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Auto Blue Dream Feminized

Auto Blue Dream Feminized Seeds


One of the West Coasts most popular blue strains is now available in autoflowering. Auto Blue Dream is the autoflowering version of our top selling strain Blue Dream. This highly sought after cross mixes the original Californian seeds with a hand selected ruderalis, resulting in an easy to grow, fast finishing, incredible tasting auto strain.

  • Autoflowering
  • Sativa
  • Short Height
  • Tasty
  • Blue
  • New
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Despite being a sativa, this strain is fast, finishing in around 75-80 days from seed. Its structure is typically sativa; long and rangy, with a dense bud structure helping pump up yields to 400 + g/m2 indoor. Later in flowering it packs on some serious trichome production and in the right conditions can turn blue offering extra swag appeal. This strain is an excellent choice for those looking to grow their own medical marijuana as this cannabis strain is not only very effective but is also very easy. It has natural resistance to many common pests, including spider mites, and is semi mold resistant. The stone of Auto Blue dream is definite winner; a soaring cerebral high without the paranoia to go with it. The flavour is of fruit and blueberries with the classic hashy notes. If you want an easy to grow, highly potent, blue strain, look no further.

YIELD 300-400g/sm
Tasting Notes

The taste and smell of Auto Blue dream is very similar to the photo period version; sweet and subtle like wild blueberries. The addition of the ruderalis genetics make for a slightly more grassy skunk taste but this will dissipate with a longer cure. Slightly more sedative that the full plant due to the elevated levels of cbd, this is still as very "get up and go" plant

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Auto Blue Dream Feminized
  • "can you trust these guys?"

    Review by

    well,I was a bit worried if I would even get the seeds I ordered,but holy crap they delivered!!! I was happily surprised. I was so happy I placed another order asap and got that one too.,,,, Now it takes awhile so dont get concerned about the wait.

  • "Wow"

    Review by

    First time buyer, I saw these on sale and bought 5, all germinated.
    I grew mine outdoors in normal 50/50 ofpotting mix and worm castings, only things I used was a fish head (grandmothers trick for tomatoes so you double your yeald to Burry under the seedling and worm juice diluted for every day feed.
    I have to grow mine in the bush, it stood up to the frosts, hard rain, it did have all day sunlight which was a huge bonus for outdoor.
    I got close to 400grams dried off each plant.
    I'm new to auto flower and it's just easier, buds are really good and grown properly under lights you could get heaps more off a 18hr light cycle.
    10/10 service and stealth mail
    10/10 for seeds ( surprised me as 2 small ones grew the most )
    10/10 for description. Did everything it said.

  • "I'm going for the feminized instead next time"

    Review by

    I was a little disappointed with the auto blue dream, I thought they would get a little larger but delivery was quicker than I had expected and this was the second order.

  • "Bigger than expected?"

    Review by

    I purchased this strain for a couple of reasons, first being a newbie I was looking for a relatively easy grow and secondly based on the height listed on the website. The stated height is short 60 to 100cm. My ladies are in Veg at not quite 7 weeks and they already measure 114cm. I suggest you consider revising the plant description. The good news is they truly are relatively easy to grow. Hope this can help someone else when they are considering strains.

  • "beautifull"

    Review by

    great plant hard to get much colour out of it though

  • "Just planted them"

    Review by

    Thanks so much for the discrete delivery...I will be buying a lot more in the future.

  • "Very strong an good taste "

    Review by

    Don’t forget to lower ph a little but just the beautiful colors it produces.

  • "They Came!"

    Review by

    Oh man i was very skeptical that theyd arrive. Now im a proud owner of some strains and cant wait to start growing.

  • "another happy customer"

    Review by

    Just got my seeds in the mail; 3 weeks to Canada which was good imo. Packed nicely as par usual. At first I thought it was opened and the seeds dumped at the border, but it turned out they were just hidden so discreetly! Very happy with MSNL; this was my second year ordering, and very grateful that they take Credit Card for payment, as I'm not a BitCoin type of person. Will seed them in Feb/Mar for spring outdoor transplant (need the Autos where I am up north) and I'm sure most of the seeds will sprout, as all but one (of 20) look to have made the journey in prime condition. Thanks MSNL, and see you next time.

  • "Beautiful"

    Review by

    The colors and smell of this plant are Magnificent one of the best so far . Good job msnl

  • "This company is top notch "

    Review by

    I ordered seeds 5 mos ago. I received my package within like 8 days, but it ended up being the wrong order (the seeds they sent were great strains, just not mine). I emailed them and they fixed it right away, and within 10 days had my correct order.
    So even after all that, I still got it sooner than I thought when I made my initial order. Customer service is second to none. 100% germination!! Could not be happier with my purchase.

  • "Amazing flavor"

    Review by

    Blue dream is definitely a strain that will quickly make it to your favorites list! With that being said, this strain can be used during both day and night. I noticed that if you smoke a little bit, you'll get more sativa effects and If you smoke a good bit, the indica effects take over. This strain is great for pain, stress/anxiety, appetite issues, sleep issues and much more! No matter how much you smoke, you'll feel great and euphoric!

  • "Wow what a yield amazing seeds"

    Review by

    Here is the truth of it I am a jerk I always have been I don’t like much but I’ll tell you what these people have got it down pat everything I’ve done with them has been amazing everything I’ve bought from them was on time and definitely did it’s job if you’re looking for a place to buy seeds look no further this is the place

  • "Biggest yeilds!!"

