• NFL Players and the battle for marijuana use.

    Marijuana advocates have long challenged sports authorities to explain why they are perfectly happy to accept sponsorship from drinks companies while banning players from using cannabis.  Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about Chemdog

    There are mild strains and then there are potent strains; and of the latter, Chemdog is one of the strongest. Chemdog is known as having an extremely high THC level, and for being one of the parents of some of the most famous strains such as Sour Diesel. Due to its potency, it’s thought not to be a great strain for beginners that may not yet have the tolerance needed to stand up to a strain as heavy as Chemdog. Continue reading

  • What is Rick Simpson Oil?

    Rick Simpson and his famous oil have both become somewhat legendary in the world of weed.  The man himself is a widely-known and outspoken advocate of medical marijuana while Rick Simpson Oil is a popular cannabis topical, which some people prefer to pure CBD oil. Continue reading

  • Why are athletes using CBD oil?

    If there’s one group of people you can expect to keep up to date with the latest scientific thinking on what’s best for the human body, it’s athletes.  So when it starts to become public knowledge that professional athletes are using CBD oil to help with their training, even cannabis doubters will have a reason to start reviewing their opinion of medical marijuana. Continue reading

  • Is there such a thing as a weed hangover?

    Anyone who’s ever had a night of hard core drinking knows that when they imbibe in too much alcohol, they’re likely going to feel the effects of a hangover the next morning. How big that hangover is will depend on how much they’ve had to drink, and how well they took care of themselves before going to bed. What many don’t understand, is that the same thing can happen when they’ve consumed too much cannabis the night before. So what exactly is a weed hangover? What does it do, and how can you prevent one? Continue reading

  • Top 5 Smoking Papers

    When it comes to marijuana, your bud is, of course, the most important part of the overall experience. At the same time, however, choosing the best accessories for the way you like to use your weed can make a significant difference to your enjoyment of it. Continue reading

  • How to flush marijuana out of your system

    The words ‘marijuana’ and ‘weed’ often bring a smile to the face of smokers, vapers and lovers of edibles out there. That is, until it comes time to take a drug test, whether an employer has asked for it or a law enforcement official has said they’ll need to administer one during a roadside test. The first question that comes to mind in these instances is usually ‘how long does marijuana stay in the system?’ and that’s often followed by ‘how can I flush my system quickly?’ Continue reading

  • Top 5 Marijuana Tech Products

    Even though cannabis has been harvested for thousands of years, modern growers who want to get the most out of their seeds can use marijuana technology to help work wonders with their weed.  Here is a list of five our our favourite marijuana tech products (and why we think they’re great).

    Continue reading

  • Is THC Chewing Gum the Next Big Thing?

    For those who love to smoke cannabis, the idea of eating it isn’t anything new. People have been using marijuana and hash for making brownies and cookies just as long as they’ve been smoking it, if not even longer. And for connoisseurs, the idea that edibles could extend beyond those sweet treats also isn’t anything new. People have been making cannabutter for a very long time and today, people are even using smaller amounts of cannabis to add to their salad dressings and even pasta sauces.Yes, the world of edibles has definitely become a creative one, and now major manufacturers are upping the game even more. Today, the edible that’s the most talked about is  THC-infused chewing gum. Continue reading

  • Can you freeze weed?

    The cannabis community is generally a pretty chilled out place, but ironically enough, there is currently a very heated debate raging about whether or not it’s a good idea to freeze weed. Continue reading

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