, she looks like White Widow, Northern Lights, Skunk, and I'm banking the Sativa they used was related to a UK Skunk, but I'm not certain on the UK Skunk being in the cross, but the stalk of this Lady smells like Chesse, but the buds smell like a lemon, widow, northern lights funk, with a nice cheesy, skunky finish. Not sure what it taste like yet, but White Widow Skunk is in my top 5 strains... Next to Cherry [email protected]$k, Maple [email protected], and Alaskan [email protected]

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