    Review by

    I grew 2 of these in ffof under 1000w mh/hps and got 11.2 ozs off one and 7.6 ozs off the other. Great genetics , smells divine, and it smokes well for a mid range thc auto...Very impressed!!!

  • "Perfection"

    Review by

    Outstanding. All around excellent producer. Out of 30 all popped, but with 1 retard, and 2 producing only stems. Avg 3 oz. per plant. SOG. using Roots Organics full system, 300W LEDs. 3 gal Geopots. 24-36 in. Use rapid rooter plugs directly to bag. Place your pill point down just so you do not see the seed. Leave rooter 1/2 in above soil.. Keep moist. NOT WET. you will be amazed, but it is a lot of work...

  • "Tasty and strong "

    Review by

    Very good strain pulled a qp off 1 plant in soil with 240w quantum board blue planet nutrients. Out of 5 seeds only 1 popped

  • "Blue wish"

    Review by

    Out of 5 seeds 1 popped fingers crossed it does well.
    Updates as we grow

  • "Great Deal"

    Review by

    All seeds I’ve gotten here have done exactly what they’re supposed to do. I’m not sure why some people were complaining about problems with efficiciency but I think it’s like MSNL told them about using them them wrong somehow because all of the ones I got in my first order are perfect and I can’t wait to get more! 10/10. Arrived quickly. Very satisfied.

  • " bad service nice bud "

    Review by

    My friend ordered 10 seeds for me when they were 40% off . I got it in 2 weeks and they gave 3 fem and 5 non fem seeds extra . But all i care is my 10 blue dream auto , so I did as always germinated them and got only 4 to sprout and 2 od them were vulnerable but they made it . He wrote you a letter and your response was that you dont sell seeds for growing . I understand your policy but we all know why we are here and 4/10 is awful result and you dont care a little bit . They seem nice but my tent ia empty

  • "Great for daytime"

    Review by

    “The "Bayer" aspirin of bud that should be in every medicine cabinet. Smoking is slightly blueberry and harsher then expected. Vaporized it's smooth and has a perk up and get er done benefit. Nice well rounded, daytime medication that is not sedating.”

  • "Purple?"

    Review by

    Is it really purple guys?Thank you!

  • "I just ordered my blue dream beans waiting to see how it all goes will keep you updated"

    Review by

    So far good selection

  • "First time grower"

    Review by

    Germinated 5 beans on the 16th of December. Sprouts by the 19th! Six weeks later they are looking incredible and have a very strong and delicious aroma. I am 100% satisfied with this company's service and product. I WILL NOT purchase from anywhere else.

  • "10 days to Illinois "

    Review by

    Speedy and discreet. Will be germinating five of my 10 Blue Dream Auto Gems in the AM

  • "Awesome"

    Review by

    Just as good as the photo just don't have to wait as long great plant!

  • "great buzz"

    Review by

    i had good success with the first seed, the following three of the five seed failed to germinate at all.

  • "Creative High"

    Review by

    All five seeds germinated quickly and grew well. The leaves turned yellow near harvest time and this scared me but everything turned out fine. I cured for two months. Great taste and odor. The high is wonderful. Just close your eyes and see where your mind will take you. It becomes a little more sedative than I expected; probably the Ruderalis influence. I have five more seeds and will do this one again. This was my first grow by the way so it is definitely a beginner plant.

  • "Purple power!"

    Review by

    I love the purple of this strain, and I've heard it can even turn blue, but I haven't had that luck yet. This was my first auto and honestly, I don't know why I bothered growing any other way.

  • "Keeper"

    Review by

    Currently have 5 (all sprouted) auto blue dream by MSNL growing with 31 other plants of different varieties from 4 other suppliers. The Blue Dream plants are the bushiest and fastest growing out of them all. Very good seeds.

  • "Awesome Delivery"

    Review by

    Thank you for delivering to me and also thank you for the fast shipping

  • "Intriguing"

    Review by

    A rather spindly plant that still produces numerous dense, hard, heavy colas, and yes, takes on purple hues when finishing. The idea of a potent strain with virtually no narcotic or sedative effect seems intriguing, and it is, but be warned: it takes a lot of getting used to! Long-time rec users or auto growers accustomed to indicas may actually want to go for something that packs a bit more of a punch.

  • "A-BD, Quite good."

    Review by

    This was my first BD auto indoor crop. I'm working my second now due to the fact the first was unbelievable. Using strictly LED lighting, this seed produced an awesome bud. Taste, effect and production was one of my best. I agree with the first review, the need for a good cure is very important here. Note, if the THC is lower in auto crops, it isn't obvious here. I will most surly be back for this one.

  • "perfect auto"

    Review by

    both plants grew right around 3 1/2 feet, produced right at 2 1/2 ounces a piece, dry. I found that the sweet spot for this bud was right around 2 months of curing. great giggly buzz that lasts a while. i grew in soil and found the plant doesnt need a lot of nutes but i did have to give it a little N and calimag.

  • "Fast "

    Review by

    I got mine few days ago and i germinate it for 24hrs and it easily sprouted! Gonna order another seed again next time!

  • "Best tasting auto"

    Review by

    Seriously insane flavour from this. Needs a good cure to maximise it but best i've smoked in the last 5 years.

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