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Established in 1999, MSNL is widely regarded as the original marijuana seed bank. We carry over 250 types of seeds, including regular, feminized, and autoflowering cannabis seeds, delivered to you at unbeatable prices direct to your door. Browse our unrivalled selection of the best seeds for sale below:

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Whether you’re new to growing or a seasoned cultivator, buying quality seeds from MSNL is guaranteed to produce the results you want. We have been breeding the finest cannabis seeds for over 20 years and served 1000’s of happy customers.
We ship our cannabis seeds worldwide using industry’s best guaranteed discrete/stealth shipping and you also receive free seeds with every order. If you’re struggling on which strains to buy or have an issue with an order, our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions. Buy online with confidence from the industry's leading marijuana seed bank, MSNL.



From a single marijuana seed the opportunities are endless.

For over 20 years we have sourced, cultivated and produced some of the world's finest cannabis seed genetics; its why we’re known as the Original Seedbank.

If you want to grow your own marijuana plants you should always start with the very best genetics, and at MSNL you’ll get exactly that. We stock a huge selection of award-winning feminized seeds, Autoflowering Marijuana strains., and high THC strains to suit any grower, whether you're a novice, seasoned veteran, or cannabis connoisseur.

With so many types of cannabis available it’s important you buy the right cannabis seeds that suit your needs. If you're looking for the most potent weed, then browse our selection of High THC seeds. If you want massive yields and big buds, look no further than our High Yield marijuana seeds. Growers looking for quick results may also consider our range of Fast Flowering seeds or Autoflowering seeds. These can be ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks from planting the seed.

We also have a wide selection of High CBD genetics and strains with low or medium THC for medical users, so whatever your needs are, we can provide you with the best marijuana seeds for sale. If you’re unsure on what weed seeds are best for you, our expert team can provide you with a personalized recommendation to get you started.

Whatever type you choose, you can be confident that buying marijuana seeds online from MSNL is the safest option, thanks to our guaranteed delivery, discreet packaging and 100% customer satisfaction.

We have the best stealth shipping of any online seedbank. MSNL has shipped cannabis seeds all over the world helping over 100,000 customers successfully buy cannabis seeds online; hassle free, every time. In addition to our dedicated service, with every order we ship we include a free pack of seeds.

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Male cannabis plants produce pollen whereas female plants produce bud. When regular cannabis seeds grow, they produce roughly 50% male and 50% female plants. This poses a problem for us growers, in that there is always a risk that if not identified and culled early enough one of the male cannabis plants will pollinate the rest of our crop.

Before the invention of feminized seeds in the early 90’s, cultivators had to come up with various methods of spotting the early signs of male cannabis plants. But the simple reality is that it is time consuming and costly to cull half of the plants that you have spent so much time and effort growing. And that is if you do manage to successfully pull out your male plants before they have begun producing pollen. Done too late and it could spell disaster for your bud producing female plants.

Feminized marijuana seeds solve this problem. Genetically engineered to produce female plants 99.99% of the time, feminized seeds almost completely eliminate the chances of a male plant growing among your crop. For us growers this means less time and effort worrying about male plants and more time spent perfecting those bud producing females.


Ruderalis cannabis plants are native to the cold arid climates of Siberia, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Due to the short daylight hours that they have to endure in these regions, ruderalis strains have developed the unque ability to flower automatically regardless of season and produce flowers in less time. But what does that mean for us growers?

By harnessing this characteristic, our breeders have crossed various popular marijuana strains with ruderalis genetics to produce an entire range of stable autoflowering seeds. The main benefits to growing with autoflowers are that you no longer need to change the light cycle to trigger flowering and that growing times are greatly reduced.

Although yields are smaller, the progression of autoflower breeding programs has meant that we are now producing strains capable of 500g/m2 yields and with THC levels of up to 25%. If you are in a hurry for some bud, or simply have a couple of months left at the end of your growing season, why not try growing one of our autoflower seeds.