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  • Sulfur Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    Sulfur deficiencies are very rare in cannabis plants, but they can happen. When they do, plants can suffer significant growth problems. The grower can be left with no plant at all, or one with a very small yield. For this reason, it is important that a sulfur deficiency is caught early. At the beginning stages of a deficiency, it can be quite easy to fix. Continue reading

  • Manganese Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    When a manganese deficiency occurs in plants, their leaves will start to turn yellow. The marijuana leaves will then turn brown and eventually die. If left untreated, the deficiency could destroy the entire plant. A manganese deficiency can be difficult to spot, as it looks similar to other marijuana deficiencies.  Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about LA Confidential

    LA Confidential is a strain that’s becoming more and more popular by the day. Those searching for a strain that will bring indica effects to provide relief for anxiety, insomnia and pain, will find LA Confidential has it all. Growers will also love the fact that being a relatively easy grow, they can cultivate the plant right at home, to achieve those results even faster. Continue reading

  • Iron Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    Iron may not be one of the primary nutrients for cannabis, but an iron deficiency will greatly inhibit a plant’s growth. It will first appear as bright yellow leaves. This discoloration is just one of the symptoms of a plant being deficient in iron. It is also just one that mimics other nutrient deficiencies in marijuana plants. Continue reading

  • Phosphorous Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    Phosphorous is one of the major nutrients marijuana plants need. A lack of phosphorous will affect root growth and slow overall plant growth. If left untreated it can potentially kill the plant. Marijuana plants with a phosphorous deficiency will start to show signs on bottom growth first, as it begins destroying older leaves first.  Continue reading

  • Calcium Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    Calcium may not be a macro nutrient for the marijuana plant. But a calcium deficiency can have very serious effects and if left untreated, could have a negative effect on the ultimate yield of buds come harvest time. A calcium deficiency can show up in a number of ways on a cannabis plant,. It most often appears as brown spots on cannabis leaves. The good news for growers is that most marijuana deficiencies can be corrected, and that holds true for a calcium deficiency too. Continue reading

  • Potassium Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    In cannabis plants, potassium is a macro nutrient. Without it, a marijuana plant’s leaves are likely to yellow, brown, show burnt tips. These symptoms are of course a sign of potassium deficiency. Leaves will then eventually fall off the plant. When this happens in too many leaves, the entire plant could be at risk of dying.  Continue reading

  • Magnesium Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    A magnesium deficiency in a marijuana plant can be a serious problem. When a plant is suffering from it, the veins of the leaves will start to look light green or yellow in color. This is a stark contrast from the bright, vibrant green the leaves on a marijuana plant should be when it is healthy. If not treated right away, the plant may lose a lot of its leaves, which can greatly damage the plant. Luckily, treating magnesium deficiency in cannabis is relatively easy. Continue reading

  • Nitrogen Deficiency: Fixing Your Sick Marijuana Plant

    Growing a marijuana plant is exciting! However, it can also be a delicate balancing act, providing just enough of what the plant needs to grow. Any marijuana nutrient deficiency can adversely affect the plant in a large way. If either of these problems are not treated right away, the plant may die. Nitrogen is one of the main nutrients a marijuana plant needs. When it doesn’t get enough, it will start to show symptoms of a nitrogen deficiency. What are the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency you ask? Well we'll get to that in a moment. Continue reading

  • Marijuana Nutrient Deficiencies: Diagnosing your sick marijuana plant

    Nutrients are one of the most important things for the growth of a cannabis plant. Just like when humans don’t get the nutrients they need, marijuana plants can become sick, stunting their growth . There are many marijuana nutrient deficiencies so its important to know what signs of these are. Nutrients are simply the food the marijuana plant needs during all stages of growth. And when they don’t receive it, it can have a very detrimental effect on the plant. Continue reading

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