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White Widow Sunk marijuana

White Widow Skunk Seeds


White Widow Skunk is a strain that packs a serious punch. Statistically speaking, it’s one of the more impressive around. Humongous yields and astronomical THC levels have earned it the acclaim of seasoned smokers and experienced growers alike. And its tremendous potency, coupled with a soothing and rejuvenating high, makes it an incredibly effective medicinal strain. A deep skunky aroma is underscored by notes of citrus fruits. And a sweet, lemony flavor and lung-expanding smoke make it thoroughly enjoyable to toke on. White Widow Skunk is also a relatively easy grow, with plants flowering impressively quickly for such a high yielder.

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  • Hydroponic
  • Indica
  • Medium Height
  • Regular
  • High THC
  • White
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White Widow Skunk boasts complex and prestigious genetics. It was created by breeding White Widow, Skunk, Northern Lights and an unknown sativa landrace. And this unique cross has created a strain with a wonderful mix of indica and sativa characteristics. A powerfully relaxing bodily buzz combines with beautifully uplifting cerebral effects to produce a high that’s pleasantly invigorating. As such, White Widow Skunk is popular as both a recreational and therapeutic strain.

The original White Widow has won multiple awards, including the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup; Northern Lights has won three separate Cannabis Cups, incuding the 1989 title of Best Indica; and Skunk is a longtime West Coast favorite, renowned for its potency. And White Widow Skunk lives up to every ounce of this illustrious heritage.

Strain Effects

With THC levels generally reaching 15-18%, White Widow Skunk is potent. But it still achieves that rare feat of being both strong and gentle; the buzz comes on hard and fast but isn’t overpowering. Euphoria passes in waves, often sparking creativity and encouraging spells of calm introspection. The upbeat high ebbs and flows as varied and enlivening cerebral effects wash over a grounding of total bodily relaxation. White Widow Skunk is energizing enough to leave users functional, and a great strain for the daytime and early evening.

Its layered effects also give it a huge range of therapeutic uses. Its mood-elevating properties can be used to treat disorders such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression and bipolar disorder. Physically, White Widow Skunk’s numbing abilities make it effective in combating migraines, chronic pain, inflammation and muscle tension. It’s also regularly used to induce appetite and alleviate nausea. Thanks to its strength and ability to leave users functional, this is a highly versatile medicinal strain.

Growing info

For a strain that yields so well, White Widow Skunk grows fairly easily. Plants are hardy, with a high resistance to mold and pests, and do well both indoors and out. Grown inside, they flower in just 8-10 weeks. They thrive when grown in a hydroponic setup, particularly using the Sea of Green method. Outdoors, this strain prefers slghtly more wet and humid conditions, though plants are resillient enough to cope with cooler northern climates if they receive plenty of sunlight.

Medium-sized plants reach around 100-180cm in height and offer huge yields of 400-500g/m2. Few strains can offer such big yields in such a short growing time.

Appearance and Aroma

White Widow Skunk produces strong plants with an abundance of buds. When it comes to appearance, its indica leanings come out on top in this mixed bag of genetics; plants are a medium height and very bushy. A short internodal distance creates a sea of thick green foliage, giving plants a plush and healthy appearance as they mature.

Broad fan leaves darken as plants near harvest time. Juniper-colored buds are large and dense, with a faint spread of amber pistils. They are also coated in resinous white trichomes. Plants emit a skunky, slightly earthy aroma as they grow, with notes of citrus breaking through as they start to flower.

MSNL Editors Verdict

White Widow Skunk is a strain that has it all. Potency and high yields. A deep and complex buzz and deliciously fruity flavor profile. A fun recreational smoke that can be used to treat a huge range of medical conditions. And hardy plants that grow reliably and with ease. It excels in every major area. This is a strain that doesn’t disappoint.

YIELD 400-500 g/m2
Tasting Notes

Buds of White Widow Skunk give off a strong earthy scent reminiscent of the original White Widow. Breaking them open releases a burst of fresh citrus fruits above subtle, underlying spicy notes. Users may also detect hints of skunk. When smoked, the taste of sweet orange dominates a mouthwateringly fruity flavor profile. Smoke is thick, with a mild creaminess that lingers satisfyingly on the tongue. The orange flavor turns slightly sour on exhaling, complemented by a refreshing tang of lemon.

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White Widow Sunk marijuana
  • "Two of the best."

    Review by

    I love Indica, Widow and Skunk crossed is a match made in heaven. Also from Aus, the delivery was fast, stealthy and reliable. Grown indoors the seed was easy to germinate, and the plants bushy robust and stocky. The smell was awesome and the stone was strong and heady as should be. I get Munchies just looking at the buds. Recommend.

  • "Tasmania, Aus"

    Review by

    Ordered over a month ago. Seeds arrived perfectly, had trounle germinating the widow skunk but this may be the climate or geo location way down under Down here we just smoke whateva we dont know what strain or if it is infected or etc. Have tried to educate ppl down here but they dont care most of em. Cant ait til it flowers!!!

  • "Get ready to sit for a couple hours"

    Review by

    Aroma is really refreshing and the smoke will slowly expand in the lungs. Not a creeper at all, you'll feel this one right away.

  • "I found it pretty powerful"

    Review by

    I know the other reviewers thought it wasn't too strong, but I thought it would be and it was. I fell asleep after just a couple hours, but not before eating an entire bag of chips.

  • "Great with friends"

    Review by

    Usually widow knocks me out too, but not this stuff. Makes you relaxed, so everything's still better, but keeps you active so it's great to smoke with friends

  • "#1 widow"

    Review by

    Love me some white widow but this one Trump's it's cousin widow skunk is a must have for the casual smokers

  • "My fave widow strain"

    Review by

    Widow strains typically leave me with pretty serious couch-lock, which is alright sometimes, but I can't smoke it all the time. This gives me the great taste of widow, without totally knocking me out.

  • "Great"

    Review by

    I live on the equator in the tropics this plant did great. I used smaller 1-2 gallon pots. We have 12/12 light cycle here so I think smaller pots is the way to go. Seeds germinated really fast. This strain is a hit.

  • "Equator"

    Review by

    I live on the equator in the tropics and this did great in the drier season. gonna buy more. They did great in 2 gallon pots. Went to flower quickly I think it's the 12/12 light cycle here. Another winner by MSNL

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